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  1. Rather abormal for a " glitch " to be so specific. Shambles
  2. I wish that were the case, or, if done, at least notice or a quiet discussion could be conducted. Unfortunately it was not the case in this instance. I had a disagreement about the Scratch controversy with three fanboys on this board, most focused upon the ability of one grinder's ability to produce sufficient volume for the companies sales. That conversation was deleted and no notice was given. If I am to be condemned, I would very much like to be informed. Shambles
  3. Rather disappointing that some of my posts on this topic were deleted. I would appreciate an explanation from the administrators as to why those posts were deleted. Shambles
  4. I think the watch GPS is the better buy. Shambles
  5. Get a second opinion. A doctor told me I needed an operation for a slipped disk and even warned me that I could become a quadroplegic if I did not do so if I happened to even hit a bump in the road. That doctor was asking for money I did not have, and I went home and sat in my room thinking on what to do for a few days, rather depressed. A friend came by because he had heard of my problem and forced me to accompany him to a different hospital to see a doctor friend of his. While there a second doctor took interest because I had had an MRI done and he wanted to see it. They both came to the conclusion that I did not need an operation and suggested physical therapy as an alternative. Apparently I did have a disk problem but it was not yet bad enough to warrent an operation. While undergoing physical therapy I noticed that just about everything done to me involved stretching my spine so I found a very simple book on yoga and used those excercises, albeit without force, and my healing accelerated to such a degree that I stopped the physical therapy but continued the yoga. I still do the yoga thing but only when I feel those old problems creeping back. I sure wish I could figure out what caused it in the first place. GET A SECOND OPINION. Shambles
  6. If that is all you're worried about just visit a medical supply store and pick up a scale, preferably digital. You'll then be able to compare head weights to your hearts desire. Shambles
  7. I agree somewhat. A more subtle message is that golf can be a nice dating place and a fun thing for young people as an activity and not the exclusive place of fat middle aged men. In that sense, Paulina serves well as a messenger. Shambles
  8. It's more often described as K-POP. Rock groups that dress up their stars to emphasize youth with imaginative haircuts for the men and the women come out in fashions that emphasize the face and long slim legs. They make some nice sounding songs but I have no idea of what they are singing about. However I think there will come a melding of fashions between the east and west given a little time, unless a better idea presents itself. Shambles
  9. I probably used the wrong word in this instance. I just dislike blanket judgemental statements and prefer the world be viewed from a more whole perspective than the whole be judged from specifics. Shambles
  10. I disagree. Paulina and today's girls who have learned to dress like her, is simply a product of the times. My own model was Elvis, hot rods and girls with sweaters worn as capes... pretty much like the kids portrayed in " GREASE " and " American Pie". Yes, I also carried a comb in my hip pocket. Paulina is undoubtedly under the influence of current day Korean show bands, though there are plenty of present day fashions of that variety. It really is as unfair to accuse them of lack of morality or poor judgement as it was to accuse us of being budding hoodlums or JD's. Passing judgement on the basis of appearance is a lazy man's attempt at intellect. A pretty girl is a pretty girl regardless of how she's dressed, but the girls never really believe they are pretty unless they are dressed in the latest fashion. Shambles
  11. The ones I've seen simply had higher lofts. Makes sense to me as higher lofts are easier on the player and do not require as much swing speed. There are limits to how much any company can invest to access a speciial market and women are way fewer on the fairways and more often relegated to the husband's cast offs. The market for specially built women's clubs is limited. Shambles
  12. There might be something to the idea. It's obvious that the Drive is a very important part of the game as witness the LPGA vs the PGA player. On the same fairway the PGA player will be playing a mid to short iron for the green after his Drive whereas the LPGA will be using a long to mid, sometimes even a fairway. Diferent skill sets defined by the length of the Drive. Both appear to be reasonably equal in the short game and the Putt. Personally I would rather be the aggressor against Par than the defender against Bogey. Shambles
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