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  1. Hello all! Thought I would chime in on this putter since I've owned it for a few months now. I had been using a Ping Ketch mallet putter since the beginning of the year. (I am relearning the game left handed this year due to a back issue and decided to do so with the putter as well) I had been putting fairly well with it but found it a bit hard to line up and I didn't love it, like all putters I have owned. I saw the testing and reviews on this putter and decided to buy it online sight unseen. I tend to like a longer putter and got it in the 35” model.
  2. I got mine the other day, just inside practice so far with the pitching cord. I'm going to try and hit the range with it in the next few days if my pride can take it. I've been striking it horrible for almost 2 months now. I can barely fly my 7i 90 yards. Learning left handed has been really tough but if this thing helps me you know it's legit. I haven't hit a solid shot in 6 weeks at least.
  3. Been enjoying the NX9 a lot. I'm thinking of trying to use it with my push cart (magnet). Just gotta figure out a spot...
  4. I am considering getting this too. Glad to hear the feedback is pretty good.
  5. James/Alberta Canada Handicap - 34 Current irons - 2016 Apex Callaway Carry distance of 7i - 125 yards Thanks guys!
  6. Hi, We didn't stay at the lodge but we did eat there. Great food and the view is spectacular. Just an uncredible course too!
  7. Well let us know how it goes please. Kale seemed like a good guy for sure, just not really into what he was doing in my opinion. That's a good idea about the Titleist fitting events.
  8. I booked an iron fitting with them. I am relearning the game left handed and just bought a used set earlier in the year. I wanted to see if they were spec'd correctly for me. If not I was open to buying new clubs. They used a lie board which I found out they should never use. (Its thickness changes the ball hight which can change the lie angle) The guy that fit me just had me hit maybe a dozen balls. 20 max. All with the 7i. He said I could use a stiff shaft and that I was standard/standard. That was it. Over in 15 minutes. He didn't get me to try different shafts or clubs at all. I found
  9. Hey all, Does anyone here know of a good club fitter in Calgary? I have been let down at Ted and Dave's, it takes several days to get a response from any of the others I've contacted. It's like they don't care if you use them or not. I get not getting back over the weekend but 4 or 5 days to someone looking to get fit? Or no response at all to a phone message? The customer service is terrible here for some reason. There is a huge opportunity in Calgary for a fitter that gives a s*** about their customers. Any suggestions are appreciated guys! I saw this video and it blew away my exp
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