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  1. Good to know. and you're right - like any technology it will get better and cheaper over time. I just think Finchem should be spending his energy on doing things that will make the game more watchable for the majority of the television audience. Not something that will improve the viewing for one tenth of one percent or whatever the 3d household adoption is at this point.
  2. How soon will the official announcement of the winners come out?
  3. Do all putterheads get notified? I sent an email request for membership the other night. Haven't heard back yet though.
  4. I'd blame your caddy and fire him if I were you...
  5. Wow, pretty much agree with everything he said in that piece. Nice job Feinstein.
  6. I've been playing the D-Tees and I will be posting a review of them on A2G this weekend. I like them a lot. D-Tee Website
  7. I like that I have to think my way around a golf course. I like spending time with the fellas. I like being outdoors and the exercise when I walk (which is almost every time I play). And I like when the cart girl gives me cold adult beverages.
  8. I thought only god and Jack Nicklaus can hit a 1 iron?
  9. Has anybody here purchased gunmetal irons and regretted it? I've always wondered if there is buyers remorse after the finish starts wearing on the face and sole.
  10. If you bagged those MP-58's, at least you would look good while carding those snowmen.
  11. Spiderman would definitely game these. Green Goblin - not so much.
  12. Meh. Why should I be excited about something I can't have? Make it accessible by making it affordable and then I'll get excited.
  13. The man is a two time British Open Champion. That isn't enough for you? LOL.
  14. It will be a good excuse for you to "liberate" some of those 12 dozen balls you have piled up in your garage.
  15. "Its subcutaneous fat!" - Phil Mickelson
  16. I lover the Surf stamping. That's pretty wicked cool. Nice job LaMont.
  17. I would have fragged their a$$.
  18. Interesting. I was messing around in the putting area of a big box and picked up a Seemore M Series to try it. I was shocked to see that they were over $300. Are they worth that? Has anybody gamed them?
  19. You guys are so gullible. This is a April fools joke (I hope).
  20. Makes sense after hearing the horror stories. Fortunately, I'm not a culprit on any count. Does Golf Galaxy give membership points for that?
  21. I think Wilson has been putting out some great product in recent years. A VERY underrated company in my opinion. Their FG59 forged blades are just beautiful: FG59
  22. That was something I certainly didn't know. Very, very interesting. For those that don't know, CK is very active on social media (especially twitter) and she is a very funny, engaging young lady. Any book on Christina is bound to be a page turner.
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