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  1. I play about 90% of my rounds as a single. No major issues. Sometimes, you get paired up with a couple who really doesn't want a 3rd wheel... or a bunch of friends who are deep into the hustle and really don't want an interloper. Which is fine. Then I usually tee off ahead of them on #2, and go on my merry way as they tend to play slower the larger the bets are... (and besides, they usually aren't that good anyway). On a trip (Europe for example) where 99% of my rounds are as a single, I've never had a problem. Most other golfers are very generous, especially if they don't speak English, or if I speak their native language. Some terms and golf-isms transcend language barriers! 

    I had an issue once at Pasatiempo where a foursome wouldn't let me play through until we got to 18 (Was on them from #11 on). I was more upset because I had a plane to catch after the round. Otherwise it is what it is. Enjoy the walk!

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  2. On 3/11/2020 at 5:51 PM, tony@CIC said:

    I just saw this thread - my buds and I played the 'Old Course' at the local Golfzon Sim today. Wow was it a challenge. Two of us ended up 22 over and the other two were in the mid 30's (over). Ugly day for scoring - what messed up all of us were the greens. One of the guys hit two cars on his drive on 18 emoji1.png. I can't imagine what it would be like playing this in RL.



    Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy


    I almost killed a guy coming out of the "New" Club of St Andrews with my approach on 18... it feels like the whole town is watching you..... 

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  3. I did a trip this July over the 4th holiday (was in St Andrew's the week prior to the 4th). Took the train from London to Edinburgh, stayed overnight in Edinburgh, then trained over to Luchars, and caught the bus to St Andrew's. Got in about 12:30pm to St Andrew's, dropped my clubs off at my residence (a University of St Andrew's dorm across from the Dunvegan) and walked to the Old Course starter. I was last on the list for the day (#72), and walked over to the New Course and went right off on the 1st tee. Walking back to check in to my residence (check in time was 2pm), I stopped off at the Old Course starter to see how it was going (about 5:15pm). The lovely woman at the desk told me to hang out as the afternoon tee times are reserved for the R&A. If members don't show up on the tee box, they send out whomever on the list is hanging around. Long story short, I went out at 6:10pm on the 2nd to last tee time on the day. Was dead tired, but nutted a drive just short of the berm on 1 and chipped on and made par. The wheels came off on the 2nd 9 (holes 27-36) for the day, but it was worth it. Played Carnoustie (Buddon) the next day, then was 1st off the New Course at 7:30am on day 3, before catching the 2pm train back to Edinburgh, then back on the London. 

    I got a sub $100 rate/night through booking.com at McIntosh Hall which was spartan (the co-ed bath/shower rooms were unique), but I wasn't spending time in the room!

    Here's a pic at the Jigger in overlooking the Road Hole and 1/18....


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  4. MGS Snell “Get Sum” Ball Review


    Stage One


    Well hello fellow MGS'ers. I'm Karl. What's up? Thanks for trusting me with a review. I know I glean valuable info from MGS- especially the reviews, so I hope I measure up and don't disappoint!


    To give a little background on me, I'm a 10-15 Handicap (low of 10.0, current 14.8). I'm one of the guys that the USGA has decided to shut out of their handicapping system as most of my rounds are as a single. Oh well. Luckily, I was able to play my review rounds as one, so I could hit the same shot with multiple balls… well, as close to the same shot as my current swing allows!


    The biggest strength of my game is putting/short game. When I worked for a startup club manufacturer in business school, I'd end up giving impromptu putting lessons during demo days because I saw people's response to the product was directly proportional to how they rolled ‘em. And believe me, I saw a lot of lost souls… As I've had playing partners ask for lessons after a round (not all my rounds are as a single), I give some putting lessons on a sporadic basis. I'm much more established as a baseball/softball coach/hitting instructor as I'm a former Div-1 player, so teaching isn't a foreign thing to me…


    My secondary strength would be my short game. With an iron game like mine (usually) I'm usually chipping for birdie (or par) more often than I should be! The major weaknesses in my game right now are my irons. I've had some physical issues in my legs which tends to not allow me to “get after it” with my golf swing (and as a result I tend to hang back). The upside is that I became a master of hitting a 5 or 7 iron with a knockdown swing from 150 out instead of letting it fly with a 9-iron. Even as I'm getting healthier, my ball striking isn't as crisp as it was.


