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  1. tough call between Chubbs and the Sock
  2. I like the 8i, it really makes you get your hands in front. The first time I used it, I was shanking balls all over the place. I start each range session with it for 10 ball and it seems to get my swing dialed in better,
  3. Howdy Spies, I have the DST 8i and was showing a friend the DST compressor site tody at work. He came into our therapy clinic for work on his hand because his swing coach was having practice hitting down on the ball and he mashed the joint that connects his thumb to his hand. Anywho, DST now offers a service to add the impact line that you find on the hosel to your own clubs and it is R&A Approved for competition. Looks like it is only available in the UK and is crazy expensive: £899 ex.VAT per set of irons (9 clubs). Would you do this even if it was only $100-$200??
  4. Grip it and Rip(tide) it baby! No clue about it, but like the new name
  5. Howdy Gents, thanks to your support, we were able to sell out al of our tickets this year!! I really wished i could have called one of you, and there were several prank call going on during the drawing, but the winner was one of the people that’s been coming to our tourney for more than 10 years. i really appreciate all the support and help, we raised a bunch of money and will be able to do even more good for our patient this year . I’ll repost again next year when we open ticket sales for 2020. If anyone is in the Sacramento area, we do this tourney the third Friday every September.
  6. Thanks so much!! Good luck, we’re still only at like 65 tix I think
  7. Howdy spies...last call to purchase Pebble Beach and/or prize raffle tickets to support the Jireh Foundation and help purchase equipment for underserved patients at UC Davis Medical Center.... online sales end at midnight www.jirehfdn.org/mwm-golf
  8. last week for tickets and we've only sold 49. Sales close Friday 9/20 at 1:00 Excellent opportunity!!
  9. we've only sold 39 tickets thus far, great chances for anyone at this point
  10. Happy to have your support! Good luck and hve you phone available on Friday 9/20 around 300 PST. if you get a call form a 916 or 530 area code, it's probably us!!
  11. It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. See the opening post for updates!!
  12. McaseyM


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