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  1. How's this as proof of addiction issues? I herniated a disc a few weeks ago (9th time) and this one is really bad, it'll be months before I can play and that's only if surgery isn't deemed necessary. Also, I LOVE my CF16's, shot a PB -4 this season with them, (obliterating my previous PB of +1). Shot -1 too, along with a few rounds of even par. So, that all said... I bought a new set of Wilson Staff C300 Forged irons. Why? I have absolutely NO idea, LOL... I mean, I got a fantastic deal on them but price is bound to be less months from now. You know, when I can actually physically swing a club. [emoji2957]
  2. Will_Mac

    WIYB that makes no sense?

    I play a 45° PW and 46° GW. Makes sense only for dynamic spacing, 10 yards difference in play. Also, my entire set has standard sized grips with one extra layer of tape under the lower hand. But my Fourteen RM-22 SW has an MCC Plus 4 grip. It's very noticeably significantly thicker in the lower hand but it works, so it's stayed.
  3. Will_Mac

    Shafts are NOT the engine of the club

    Hey, we're not captains of our own ships either. Metaphors, and their vague inaccuracies, being what they are. [emoji6]
  4. Will_Mac

    Breaking in new clubs

    Absolutely, everyone is different. Maybe if I were willing to take the time with clubs to see if I could better acclimate myself to them, it would work out to my benefit. I sure can't discount that possibility. I only know that for me, I'm entirely unwilling to risk present performance for the hope of future success.
  5. Will_Mac

    Round killing moment

    No one shot or poor decision will bring me down. But what will is just a general uneasiness with my game, a subtle lack of confidence. I won't often be able to tell on the first tee but for whatever reason, I will by my first approach into the green. As a feel player, if I can't envision the shot and have a reasonable degree of confidence that I can pull it off, I'm toast. I may still manage a decent score through scrambling but those are some darn draining rounds, LOL... For the ones where score gets away from me due to a swing flaw, I just ride that bad wave to the end because I refuse to tinker with my swing mid-round. I may adjust set-up some, tee height, ball position, flight the ball lower, etc... but I won't attempt to change anything mechanically with my swing. I've learned that that can set me off course for more than a few rounds, sometimes a good portion of the season. I simply view it like I did basketball. Some days the jumper was spot-on and others it wasn't. On the days I was off, I just kept firing away. I've learned to treat golf much the same way, there's always tomorrow.
  6. Will_Mac

    Breaking in new clubs

    I don't switch clubs unless there's pretty much an immediate improvement. Maybe, to be sure, 3-4 rounds of comparative play with my present club(s). If I have to develop confidence in a club, I immediately lose interest and move on.
  7. Will_Mac

    What's your Weakness ?

    Greenside bunker play. I'll get out just fine but precision is non-existent. Flop shot. Had a really good flop back in NY, loved to break it out often. Not so much here in NC with the thick bermuda. Lost my confidence, my touch, lost my way.
  8. I used GPS exclusively for years and years, my Garmin G6 was a trusted companion. But all it took was a couple of wonky readings for me to research and then purchase a rangefinder. In the past year and maybe 80 rounds since, I've only turned on the G6 a few times and that was to just compare yardage out of curiosity and/or mark distances with a particular club. The precision of laser removes all doubt in my mind so it'll be my very first choice moving forward. I'll keep the GPS as a tool for those blind shots on new to me courses but so far I just haven't faced a challenge demanding its help.
  9. Will_Mac

    What golf ball do you play?