    Having lived on the East Coast for the majority of my life and beginning golf years, I tend to have a very high ball flight. It was to the point that I was flying my 3-iron almost as high as my 7-iron. (Note to self… never read a Golf Digest “how to hit your irons” article again…) So, my current miss is short and to the right (I play right handed)…. Yes, a flare to the right. It's not as bad with the driver, but it does rear its ugly head occasionally… typically on a dogleg left! I'm self-taught, as I've never had a golf lesson. Other than some guy at a beat up driving range showing me an interlock grip when I was 16.


    I'm the guy with a couple of medium sized plastic containers full of balls. So, sometimes I'll use three different (or more) types of balls during a round because I'll just tee up what I grab out of my pocket 1st. I don't spray it that much; I used literally two balls in my last golf league (8 weeks long) so I don't lose them often… well… not too often! When I'm playing for “real”, i.e. a tournament, with important clients, trying to shoot a score, I'm a Pro-V1x guy. I like the slightly harder ball with less spin off the driver. My driver swing speed was last measured at 110mph, but that was at a golf show in the middle of winter with no warmup. So right now I'd say 95-120 depending on how I'm feeling… and yes, I realize that's a huge range.


    I've been golfing for 15 seasons now, with a couple of those years being of the 4 to 5 rounds a year category. It's helped that I've lived in California for 3 of those years, and even spent a fall in Switzerland (have never replicated that number of rounds in the same time since)….! I really came to golf after my high level team sports career started to fade. That and I needed to play semi decent to be able to be included in the occasional outing for work. I love sports and when I'm learning something I immerse myself in it. In golf's case, I really haven't left the immersion stage! Being an engineer and a tinker/maker before it became “hip”, as well as a design junkie, I'm a gear head. I can appreciate what a Scotty Cameron did and has done, and can at least cut through some of the marketing by some big brands (a minor in Engineering Physics will do that).  More importantly, I know what I like, know what I don't, but can still appreciate it.


    My bag might defy my gear head label, as it consists of a:

    ·         Driver:  9* Tricept PFT by Maltby, UST Mamiya VTS Proforce 7x

    ·         3-Wood:15* VX Turbine by CER, UST Mamiya VTS Proforce 7x

    ·         Hybrid: 21* Sweet Spot Golf 3-Hybrid, Grafalloy Prolaunch Red

    ·         Irons: Snake Eyes 685x Forged, 3-PW, KBS Tour Shafts

    ·         Sand Wedge: Cleveland RTX 588 54*, True Temper Dynamic Gold

    ·         Lob Wedge: Cleveland RTX 588 v2.0 60*, True Temper Dynamic Gold

    ·         Putter: Piretti Cortino Tour Black, 36”


    This set I assembled to be my “travel” set, you know the set that if the airline bangs around or loses, I wouldn't be too broken up about it. Well, I haven't gotten my “good” set yet, so for the past 3 years or so it's been my only set! I did spring for decent shafts, which if I'm not swinging optimally may not be a help to my scoring average! Oh well.  And yes, I bought the pieces from Golfsmith and assembled them myself. It's going to interesting to see when I get fit for my “good set” (yes, I've been eying the AP-2  716's…) to see if my lie angles and stuff are right!


    I've played all over North America and Europe; I guess the result of having lived in 11 places since 2007. I'm currently spending time between San Francisco and the NYC/Boston corridor along the Connecticut shoreline, so I'm able to play seaside courses on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans! Not too shabby…


    Finally, when it comes to the balls themselves, and Snell in particular I didn't really know much of anything about them. It did make me take note that they are a New England company from the literal back yard of Titleist. While I'm a Titleist “guy” I've used balls from big guys like Taylor Made (The Lethal ball was the best wind ball I've ever used), as well as smaller guys like Dixon and 3UP. And yes, I can probably find a couple of rocks…er… Top Flights in my collection too… So, I'm doing this sight unseen as I've never seen a Snell ball before. So it should be interesting!


    Take care, thanks for reading, and I look forward to posting Stage Two!

  5. I wouldn't worry. Most clubs won't allow them anyway. Unless you are mostly a public golfer like me, then anything tends to go. Not a fan of the look, but another instance of the industry trying too hard to "cater" to millennials and "grow the game"... thanks a lot Golf Digest.  

