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  1. Yeah, understood, but X number of people would have exactly the same case I would except for the serial/run number being different (rather than it being custom and one of a kind).
  2. That's freakin ridiculous for mass produced product. I'd much rather have one of Matt's (but don't get excited Matt - I don't have enough putters yet).
  3. No, that makes sense. The reason I brought up the ProV1 is that you mentioned in another post in this thread that the Srixon Z-Star Tour was too expensive and yet you were bagging the ProV1, which is one of the most expensive balls on the market. BTW, I failed to compliment you on your review. Very detailed and well written. Nicely done sir.
  4. I do play the NXT Tour. I will post a review later today.
  5. And yet your comparison ball in your E6+ test was the ProV1? A more valid test would be to pit it against the Titleist NXT Tour or even the Trispeed which is at a comparable price point. A mid priced ball isn't going to spin as much as a premium ball because it lacks a Urethane cover (no matter how many layers it has). I guess my experience was different. I think the E6+ is a relatively soft ball - somewhere between a marshmallow like AD333 and a hard ball like the E5. I like the way it feels off the putter. In terms of spin, for a Surlyn cover ball I think it does OK - maybe one hop and some roll out. It doesn't spin as much as the NXT Tour, but its straighter off the tee and I will take that trade-off because if you end up in the rough for your approach, then you're not going to get any spin regardless and I'd much rather be hitting from the short stuff in that situation. The other thing I like about the E6+ is that it is durable. I rarely have to replace it due to a cut cover.
  6. Had not seen that either. Too funny. You guys have posted some good ones on here.
  7. The title pretty much says it all. What is your all-time favorite golf television commercial?
  8. Yeah, don't know what's going on with the sole of the club in that first picture. Weirdest thing I've ever seen. But, as others have said, the end result looks real good. I'm assuming grinding a wedge isn't clubmakers 101 stuff, right? I'm sure this is something that you wait until you develop some skills in the workshop. If I can make an analogy, you don't start BBQ'ing smoking a Brisket. Its something you work your way up to. Same deal here?
  9. Where are the next changes taking place. Man, I could have used that arm wavy emoticon about twenty or thirty times by now. LOL.
  10. Time to upgrade the photobucket account my man.
  11. Unfortunately, I checked and Illinois is very limiting when it comes to their vanity plates. Up to 3 numbers OR 5 letters only. Most of the suggestions, even if they weren't taken, wouldn't work here.
  12. So, when are we going to see pictures of your cases on here?? Come on man, lets see them!
  13. Jesus. What are we talking about work for anyways? The last thing I want to think about when I'm on here is work. Who started this damn thread? LOL.
  14. I thought copper heads couldn't be made due to EPA concerns. Isn't that why Ping stopped making them?
  15. Form over function? Now you've conceptualized for me why I love Ping so much and Taylormade... not so much.
  16. Yeah, I need a devil emoticon since I am a Sundevil.
  17. Wow. I will definitely go over to Putter Talk and throw some positive feedback Lumpy's way. This is great stuff.
  18. I will take one of those, two of those, and about a couple dozen of those...
  19. I accidentally left a squishy banana in the back of a neighbors car after coming back from a golf road trip down to South Carolina. He didn't find it until a couple of weeks later. He still isn't talking to me...
  20. I usually carry PB&J, Cliff Bars, and/or Bananas and water. And I've been known to consume an adult beverage every now and then.
  21. A Mouthpiece for Golf. I actually laughed out loud when I saw that ad. My wife thought I was deranged.
  22. I'm 41 years old and I'm a software development manager for a major telecommunications manufacturer based in the suburbs of Chicago. I played competitive amateur golf in High School but didn't play in college. Took a long hiatus from the game and didn't pick up a stick until about 8 years ago and really only serious for the last three years. I also started my own golf website last year and that along with playing and spending quality time with the family burns up most of my non-work hours. Before relocating to the Chicago area, I lived in Arizona for 17 years and graduated from Arizona State for my undergrad.
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