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  1. The youngest guys on that tour almost always go on a tear. Makes you wonder though if Couples should still be playing on the regular tour. I guess we'll find out at Augusta.
  2. Nah, sandbagger. We'll be looking out for Nic in the next members tourney.
  3. Note to self: Don't use Morris for personal endorsements. Ok, got it.
  4. Ryan Moore, Christie Kerr and... Jamo. What's wrong with this list?
  5. Didn't Hireko buy Dynacraft? What's the background of this company? It's based in California, but is it owned by an overseas firm?
  6. You know what they say about shoe size...
  7. Wow, almost like wood grain. I assume you are folding different kinds of metal to achieve that look. Is that correct?
  8. We've made jokes on this forum about how many companies have copied Ping's putter designs (particularly the Anser). But, others are copying a lot more than that based on this list. I didn't realize that some of these were originally Ping innovations. Wow.
  9. This is a similar design, but not as radical, as that F2 infomercial wedge. Or am I completely confused?
  10. I saw the infraction last night on TGC. It was one of the main stories they were running on Golf Central (I'm sure Wie is thrilled). I understand the ruling, but that was a bunch of bull crap. She grounded her club outside of the water hazard and wasn't testing any lie that would have impacted how she would have played the shot. Technically, she should have been dinged but they need to change the rule to account for that situation then because I would have been pissed too. This is one of those times when the rule works against the game, not to protect the integrity of it.
  11. I said this in another thread, but I just want the best golfer to win that week. If that happens to be Tiger then I can live with that.
  12. Somebody must know a guy in Jersey. But is the pro a friend of "ours".
  13. Hay for my horse and polish my armor. And if you're loyal, I will let you jog along side without having to knock those coconuts together all the time.
  14. Sactown, MSaternus, and I have all gone on posting binges exceeding 220 posts in a 24 hour period. In doing so our fingers bled, backs ached, and legs cramped. We ignored our spouses/children/friends/pets the entire team, barely ate and got virtually no sleep. It is possible? Yes, if you enjoy pain.
  15. Thanks John, it took me a little longer than I anticipated to pull the content over to this site but if it helps some folks then it was worth it.
  16. How many High School players are gaming one of those? Pretty awesome.
  17. In the GolfTEC thread I started, Matt asked me what I meant by "Wrist Prick" based on this quote: "He also made sure I was doing a full wrist prick on the back swing." Midly amused, thinking I had finally lost my faculties after long hours of posting on the forum, I decided to edit the post and correct the error. Imagine my surprise when every time I changed "Wrist Prick" back to "Wrist C*ck" the system changed it back to "Wrist Prick" again.
  18. Actually, these are the first lessons I've taken where I truly understand where the flaws are in my swing and I feel like I am armed with a way to correct them. So, yeah, I'd highly recommend them. The client portal is great. You have access to all your images, vids, notes, and drills all in one place. Very cool.
  19. Sacrilege. Who learns anything from the Hot List.
  20. I found it!! I like these better I think. What say you? MySack Golf
  21. I think I had this DVD and lost it. It was pretty good. I'm glad I'll have an opportunity to get another. Thanks!
  22. I've seen one that is even better than that and I thought I had it booked marked but I guess not. Pretty funny though!
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