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  1. Thanks so much guys. I'm still ecstatic at the idea of having a green, the reality of it is amazing. Even better, it was all my non-golfer wife's idea. [emoji4] I thought she was just teasing. I handle all of our finances and of course we discuss all. Over breakfast in February of last year she said, "I know we discuss everything but because I work hard for my money, there's something that I'd really like to have and I just don't want to leave it up to any discussion. I want it." Now, I'm thinking she's gonna say new car or something and I'm already formulating a firm defense in my mind. She dances around things some more when I ask her to just come out with it already. "I want a backyard putting green," she says assertively. I literally dropped my spoon into my bowl of cereal. I was actually insulted that she'd tease me so heartlessly about a thou-shalt-not-go-there subject. One entirely off limits to mere teasing. She wasn't and made her point very clear, so I said, "I can't believe that you wanna do this for me." She replied, "wait... no, I mean... you'll use it, right? Yeah, that's good, you should. But I just want it because it'll look nice and I have a specific vision for that space." [emoji848] I mean... [emoji1787] Whatever, she meant it and we got it. It'll be a full year soon and I still can't believe it. What's even better still??? She asked recently, "hey, do you think we should add one of those sand pits next to the green?" "Uh, yeah honey... heck yeah. I hear those sand pits are all the rage, let's do it!!!" [emoji16]
  2. Despite their wide Shot Area during the test with driver, I've found the Mizuno RB Tour to be fantastic off the tee. They've also held their line into and across winds, very, very well. As to irons, wedges and putter, they've just been fantastic for me overall. 3 birds and an eagle yesterday during a skins match, I sure do like them. [emoji6] Compared to other current releases, I like them considerably more than the TP5x, CS and XV. But... I'm no dummy, I'm more than willing to explore other options. Just received a dozen Tour B XS today and a sleeve of the MTBx is on the way. [emoji4]
  3. Thanks. I'm sure enjoying it. And because it's sand and infill based, it'll need tune-ups from time to time. Months after install last summer, I opted for the free tune-up. But here on out, every 12-18 months is recommended, it'd be roughly $350 to have it done. Can't have that. [emoji6] I paid close attention to install and closer attention to the tune-up process. Shortly after, I bought the rake, the specific infill, drop spreader, a roller and a stimpmeter. Just last week, I tuned it myself for the first time. My gosh, I thought it putted well before but now it's fantastic. I'm so psyched that I can now tend to it and adjust speed as I like. I currently have it rolling at 14 downgrade, 10 up, roughly 12 across. I wanted it very fast because I really need to improve my touch. It's paying dividends and strangely enough, most significantly on lags which are much longer than I can practice on my own green. Overall since its install last May, my putting has vastly improved. So has my summer adult beverage drinking. [emoji4]
  4. Sorry, missed this. Here ya go. [emoji4]
  5. After some spring cleaning, planting, fertilizing around the putting green, I made about 30 chips and about 100 putts. It, along with I, need more work. [emoji4]
  6. Different strokes for different golfers... as I thought the Epic was considerably more forgiving than the XR16. That said, I found the Rogue SZ to be more forgiving than either and the G400 Max more forgiving still.
  7. My best shot wasn't so much a stellar result as it was satisfying execution. I'd pushed my drive right on 18 and was down a hill with tree trouble, 190 out uphill. My only choice, other than punching out, was a low and significant cut under and then around the tree's branches. Grabbed 5-iron and flushed it. Couldn't quite turn it enough to land the green but turned it plenty, it came to rest just a few yards left off the fringe. Got up and down for par but par would've been out of the question without that approach shot.
  8. I think, like most past generations facing harder times, harder lives, people were generally more mature and tougher overall. Tougher, but not any more capable. I think today's players, on average, are better athletes, more fit, and more capable. Modern support, relative to era, with yesteryear toughness? Those are your generational greats.
  9. Golf, especially in the beginning, is an exercise of one step forward, two steps back. Then three steps forward, one or more steps back. Rinse, repeat in assorted variations. Embrace the journey, it'll make the ride all the more enjoyable and satisfying once you reach a semblance of virtual repeatability. For me, it was probably 4-5 years before I could fairly frequently shoot in the 80's. The possibility for 100+ being ever present, of course. Tough game, greatest game.
  10. I've always been decidedly equal opportunity. Currently have 5 different brands in the bag with no affinity toward any manufacturer.
  11. I think that's old. I believe it's at 7,475 this year. Edited to add: it is old. In the lower right corner, it appears that it was a scorecard that had been revised in September 1993.
  12. I was there. First time visit to Augusta. In all fairness to the young women because I respect their games and was interested to watch, but I was really there to witness first hand my favorite golf course. The course was incredible, immaculate and amazingly, significantly better than I'd imagined. And the ladies' impressive performance managed to match it. They added to the magic with such stellar play on the back 9. Historic, IMHO. Tremendous day.
  13. I've saved so much over the years by regripping myself. I used to do it for the longest without a vise and fared just fine. A vise makes life easier of course. Bought a cheap (but danged good) vise off ebay, a grip kit through Golfworks and a compressor through Harbor Freight. Needed the compressor anyway but as to regripping, I'll use it or I won't equal amounts. I'm not a handy guy but regripping really is child's play.
  14. Sign me up for mid to high 70s, partly cloudy, with a slight breeze. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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