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  1. Agreed - Adams has come a long way. I game their BUL fairway wood and its the longest, most forgiving fairway wood I've ever hit.
  2. According to TourSpecGolf, in the Japan market the Steel sets have a suggested retail of $1320.00 USD for 5-PW with graphite a $300.00 upgrade. The Ping Anser Forged will be offered with Ping AWT and ZZ65 steel shafts as standard. The standard graphite shaft will be a TFC615i in Regular, Stiff/Regular and Stiff Flexes.
  3. I'd be game if they came out with a Kombi "players mallet".
  4. Yeah, I'm having visions of my sons using my Studio Style Newport to beat the cats. A lock is a good idea. You guys have talked about the cost of the case itself but you've left out the biggest expense - the amount of jack you'd have to eventually spend in order to fill the case. Of course, that would be the fun part.
  5. Are you still in pain? You may want to go to a foot specialist. I had pain like you're describing and I went to a Podiatrist who suggested I get a new pair of shoes with good arch support and a cushioned sole. I eventually ended up with shoe inserts (orthotics) and after a while the pain went away. Something to think about...
  6. Williams is right about one thing - you find out who your friends really are when times are tough. True friends will give it to you straight, but still be supportive (especially to outsiders).
  7. True that. Callaway killed the Hogan line. They treated it like a read headed step child and didn't pump any marketing dollars or R&D into the brand. Basically, they left all Hogan fans to twist in the wind.
  8. I love my Ping's, but I've hit my friend's Mizuno MP-58's and nothing feels like a forged iron when flushed. You can't even compare the two.
  9. I think you have to be aware of your ball striking abilities when considering some of the so-called "tour wedges". Guys buy them because they like the looks but the small heads and narrow soles do them no favors. As a mid-handicapper, I've played a lot of the wedges mentioned, and I've found nothing better for my game than the Ping iWedges. And if you're not an expert bunker player, there is NOTHING that beats the 56* iWedge in the sand. That club is just money!
  10. No, but I REALLY like the ZZ-65's in my set of Raptures and I5's.
  11. Sorry to on a rant here but... It really depends on how good of an ball striker you are. I don't like it when golf magazines generalize about handicaps when it comes to whether someone can play blades or not. Yes, most single digits are good ball strikers so it holds up most of the time. But, someone can just have a really good short game and yet have no business playing blades. With that said, I think the vast majority of players and certainly amateurs should be gaming cavity backs. A significant % of the pros have gone that direction so why should we be any different?
  12. One of the most pointless comments I've seen on this board yet. Are we posting just to post now? I know they're having a content, but come on... the rest of us has to read this stuff. LOL.
  13. +3 Much cheaper at Lowe's or Home Depot. Plus they come in a few more interesting colors. I got mine from Lowe's in Lime Green to match my bag.
  14. I have GolfCard on my Droid. Its still cold here so I haven't had a chance to use it yet. There were several courses in my area that I play that weren't mapped. That might keep it from totally replacing my Skycaddie 2.5...
  15. An alternative to a push cart would be to get a very light weight carry bag - like the Superlight 3.5 by Sun Mountain, Izzo Scout, or the Ogio Vaporlite (although I'm not a huge fan of the stand system on that bag). I carry the Izzo Scout and my shoulders don't hurt at the end of a round as long as I don't load it down with a bunch of crap I don't need.
  16. I have very wide feet and I've found only Footjoy and Nike make decent golf shoes for guys that have duck feet like myself. I haven't tried Ecco (yet), but they are really expensive and I can buy two pairs of the aforementioned brands at that price. And I'm really hard on golf shoes.
  17. As some of the other guys have stated, here in the Midwest - Spikes always! Too much precipitation.
  18. A pretty good video tutorial by John Duval over at IntotheGrain.com ... How to Regrip a Golf Club in Under 4 Minutes
  19. I heard they are planning to come out with other lofts - 49* and 56*. Do you have any in the shop? I'd be curious to see how the 56* plays.
  20. I'm as big of a club ho as I've always been. But, now I don't change for the sake of changing. It has to benefit my game in some way (at least in my own delusional mind).
  21. Maybe Tiger replaced Frank with that Playboy bunny and that's why Elin went postal?
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