  6. Well, I ventured out to the local PGASS for the Wilson Staff Fitting.. here are my thoughts:


    • I signed up online for a slotted time (11:00am). Got a confirming email AND a phone call from W/S. Really didn't expect that.
    • When I showed up, the Palo Alto PGASS set up the poor W/S rep right at the front door as soon as you walk in. Meaning, when the rep was doing fittings, no one was manning the table. PGASS also had him pass out PGASS contest entries as well...
    • I showed up and introduced myself to the rep who's response was "oh, ok. Sure". I'm not sure it is was the W/S rep, or W/S corporate, but the rep didn't even have a list of who was signed up, what time or anything. 
    • The PGASS was also apathetic to the demo as we had to wait to get the "reserved" bay, then once we got in, it took about another 15min to get the rep set up with the simulator.
    • I did get a short sleeve (2 pc) of golf balls afterward, but the $20 PGASS gift card was non existent. 

    Once in, I hit a bunch of 7i's with different shaft configurations, as well as some clubs from W/S's other lines as a comparison. Here are my thoughts of the C200's

    • The topline of the C200 was much thinner than I had expected. I guess I was expecting a style of club more in line with the Titleist AP-1. This was refreshing.
    • The feel off the clubface was soft... really soft. I can usually tell where on the face I hit the ball, I didn't have that feedback with the C200. Every strike felt the same. I think that's what W/S was going for with this line. If so, they did it.
    • Never trust the readings in the simulator.... with these range balls, the simulator was saying I was hitting the 7i about 144 yards. My typical 7i is about 165-170. 
    • W/S doesn't call these a "Game Improvement" iron. They call them a "Game Enjoyment" iron. Slick marketing? Perhaps. But it is a refreshing take on playing the game.
    • I got to hit a 4i from the demo set at the W/S display. The 4i has a bit more offset than I'm used to (my handicap is sitting at 15.1 from a low of 10), but again it felt the same as the 7i. I would venture a guess that from 4i to the gap wedge the feel of the irons are the same. 
    • Also got to hit the gap wedge from the set. The simulator distance was actually pretty close to real... confusing as to how the 7i and 4i distance were so far off.
    • I also hit several shots with a FG Tour v4 7i to compare. The v4 is closer to an AP-2 iron if I had to describe something to compare it to. The v4's were good. No difference in distance according to the simulator
    • Going back to the C200 7i after hitting the v4's was like going from a wooden bat (v4) to an aluminum bat (C200). I really didn't notice it when I started with the C200's, but when I went back to the C200's it was like night and day. You would really feel the trampoline effect of the face. I would have like to have been outside on a range with a bucket of decent balls to actually see the flight and distance. 
    • I must have hit 100 balls during my 70min or so in the simulator bay... I think the distance dispersion with my 7i with Stiff, X-stiff, and regular shafts was about 1.5 yards, at least according to the computer. I wish I could have hit the clubs with decent balls on a range.



    1. W/S Demo Rack
    2. Waiting for the W/S rep to get trained on the simulator
    3. C200 7i back
    4. C200 7i player's view
    5. 7i shot tracker
    6. C200 4i player's view







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  7. Its interesting that the inserts are aluminum, which Scotty is touting for its properties of "soft feel". I can remember when he made the switch from Carbon Steel to Stainless, he said it was in response to the pros using as softer ball (Pro-V1), so he needed to make the face harder to compensate to get the same feel.. (remember in Scotty language, 'sound = feel'). Now, I guess people are using a harder ball, so he needs to soften the face that much? To me, its almost like he's in a Taylor-Madeesque vicious circle of "innovation" where he is expected to unveil something radically new every year... 

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  8. I would say as long as the tickets are sold for face value, the wearer of the Green Jackets should be too rankled with you. If you do decide to sell, I'd remove all identifying marks if you are listing them on a website somewhere. Now, if you were selling a Green Jacket.... that would be another story!!!!!

  9. I do know her agent. (And I've met Stacy a couple of times) The best way to reach her is to write her a letter via the LPGA. I would imagine the address would be something like:


    Stacy Lewis

    C/O Ladies Professional Golf Association

    100 International Golf Drive

    Daytona Beach, Florida 32124-1092


    They get fan mail all the time and will give her the letter at the 1st opportunity.

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