    I've been playing the best golf of my life with some old stock Taylor Made TP Red LDP balls. Liked them once upon a time but holy moly do they now suit my since evolved game?! Although I still have maybe 4.5 dozen or so, I'll still need to find a suitable (to me) replacement. So over the last 2 rounds I've mixed in play with the TP5. Really, really good ball and nearly indiscernible to me between the Red LDP save for some VERY slightly more spin off driver with the TP5 and subtly better feel off putter with the TP5 also. So impressed, it eases my mind that there's already a ball out there for me once I run though my stock. But of course, it hasn't stopped me from grabbing some supposedly mint TP5x balls on ebay to check out too. They should be here next week. [emoji4]
  10. Will_Mac

    Golf Glove Routine

    Off after every shot. Off for putting and chipping too.
  11. Will_Mac

    Who Changed their swing and ruined their golf game

    Because of perhaps my irrational fear of this happening, I never took a lesson. I was always fearful that an instructor would want to tear my swing down. Irrational in that I know most are pretty upfront about their strategy/intentions. Very sorry for all who had to deal with this.
  12. Will_Mac

    Football had really been fun for a while.

    Look up a pic of Brady taken at the combine and compare it to now. Same guy, same build. Really good then, great now. Joe Montana or Peyton Manning or Dan Fouts were never anyone's representation of a physical specimen either. Some guys just have it, regardless of body shape. This, from a Rams fan. I hate Brady and the Pats. Damn dad-bod epic hurlers of the pill! [emoji6]
  13. Will_Mac

    Long and straight par 5s

    When I'm swinging well, I'll hit a generally straight ball. So whether it's a layup or going for a pin, I'll pick a neutral target and go for that. I'll never go directly for a tucked pin, rather left of center or right of center, depending. I only work the ball out of necessity and if the day's tendency is for draw or fade, I've learned to adjust quickly and just go with it. That said, there's much to be desired by eliminating half the course. I've seen those with repeatable ball flights work wonders on the course. Yet, after playing a consistent draw for over a dozen years, my new approach over the past two seasons has realized better scoring.
  14. Will_Mac

    Does new irons = new ball possibilty?

    Yes, for the first time ever. Had been playing the Duo-Urethane and FG Tour, just loved their soft feel and they happened to be the straightest balls off the tee for me with driver. No issues with any other clubs in the bag except irons. I'd read that my CF-16's are regarded as low spin, maybe that's the case, because I was having way too many balls run-out and over on approaches and my distance control, particularly with the longer irons, was way off. I was hitting my iron shots very far. Didn't wanna switch balls due to their stellar tee performance so I played 5 or so rounds with my old mixed Mizuno set (MX-200, MP-52) and the issues all but disappeared. 1.5 clubs or so less distance, predictable distance at that, and decent spin on approaches. But... they lacked the CF-16's forgiveness and great feel. Threw them back in the bag and played a new (old) ball, the TM TP Red LDP. Played 8 holes before the back started barking but when I managed a good swing, there were no negative issues. Rested the back for 5 days and when I played again with the Red LDP's, I obliterated my previous PB (+1) by shooting 68 (-4). From there I went, -1, +4, +5, Even, +2, +1. The ball is longer off the tee with driver for me, pretty significantly so. Not as straight but darn fine nonetheless. Irons are shorter by a club but are predictable, no nuked shots out of nowhere and I love the spin. I'm very easily holding greens now, even on some longer shots where I wouldn't have expected it prior. FWIW, before my dalliance with Wilson, i was a long time player of the B330, Z-Star XV and Snell MTB. Never really got along with the ProV1 or X, for whatever reason. Of course my ball of choice has been discontinued for what, now?? Going on a decade? LOL...
  15. I pulled 3W for 4W years ago and then 4W was ditched for hybrid late 2016 Fluke, really. I had an original Exotics 19° that a friend gave to me years ago, don't remember ever hitting it, maybe at the range, never the course. Threw it in the bag, teed off on 13 with 4W, great shot. Decided to follow it up with my first swing with the Exotics. It went about 10 yards farther than 4W. What??? Compared the two over the next few rounds from the tee and the fairway and the results held, I couldn't believe it. Even when distance was similar, the Exotics was easier to hit well. I've since moved to a 17° Exotics EX9 hybrid, a bit longer, even more forgiving. I'll never go back to 4W as the 17° hybrid is so darn easy to hit and with such consistent results. Was always very inconsistent with hybrids in the past but the Exotics line was an immediate about-face for me there.