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  1. The media is going to focused on one guy all week and it ain't John Daly.
  2. When somebody mentions bowling, I always think of Pal from Uncle Buck. Yeah, I'll stick to golf.
  3. So that's where all the 1st Run putters go. You nobs snatch them up before the customers can get their hands on one.
  4. I read that whole post and all I saw was Paula and Natalie. You said something about shoes?
  5. That's good news. The Ping faithful will got nuts over those.
  6. Nothing you can't get at your local Hobby shop. And you can pick your own colors.
  7. 1. What popular training aids really work and which ones fail to deliver on their promise? 2. Do mystery shopper comparisons of online golf retailers and rate them on product knowledge, selection, integrity, service, price, etc. 3. How do player equipment contracts really work?
  8. What's hurting the game of golf is the lack of focus by the industry to get anybody involved other than men. There is not enough attention paid to promoting the game to women and especially children. If the industry as a whole subsidized more outreach programs to those groups then we'd all be better off.
  9. Taking a picture of his wife ironing his socks I suppose...
  10. Well, it also depends on you too. What works for one player doesn't necessary work for another. Or we'd all be playing ProV's.
  11. Thanks for explaining the rule to me. I knew the rule, but whatever. As I stated, I know she was clearly in violation of the rule as it is written. I just think golf has too many rules and the grounding your club penalty IMO does more harm than good. At the end of the day, is it really a big deal if I gain a little better knowledge about the conditions of the hazard (if everyone else can do it too). Don't I have to still execute the shot regardless? Maybe somebody can explain to me why this rule was enacted in the first place. What match changing event triggered its adoption? Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not talking about doing anything at address. She wasn't at address when the infraction occurred. And that is what I am specifically referring to.
  12. Hmmmm... for some reason I thought they were more. I will still take my Z-Star's at $5 less per box.
  13. I'm going to game Z-Star's... after I exhaust the NXT Tours, Nike One Blacks, Bridestone E6, Bridgestone E6+, Bridgestone E7 and Bridgestone Treosofts that I've accumulated. Maybe I will make the coffee at the meetings.
  14. I'd say I spend 50-60% but not 70%. The difference is probably putting. I don't practice my putting nearly enough.
  15. Isn't that basically the pecking order too?
  16. I voted for Els but how neat would it be if Freddy won. That would set the record for oldest player to ever win the Masters or even a mjor championship, right?
  17. For me, I split my time between The Golf Channel, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, House, Fringe, In Plain Sight, The Middle, and Modern Family. When they were on I watched Burn Notice and Men of a Certain Age.
  18. Is that still on? I watched the first few episodes and then gave up on it.
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