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  1. I use a SeeMore original FGP and love it.
  2. I replaced it a couple of years with a 5 hybrid. I've really tried using it again and it's been in and out of my bag several times. I've pulled it out completely. I cannot reliably hit it and the hybrid is so much better.
  3. That is exactly what was happened to me. I would go to the next hole and realize the shots didn't register on the right hole. I was getting to the point where I was not having fun playing and more time adding shots that were missed. I returned them and got my money back.
  4. Main goals are to play smart (course management) and have fun. I'm paying to do this. I may get frustrated if it doesn't go as planned. I just try and remember the good shots.
  5. I use LostGolfBalls.com and GolfBallsDirect.com. I normally get the 5A Pro V1's. I got 4 dozen at Christmas from GolfBallsDirect.com for about $23 a dozen. I've never had an issue of playability and losing one in the woods or water is not as painful. I've also tried Bridgestone Tour B RX and at much cheaper prices gives me the opportunity to try new brands. I had an issue once with LostGolfBalls.com order. The balls didn't seem to be the 5A that I paid for. I contacted customer service and they sent me replacements of the ones that were not what they should have been.
  6. I like Callaway. They feel great and with no swing restrictions. They wick sweat and keep me cool. I like that they do not fade from the sun. I can find deals on them from many of the online golf stores and direct from Callaway.
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