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  1. That's one of the primary reasons why I carried a multi-tool when I used to hike in the desert. Also, a very good excuse not to venture out into the desert areas of a AZ or CA golf course. Well, that and the rattlesnakes, gila monsters, tarantulas, black widows and scorpions.
  2. That totally makes sense. No, I was referring to Dave's almost freakish ability to spot the particulars of any putter finish from any putter company just from viewing a pic.
  3. Dunno, but I'd notice if I had twelve dozen golf balls laying around. I'm scared to see your garage now...
  4. Think of it this way - that is a penny per hack (err, shot). If you're serious enough to be on this board, then your game is worth at least that much...
  5. Do we have to drop $500 a round to involve the Par Mates? Couldn't we just take them out for a beer or something?
  6. Yeah, but to basically know the type of finish on any putter just by looking at a pic online? You guys crack me up.
  7. I'm assuming then that none of the cavity is visible at address?
  8. Well, I'm sorry to hear that because I was really digging the look of those putters from what I've seen online. I will still check them out for myself, but thanks for the quick take.
  9. Yeah, Woa. I didn't sign up for that. LOL.
  10. The video I posted shows that. And some of the previous posts discuss it also. Read the thread.
  11. You snooze, you loose. Besides, you've posted over and over you're flat broke. Did you start printing money in your basement? Start a male escort service? Become the guy of the month at the local fertility clinic? What?
  12. Haha, or I need to accumulate enough putters and leave them all over the house until the wife begs me to get a rack.
  13. Uh, good catch on the "wrist prick". It seems every time I type "wrist ####", the MGS board system automatically changes it back to "wrist prick". So, let that be a lesson to you high handicaps out there. You can never have too much wrist prick... They don't have the sticks anymore, but they did hook me up to a harness that goes over the shoulders and then belts at the waist. You hardly know its there after a few swings except for the fact that there is a big cable coming out the back that sometimes gets caught up in your spikes.
  14. There are some nuts up north of you Lamont in Red Rocks country that would love to game that putter. It would go nicely with their tin foil hat. Seriously though, nice job!
  15. Thanks for the info. Another great video on the process on the Star Grip website: Star Grip Accessories Good info too on the compressor that you'd want to purchase for this: 2-3 horsepower unit on an 8-10 gallon tank
  16. You know, after watching the video that MGS posted and looking at your pics again, the process looks pretty straight forward as long as you have the right equipment. And that has been asked and answered in this thread. I might just go ahead and skip to this method after all. I like not having to mess with the solvent. The less chemicals around, the better.
  17. Excellent posts. I would never do this on my own but its interesting to read about the process and how involved it is. It sounds like patience is a virtue when it comes to this work.
  18. Had my second lesson after practicing and playing with the new setup and grip. This time the focus was my impact position. I'm not getting enough hip and body rotation to properly lag the club and lead at the impact position with my hands. This is a contributing factor in my high, weak ball flight with my irons. I'm not compressing the ball at impact like I should be. So, Peter worked with me on some impact bag drills to feel the right body position at different points in the swing. He also made sure I was doing a full wrist prick on the back swing. By the end of the lesson, I had improved my hip turn and shoulder tilt numbers dramatically. They are still not in the "good" range, but Peter was happy with my improvement. A series of slow motion drills and practice was subscribed until the next lesson.
  19. I'm encouraged by the marketing effort but I think Golfsmith is going to creatively come up with a way to totally crater the brand. It might not happen this year or next. But, eventually it will happen.
  20. VEGAS BABY, VEGAS!!! I'd be totally up for that.
  21. He finished third back in 2006. I wouldn't count him out of being in contention over the weekend. That pseudo belly putter of his has been on fire and you need to be on in that phase of the game to do well at the Masters.
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