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  1. Antique Copper or Copper plate. Gunmetal is sweet too. I was very close to buying the gold sizemore in our shop. Color was too much for me, but man could it roll balls.
  2. Every time I see them I wish that I could hit the TM MB irons. This is a great thread!
  3. Daily deal sites I check regularly: http://www.14stix.com/ https://www.caddiesbag.com/ http://www.1daysports.com/index.php deal a day has gotten much better recently too.
  4. I have a clicgear and I like it. Especially on hotter days. Pack more water without putting the weight on my back. However, for whatever reason I have felt like carrying for the past few rounds. That does make me glad that I have a Nike Sq Tour bag that is great to carry and has removable straps for the clicgear. If you do keep the cart, I would recommend getting the wheel cover and the spike brush attachment. The brush cleans the shoes quite well and the cover keeps the grass on the tires from getting into the trunk.
  5. I used to also bag a protein shake. Great and quick. Buddies got in my head though, asking if I would like to tee off before or after I finish my Ensure.
  6. Thanks for the tip on the mat. I have wanted to pick one up but we have hardwood floors and my office is tiled. I have an Izzo mat in the office though. Maybe that would work with the boomarang. (off to ebay)
  7. I am interested, but didn't see them as inexpensive either. Went the DIY route. I actually picked up a baseball swing stick, cut the shaft and slapped on a golf grip for about $30. Not quite the same, I am sure, but it does help stop me from coming down too fast from the top.
  8. I am curious about this too. I am planning on buying the Casio camera with the slow motion video. But I have an iphone 3gs and this would be way cheaper.
  9. A bit off topic, but can anyone recommend rain pants for a person with a 36 waist and 30 inseam? 6' tall with 30" legs is often a deal breaker for clothing.
  10. Heavy driver could make an impact or at least make people curious. Just because (as stated above) light is the new square this year. Cleveland and TM are both on the light kick. Maybe a test your strength carnival add for the driver with one person using a small light hammer and the other with the "Heavy" hammer. Swing heavy to hammer the ball! Now with Zolex! Powwww! (sorry wrong hammer)
  11. I would guess that once you get it set how you like it, the settings would stay that way for a while. This is what I hear from some folk with the adjustable drivers.
  12. Looked at some of the items. Prices are good. WH Tour putters are showing up for about $90 in some places, but if they price match (really, even Rockbottom?) then this is a site to keep in mind.
  13. Maybe you are right. I guess I have 4 years to dump my 09 Burners. Be careful though, that demon 40 comes after you in a hurry.
  14. OK so I may exaggerate my flossing schedule to the dentist.
  15. Had these at Daly's Sevillano Links course. Liked them, but forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder.
  16. Here is mine. Gamer Smily Face. Byron Putter and marker too... (Ball is now 330RX though)
  17. Maybe with a tree-proof shaft too? My dream putter is about 2 weeks out. Copper plated 006 twisted longneck for Byron Morgan. So soon, so soon... I'll post picts.
  18. Machspeed misses the visual mark for me. Like the Victory Red a bunch though. Very clean at address.
  19. That site is cool. I love that the video clips are attached to the items in the workouts. Will spend some time with this for sure.
  20. Came with the Aldila DVS shaft that I like too.
  21. Very cool, but the 3 red dot thing reminds me of some other putter maker.
  22. That lock seems right for the buddies/kids issue.
  23. For me, I try to be very honest when I shop for sticks. I lay my suckage out there so I can get help. Who knows though. One guy in our group who is a hack like me in convinced that if he goes to blades, they will force him to improve. This is after slicing the slice-proof Nike 5900 into the trees, again.
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