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  1. Never a question of need, I see a new driver in my very near future. Ai or 10K.
  2. Any preference for mallet or blade?
  3. Fellow Spy’s, I am looking to purchase a new putter and need feedback from anyone currently gaming a center shafted putter. Many years ago I gamed a center shafted putter which always produced great results due to a straight back and through stroke. My stroke evolved into a gradual arc and I am currently gaming a SC Newport 1.5. Old habits die and now my stroke seems to have regressed back to a straight back and forward stroke, hence the curiosity and possible need for a center shafted type putter. So, recommendations, suggestions, endorsements? My short list is Evenroll ( groove technology), Sik (DLT has my attention), SC Phantom line. All feedback welcomed and appreciated. Thx much.
  4. I have occasionally purchased used, recycled (not refurbished - avoid) from a couple of sites and have had very good luck with all purchases. I recommend halfpricegolfballs.com or golfballplanet.com. Both sites offer a great selection of brands and condition ratings at very reasonable prices.
  5. All time fav was the real deal Fuji 757 Speeder that TM matched with the R510 TP. Heavy, low torque, low spin.
  6. Played with Lamkin Tour full cord for years, then switched over to the GP Tour Wrap (liked the tackiness). Recently I purchased a used Mizuno Type ll driver and it came with an Elite grip. Similar to Iomic in terms of tackiness but firmer. Liked it so much, I purchased 2 dozen. Unfortunately I had to import them from Japan (couldn’t find a dealer in North America). A bit pricey like Iomic, but I think they were worth it. They come ribbed and non ribbed.
  7. Looking to have a couple of older putter heads refinished (carbon and s/s). Anyone have experiences or suggestions on reputable companies out there? Thx much.
  8. Would love to see Mizuno up their game, but I suspect Cobra will continue to set the bar in terms of highest ball speed.
  9. Don’t forget about the big plate of “crow” Bryson ate last week with a Keopka cupcake for desert.
  10. Your wife is truly an incredible and understanding person. May she be a true inspiration to all wives out there. Best of luck with your search for the perfect driver. ️
  11. Keep practicing my friend and go dig it out of the dirt. Stay positive and you will see positive results. ️
  12. Why do people seem to think TW invented the stinger? Let’s go way back to the Jones, Hogan, Nelson era. Or perhaps most players from Texas in general. They knew how the play in the wind, ala stinger. TW simply put the stinger in his bag because like the classic players, they had that shot when needed. Leave the 4 iron as is. Grip down 1/2 - 1” and swing away.
  13. Good advice. Leave as is and simply grip down 1/2””. No brainer.
  14. Holy putter Batman. The Byron looks sweet, love the Laguna profile look. Cheers.
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