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  1. For lower spinning, I do really like the AVX but my favorite is the Duo-Professional. No ballooning and it's actually a great wind ball. Straightest urethane ball off driver I've ever played. Compared to all I've sampled very recently, the TP5, TP5x, Z-Star, XV, Tour BX, RB Tour, and MTBx, of course it's also the softest feeling. Mid iron spin is comparable for me, there is less spin off wedges but more often hop & stop rather than pulling it back so much. I'm not a high spin chipper so I find that it performs similar to most there. Distance wise, you'd think a lower compression would hurt a higher swing speed but I only find it shorter than the TP5x, XV and MTBx and not by very much. FWIW, TXG did a comparison between the Duo-Urethane (prior version) and XV on the GCQuad. Matt who swings 120+ mph was only 5 yards shorter carry/total with driver (he admits that he over-swung with one for the W/S to try to drive ball speed up) and his 6-iron numbers were essentially identical across the board. They didn't hit wedges as it was just a distance test. I tested the Duo-U extensively in 2018, the soft feel was a goof, and find the Duo-Pro to be marginally better in the right areas. A little more mid iron spin, a little more wedge spin, a fraction firmer, same straight performance off longer clubs. I've been trying like heck to find another ball because for whatever reason, I'd rather my ball of choice be something other than Wilson Staff. But despite my recent golf ball carousel for the last year, if playing a tournament or important match tomorrow, while it's still surprising to me... I'm going with the Duo-Pro. To be clear though, harder is inderd faster, I don't dispute that. But wrt lower spin, the Duo-Pro makes up the difference for me to provide similar distances.
  2. I bought the Bombtech Grenade driver when it first came out. Had some money sitting in PayPal and liked the story that Sully the owner had partnered with the University of Vermont engineering team to co-engineer the design. So I bought out of curiosity and in wanting to support the venture. Sully actually hand-picked a clubhead for me with exactly 10° of loft and .5° open face. When received, it measured out exactly to those specs. The stock shaft, forget what it was but a quality brand, was solid but even at x-flex, way too soft. Swapped it out for a RIP Beta x-flex and the driver was darned near perfect for me at a playable length of 44.5". Played it for 4 years I think it was before giving the Epic a shot and never looking back (LOL, then the Rogue SZ, G400 Max, now G410). Since donated the Grenade to the First Tee program. I don't like the look of the irons or wedges, very gimmicky, and I wasn't ever a fan of the lime green accents on my driver. But I loved the matte black crown free of alignment aid and certainly its performance for me. That driver, at least, was just as good as most out there IMO.
  3. I usually settle on one ball and play only that for multiple seasons. Only, it's been a year now that I'm still unsettled. [emoji53] So I was only somewhat surprised to find in my bag: TP5 Duo-Pro Z-Star RB Tour TP Red LDP TP5x
  4. I play the Wilson Staff Duo Professional sporadically throughout the season anyway. So familiarity and colder weather just leads me to put it in play exclusively during the colder months. Good distance, decent spin. Very nice feel in the cold. Admittedly, it might feel a bit too soft during the summer. But once the temps drop, I found that it feels great.
  5. Temperamental. I'm currently at 2.1 yet last time out, a tee up from where I usually play and in benign conditions, I shot a 91. That just shouldn't happen. I score enough good rounds and mostly from the back tees to drive the index down. But my bad rounds can be absolutely awful. As referenced, the 91 (from 6,600 yards), yet literally the day prior on the same course I shot 77 in very tough, very windy conditions from 7,000+ yards. Maddening. Maybe that should be my word. [emoji6]
  6. I formerly used GPS. Still have one but haven't used it in forever. I use the laser on every hole, sometimes multiple times. I ride and use a Frogger Latch-It that attaches to the cart. Makes accessing it even quicker. I may fire up the GPS again but can't see me ever abandoning the laser for it.
  7. No, it's not like cheating. It's still golf, still not exactly an easy game. The score is the score and it matters from any tee. That said, my PB is from our 6,600 yard blue tees yet I play most of my rounds from the 7,000 yard back tees. The PB would mean a heckuvalot more to me from the tips. A buddy of mine recently balked at that sentiment and said it didn't matter. I simply asked him if a course record should be considered the record from any tee? He and I agreed that a course record should be from the longest tees to be considered an actual course record. Still, a PB score relative to one playing the proper tees for themselves is a score to be universally respected and heralded. And mind you, "proper tees" is a sliding scale. True challenge can be had from one set of tees to the next, one course to the next.
  8. Greens first, layout, varying holes, overall condition, flat(ish) tee boxes, challenging, numerous tee boxes, pace of play, practice area.
  9. I've only left early due to injury, weather, heat exhaustion (only a couple of times, early symptoms), phenomenally slow play (as in, 3+ hours to play the front 9?!?!), unavoidable prior commitment (like a wedding, would need to be THAT important!). I've never left due to bad play or course conditions or an unfortunate pairing. As to play or conditions, there's always something to work on. As to an unfortunate pairing, it's pretty easy to navigate even opposing personalities. But the VERY few times I found the person completely unpalatable, I'd no problem at all completely avoiding them and/or moving on (if opportunity exists).
  10. Will_Mac

    Your ball?

    My favorite ball is the Mizuno RB Tour but their durability is flat-out awful. Played the Duo-Professional extensively and was moderately surprised by how much I like them. Liked the Duo-U too but couldn't hold greens with mid-irons. Not an issue at all with the Duo-Pro. Currently testing out the Z-Star and Tour B X and love them both. Moderately surprising to me because I didn't at all get along with their family members being the XV and Tour B XS. B X is longer (5yds on average, I'd say), higher and just a bit straighter off the tee than the Z-Star for me. But the Z-Star is better wrt the wind and spins more around the greens. Z-Star is also way more durable. No real damage to the B X but it scuffs very easily and looks war torn through just half the round. Z-Star appears as new unless it hits something hard, other than a golf club. Z-Star also feels very soft off chips and the putter. B X isn't harsh but it is noticeably firmer. Over 4 rounds now in varying conditions, I seem to play just as well (or as poorly) with either ball. I'll continue playing both for a while because I enjoy them both along with their slight differences. But if forced to pick one, I am leaning toward the Z-Star.
  11. It's definitely a skill and one I don't posses as I'm routinely off by a club or so. I've no doubt that I'd improve my guesstimations if the game abandoned technology but I have zero desire to try. It's allowed, so I'm all for using it. [emoji6]
  12. My towel has a nylon brush attached to it. After a shot, I habitually give the grooves a quick swipe to keep them clear. That's it for my cleaning other than the grips every few weeks.
  13. Prior day when I know the round on the next day will be extremely hot, I've hydrated myself with Gatorade and lots of water. During the round, water. I've found this tact to work best for me. If I don't hydrate properly the day before, nothing will really help me much the day of.
  14. If you're not opposed to ebay, there's at least one seller offering the Duo Urethane for $26/dozen shipped. I bought from them before, no issues: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F392282235095
  15. I don't play in the cold weather anymore since the move to NC a few years ago. But back in NY, the Wilson Zip was my go-to cold weather ball. Loved that thing as I still got great distance, relatively speaking as to the elements. Now I'd probably use the Duo-Urethane or Duo-Professional.
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