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  1. Looks like a sweet putter. Nice review and too bad that it's not working out for you.
  2. That's awesome they used that app or a video recap. None of the coaches I've ever seen used either. I don't think mic'ing the student would cause nerves as it's only them that would be seeing the video. I see zero downside to recording it.
  3. Fair enough that everyone leans differently but you certainly don't need to compare video's to get value out of what I'm saying. If a coach is explaining something you aren't clear on or forget what he said, it's really valuable to go back and look at the video. The only video I've been sent was when I took some online lessons. I went back and got something new out of them several times. Things I forgot, especially over time. I can't see why you would argue against getting a video of your full lesson? (Also I'm not saying that they should edit in audio commentary. I'm saying the coach and the student should be mic'd for the lesson. This means no editing which would cost time/money.) In your case I guess you wouldn't use it but it literally costs them next to nothing to do and lots of us would. It's a no brainier to include in a lesson and should be standard practice imo. Or at least give us the option. I can't see how getting a video of the lesson your just paid $100 or whatever for would be a negative. * I also don't recommend getting a package of lessons of paying for a year in advance unless you are very, very sure about the coach. I've seen teachers enthusiasm fall off once they get paid up front for future lessons. Again I know this isn't all, but it's worth being cautious, especially if you don't know the instructor.
  4. Hi there. Yes they all use video but did you get a copy of your lesson with audio at the end emailed to you? That's what I was saying, that every student should get a copy of the full lesson at the end of it. Did your coach do that?
  5. James Calgary, Alberta, Canada 100 mph Driver Wilson Duo Urethane Have only played the Snell Getsum which was a good ball off the tee though not much spin around the green it seemed.
  6. I respectfully disagree with this (on a half hour being too short). Usually in a lesson there is really only one or two things an instructor will focus on with you, which is as it should be. There's no need for an hour. What there is a need for, that most instructors don't do is video tape the lesson and send a copy to the student. We forget so much that is told to us during a lesson this should be standard practice. A half hour would be plenty then and the student could review at his hearts content and go over all the stuff he missed or forgot during the lesson. There is no cost barrier for teachers to do this, a cheep camera and a few mics will run you less than $150.00. They just mostly choose not to do this for some weird reason. I know some instructors do this but it's far from the majority. I think online lessons with a really good instructor is a way better value for this reason. Just my 2 cents. I agree totally that it might take time to find a good instructor. I suggest never buying a "package" of lessons until you are sure they're great. Even then I'd hesitate as I've seen some instructors lose their enthusiasm once they get paid.
  7. Thats good to hear. I'm always worried about black finishes on irons.
  8. Yeah man I am really liking it. I hit a flag with one yesterday from 90 yards out. How are the black finishes holding up? I would really consider getting some more of them. Thanks for the well wishes on my lefty adventure. It's hard haha. But I'm loving the struggle.
  9. Congrats buddy! Congrats to all the lucky testers
  10. Good luck to everyone, I'm very curious about this putter. Nobody sells it in Canada from what I can tell. Might have to pick one up online based on what the testers have to say.
  11. Yeah it's been a challenge to say the least. I am a sick man and so I decided to putt and chip left handed as well haha. For me I just wanted to see if I could go all the way and do it. I actually have a couple of bets with buddies that I'll beat them by years end. They both usually shoot around 90. MY $25 and a six pack of beer vs their $200. Again I'm sick I know but it makes it more fun and add's a bit of motivation. They can shoot over 100 on a bad round so you never know. I wouldn't count me out
  12. I really like golfsidekick youtube channel. His production values are great, he's entertaining and there is some great course management info (what he focus' on). Waddachannel! UKGolfVlogs is another good one. OMP (Old Man Pat) is a hell of a player when he's on. Just a laid back, good-natured golf channel. Fried Eggs Golf is fun too. (Father and Son who have a backyard course) FatGuyGolf is pretty fun too. A high handicapper that is really overweight trying to improve.
  13. Wow, great job on those! I hope you send Hogan some pictures.
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