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  1. Yeah, many of those are inert and commonly used as a positive. But my group is fond of "nice drive, though" after screwing up an approach after a particularly good drive. Gotta admit, that one sparks an extra tinge of pissed off (at myself) within me. [emoji1787]
  2. For the past few months, I've been doing it like this.
  3. It was a "gettin' in yer own way" kind of day. 37/40/77 with 3 doubles on the back 9. 2 of them were due to boneheaded decisions where I should've just taken my medicine and moved on. But hey, I wanted to, you know... try. [emoji12] 10 fairways, 11 greens, 32 putts, 4 birds, 3 doubles, one 3-putt (for bogey [emoji53]).
  4. Man, that's weird. Everything stocked on the shelves should be for sale.
  5. I agree with others in recommending going down in size with Eccos. I'm anywhere from 9.5 to 10.5 in other brands. Up to an 11 in Adidas Climacool golf shoes (?!). Yet with Ecco, 42 fits me best. Crazy. [emoji2369]
  6. I'd be interested to learn whether he still is or not. What I do know is that I still have 3 pairs of Eccos that I probably bought near the beginning of his sponsorship. Still in great condition, they've been remarkably durable.
  7. I've played a decent amount since I last posted on 2/7. Since, I've gone in order: 79 78 77 80 79 79 78 92 84 76. You might notice that one high round of 92 followed by the 84? I'm self-applying an asterisks for those two rounds. [emoji6] Two days prior, I had a colonoscopy that triggered my stomach to spasm (not my abs, my actual stomach). I first had this issue as a side-effect to the Covid shots I took in 2021. Wasn't having it and the doc prescribed muscle relaxers. So during those two rounds I was loopy while without a looper. [emoji6] That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. But seriously, the elevated scores concerned me, so I ditched the meds before my last round and shot a very controlled 76. Whew... balance in the world restored. [emoji12]
  8. 94 rounds recorded in '22, so over 100 in total considering solo rounds. 17 rounds so far in '23. [emoji846]
  9. 40/37/77 12 fairways, 10 greens, 33 putts, 2 birds, two 3-putts. Most of my lost strokes were from around and on the green. Save for a horribly fanned full-swing PW approach that fell woefully short and right, that is. Coming from where I've been, I'll take it. [emoji846]
  10. I just noticed that my handicap in my profile still reads 1.9 (I'll get to changing it but can't see how to do that on the phone). Well, that was a few years ago. Now I'm at 5.9. [emoji3525] Long story short, epidural shots in early 2019 took away the pain, but pain and the fear of it was also my natural swing limiter. So my once compact swing very unintentionally became longer and longer until it was a sloppy mess and completely out of sequence. And because my back fails on me more often than in the past, forgoing the shots is not an option. My handicap hit a high of 8.2, but being soft-capped for a long, long while, it should've been considerably higher. Twas a tough, prolonged stretch. My low was 1.2 in 2018, and I know that I'm capable of getting at least down to 2 or 3 again. I've since found a path back by finally identifying what I need to do, but exorcising the bad habits has been a 2 steps forward, 1 step back process. But, I'll take it! So do I think that I'm better than I am? Nope. The last few years of spiraling frustrations have hammered home the reality of my present game. But I still believe that I'm capable of finding my way back. And I will.
  11. Yesterday, a new set of Mizuno JPX-923 Hot Metal Pro irons, 6-GW, with Dynamic Gold 105 stiff shafts. Yet another impulse buy. What can I say? I'm a hopelessly overly indulgent club 'ho. [emoji2369]
  12. 5W for me. It's the first club down from driver, and I don't like hitting FW's off the deck. But since I bought a 19° Cobra Radspeed One-Length hybrid (24° too), I find that I rarely use 5W off any tee. And that's because I hit the 19° OL way farther from the tee than I'd anticipated pre-purchase. But... that's only because driver has been behaving for a while now. While the OL hybrid gives impressive distance, it doesn't give me 5W tee distance. The 5W will remain in the bag for when (not if, LOL...) the driver misbehaves.
  13. ...and we place equal pressure upon ourselves but also experience equal joy when things happen to work out. Amazing game, is right!
  14. I bought this one going on 3 years ago now. It appears to be very much like your GoSports option. When I bought it, I also purchased a separate net, but just that, a net. Anticipating the 10' x 7' set-up to maybe be too flimsy. I figured that I'd need to drape extra netting over the frame just to be safe. Well, the extra netting is still in its unopened box because the hitting net has been just fine as is. It's been kept outdoors the entire time, but on a patio with protection above. It's very much served its purpose. ***** Golf Net 10x7ft Portable Golf Practice Net w/Carry Bag for Indoor Outdoor Backyard Driving Hitting Chipping Training Net https://a.co/d/58Mpsml
  15. My immediate goal off every tee is par or better for the hole. Not accomplished enough, of course. Stepping back from that as certain realities present themselves during the course of play is to do all that I can to avoid doubles and 3-putts. For the entirety of a round, my hope/goal is always to break 80. If playing very well, the high point becomes more of a sliding scale. Over the last 20, my average is just over 81. That's where I've been for a while, I'm wanting to get the average below 80.
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