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  1. Anyone compare the groove systems of Yes! vs. Rife? It seems like Rife grooves may be more forgiving if hit off center. I really wanted to roll an Emma (my daughter) but when I saw that model I couldn't pull the trigger.
  2. Didn't Bridgestone already win something vs. Titleist? I seem to remember the guy working the Bridgestone ball fitting booth last summer talking about how the lawsuit payment paid for all of those 330RX commercials we all saw last summer on TV. Maybe multiple lawsuits?
  3. Your trained mind will be immune to discomfort. You will be so stealthy that you can evade the sun.
  4. Robert Downey Jr. comes to mind. His crazy past never entered my brain while watching Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes. Drugs and jail, now winning golden globe. Fantastic. Tiger should get the same opportunity. Thanks for making the connection to film. Now I have a specific example to use with the non-golfers when they discuss tiger at work.
  5. OK you guys just need to stop. Honda Accord Honda Accord Honda Accord OK no more thoughts of sweet German machines.
  6. The Gauge wedges are very cool. Didn't know those existed before your post. Thanks!
  7. Daly Poulter (although Poulter's argyle would likely be pink)
  8. Is there any love for the Victory red? I like the head shape better than the machspeed, but have not hit it a bunch.
  9. This is what I hope to hear in the forum. I know that avoiding a name because of a perception is silly. I will take them out at the shop if the rain ever stops.
  10. Trousers number 2 get my vote also. Although the hypnotic effect of the colors on the guys you play with may be worth a couple of strokes.
  11. Some of the Japanese accessories are quite nice and unique. Como como headcovers are great, but just too pricy. I have always wondered if the reverse is true too. Are there American products/clubs that are not available in Japan that the Japanese golfer seeks out?
  12. That is one beautiful auto! Thanks for that link.
  13. (sorry, kidding about the 180) 165 7 iron is cool, with a bit of a tail wind.
  14. Black clubs, black bag, black shafts and bags, all black shoes and clothing. Ninja golf has finally become a reality. Dig up some of the black Nike promo balls and game is on, but not a soul will know. You are Ninja! Sorry, I like the color, as long as it holds up to play.
  15. Maybe it is the ultimate form of hero worship. You buy what tiger plays so you can be like Tiger, or another player if Tiger is a no-go for you. This is true for so many consumer goods. Buy what she wears to be like her. Different cars project different lifestyles. The problem with golf is that you actually have to play too. Sometimes I think it works backward too though. I don't even demo Titleist clubs because I don't think I have the game for them. I see the brand a too much of a players club line for me, so I look to Cobra and others that I see as more appropriate. Once I can hit wedge into that 180 yard par 3 then I will look for the AP2s though. Very nice looking clubs.
  16. Isn't there one version of the Ping putter with pixels that is quite valuable?
  17. I don't know who the author was that coined "Steampunk", but it seems to have come around more in the past 10-15 years in the sci fi literature. I may be just a touch ignorant though. Maybe it is much older. Topics are victorian, but seemingly all modern interpretations. As long as the weights don't fall off, I like it.
  18. I really like having golf magazines in the mailbox when I get home. New clubs and helpful tips. However, with the increased operating costs of publication it seems like the advertising in the mag gets more and more prevalent. The needs that the magazine meets can me easily met online. Maybe the iPad will not be the next big thing, but it could change the publishing landscape significantly. We would download Harry Potter-like issues of the golf mags. No longer would we need a 8 panel fold-out to see Bubba's swing. The iMag would have the video embedded. Sure we have that now, but the room where much of my magazine reading occurs does not have a computer. I don't think that portable video instruction and analysis is too far off. Sorry for the tangent. Mags are in trouble.
  19. We should start a poll thread about what tournament he will return to playing at. Terrible syntax there, sorry. I have tix to the Open for Fri, Sat, Sun. I want to see him play when I go. I think that the media showing him practicing foretells an earlier return than June.
  20. 2006 Accord V6 Sedan, Fourth car in three years. I have car ADD just like club ADD. 99 Miata (remembered I had kids) 2004 Accord Coupe (kids? remember, plus no V6) 2008 Civic 4D Si. Total rocket car, plus doors for kids! $500/month payment and a ride like skateboarding on cobblestones and it had to go. Smooth Accord, leather, V6 vroom, great car for quite a while. Plus, the wife said that I would be killed and dragged behind her car if I even mention another car to her. (Someday soon, I am going to sneak an older Z3 into the driveway behind my car and see if she notices.)
  21. That CB1 is beautiful. Is the CB2 the GI iron? Adams is not a brand that I used to look at at all. The speedline driver and these irons have got my attention. New new black hybrid looks great too. Sounds like the form vs. function debate in the other thread. Since the name doesn't immediately draw me to them, the looks must. Once I hit them, then I will know if they hit the bag. How dod you think that the finish will wear? I heard rumors that the cool Black Pearl Cleveland irons are losing the finish in a hurry.
  22. That's because you earned the tree scratch. The door ding is just some moron not paying attention.
  23. That Lola 2 is fantastic. The round flange line is very pleasing to the eye and the weld on the neck is nice and subtle. Beauty
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