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  1. Despite what the manufacturers tell us Irons haven't REALLY evolved that much over the past decade or two.....maybe three. Are Blades today any different? The Ping Eye 2 came out in 1989 and cavity back irons haven't evolved much since. If your getting the same old technology albeit with new labeling…what is the point of buying new? You can fund a very good set of well-kept irons for $300 on eBay that cost $1000 a year or two ago at the PGA superstore. Has anybody every REALLY worn out a putter? Why not buy four or five different well-kept used ones for the price of one new one?
  2. Brent McDonald / Scottsdale AZ 4 times per week 12 minutes 3 3-putts per round
  3. Brent McDonald Scottsdale Arizona Ping G400 9.5* 105 swing speed
  4. Just received a set of Equalizer wedges in Black....to match my Ft Worth Irons. I've found that the black finish holds up better than anything else I've played. I'm concerned about the irons having more bounce than I'm used to as I've been gaming a set of Japanese Yururi Gekku wedges
  5. I just received a set in black. I have the Ft Worth Irons in Black and that finish seems to hold up better than anything else I've ever played.
  6. I just received a set in black. I have the Ft Worth Irons in Black and that finish seems to hold up better than anything else I've ever played.
  7. That is helpful. I find myself wondering if being able the 3-wood off the tee or the fairway is more important.
  8. I've been playing a set of Hogan Fr Worth Irons in black for a couple years now and am wanting a set of the new black Icon irons. These drivers and fairway woods have peaked my interest. They are a good bit less expensive than current offerings from Ping or Taylor made, they look great and...well I want some!
  9. I've been playing Leather grips for maybe 4-5 years. I've used ones from GripMaster and Best Grips. I will NEVER go back to rubber grips. NEVER!!! I think the grip is possibly the most important part of the club. It's where your body connects with the tool. I don't wear a golf glove and the tackiness of the leather grips are highly valued. I think they become even more valuable in the rain as they become stickier. Most golfers tend to squeeze their grips even harder in the rain and the result is that they hit a bunch of shots thin. My favorite is the gripmaster Tour Classic wrap. OUTSTANDING!!!!
  10. A Ping G-15 3-wood with a Fujikara shaft has been in the bag for maybe 14 years. During this time I've probably replaced every other club in my bag 4-5 times. Twice I've purchased new 3-woods to match my current driver but I dislike the SHALLOW face profile and have gone back to that trusty DEEP FACE Ping. I love it off the Tee Box and find myself hitting it more than ever these days. I've gotten much better with my irons and just really need to be in PLAY off the tee so I'm leaving the Driver in the bag often. The questions in my head is this. Why have all the manufactures moved to such a shallow face on their fairway woods ? Do other people besides me find it easier to hit a deeper faced fairway wood? I'm actually considering having that old three wood reconditioned by ping because....well she ain't so pretty anymore...
  11. To me it seems that the most important thing is that whatever they do....they must allow enough room for the ball to drop a little. I've played more rounds with the sponge....and they seem inconsistent. Some are set too high. I think I prefer the upside down cub...but it must be set low enough.
  12. I haven't played either but I've been playing a set of Yururi 53*, 57* & 61* Gekku wedges for 3 years. I've replaced the 61 a couple times. They are forged in the same factory as the Miura....where Samurai swords were made hundreds of years ago. I've loved these wedges and think they are superior to offerings from the big companies. I would love a set of Miura blades and was pointed in that direction until I discovered the reincarnation of Hogan golf. Their blades are so nice and they cost a fraction of what Miura charges.
  13. I like that you chose a low bounce 60. When you first start using it, you may dig in a little more than you want but once you get accustom to it, you'll be parking those chips right next to the pin.
  14. Corona-Golf. Which do you prefer and how does your foursome handle it? A) They turn the cup upside down....making it fairly shallow. B) Other courses chop a hunk out of a Swimming Pool "noodle" (aka sponge) plac
  15. I've played both balls and think they are both good. Both are a good value compared to premium balls sold retail. I chose Snell because of the pedigree of the founder. He designed many of the worlds most popular golf balls including the Pro-V1. I've been playing Snell My Tour Ball Black for about a year and a half and love them. I prefer a white ball....but have turned to the YELLOW when playing desert courses. It truly makes a huge difference in SUCCESSFULLY finding a ball in the rough.
  16. Brent McDonald Arizona Piretti - "Matura" Frontline 4.0
  17. First Name/State or Country of residence: Brent / United States of America Handicap: 14.5 Current irons in Play: Ben Hogan Ft Worth Black The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 160 yards
  18. 1. First name and city/state - Brent McDonald Scottsdale Arizona 2. Handicap - 12 3. Current Wedges - Yururi Raw Gekku in 53, 57 & 61 degree lofts 4. Your desired set/lofts 52, 56 & 60
  19. 1. Your first name and your state/province/country - Brent McDonald Arizona / USA ​2. Your current gamer - Piretti Matera 3. Custom fit - yes or no? - No 4. Preferred putter - Queen B 9
  20. 1. Your first name and your state/province/country: Brent McDonald Arizona/United States of America ​2. Your current gamer: Piretti Matera 3. Custom fit - yes or no?: 4. Preferred putter - Queen B 9 or Studio Stock 8 (click here to view) We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week. Good luck!
  21. Brent from Arizona 13 Handicap Ping G15 10.5* with Aldila Serrano stiff shaft 108 mph swing speed 245 carry Phil Mickelson - Favorite staffer
  22. Scratch products are awesome, but the quality control is lacking. My set of Scratch irons had to be taken apart and reassembled because 5 of the nine irons rattled. There was failed glue and loose weights in the hosel. I chose to have them repaired locally as I have more confidence in the local guy than Scratch's service department. Sadly Scratch Golf will probably soon be out of business due to mismanagement or perhaps they will be consumed by a bigger fish and the name will marshal on. Sometimes with start ups the owners/mangers spend too much time "Testing" their clubs. Silly things like paying bills and building a responsive customer service department is a distant concern. Ryan GAVE back his stock in the Scratch and wished them well. He is definitely a class act. Ryan is now hitting Adams brand new MB2s.....very cool irons. For those who think Adams only makes sticks for the high-handicap, Oldsmobile driving duffers, think again. They are making some OUTSTANDING stuff for low handicappers too. The CB1, CB2, Speedline Drivers, MB1 & MB2 are all state of the art products and their Fast 11 Fairway woods are off the hook. Oh and check out the True Linkswear shoes.....the most comfortable golf shoe you will ever find.
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