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  1. Main goals are to play smart (course management) and have fun. I'm paying to do this. I may get frustrated if it doesn't go as planned. I just try and remember the good shots.
  2. I use LostGolfBalls.com and GolfBallsDirect.com. I normally get the 5A Pro V1's. I got 4 dozen at Christmas from GolfBallsDirect.com for about $23 a dozen. I've never had an issue of playability and losing one in the woods or water is not as painful. I've also tried Bridgestone Tour B RX and at much cheaper prices gives me the opportunity to try new brands. I had an issue once with LostGolfBalls.com order. The balls didn't seem to be the 5A that I paid for. I contacted customer service and they sent me replacements of the ones that were not what they should have been.
  3. I like Callaway. They feel great and with no swing restrictions. They wick sweat and keep me cool. I like that they do not fade from the sun. I can find deals on them from many of the online golf stores and direct from Callaway.
  4. Congrats to the winners! Have fun testing. Looking forward to the reviews.
  5. 1. Columbus, OH 2. Ping Anser 2 3. Accuracy and consistency. Thanks for the opportunity.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Good luck to everyone.
  7. Here are some. Good luck to all. https://www.moregolftoday.com/win/ http://www.taylormadegolfpreowned.com/sweepstakes.aspx http://www.golfshoesonly.com/contest.aspx
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