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  1. McaseyM

    Meet “Homicide”

    Dexter. But it would get some pretty fun reactions on the course Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Bump.... $90 for whole club, $65 for head, tool, adapter and cobra grip. Price includes shipping Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. McaseyM

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    I like the “tester” badge, could call it “A Chosen One” badge. Working to earn a “broke 90” badge this year Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. McaseyM

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    You will not be disappointed...... I have 4 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Howdy all, I am the Original owner of this Right handed Cobra Fly Z+ red driver with real Aldila Tour Blue ATX 75 gram x-stiff shaft and blue Lamkin REL grip in standard size. If desired, can swap blue grip for same in black, but won’t ship until week of 11/26. 45.5 inches in length comes with original hardcover and OEM tool. It is a few years old, but if you’ve read any of my background here, you may know that i get maybe 5-8 rounds in per year, so there’s maybe 15-20 rounds in this and maybe that many range sessions, with maybe 15-20 balls per session. I’m more accurate and consistent with my Cleveland Launcher HB, so I am moving into it full time. No sky marks, few very tiny knicks on the crown, very difficult to see and invisible at address, I’ve included pics of all angles of the crown Shipped to your door for $100. If only interested in the head, I have a new, never used Cobra OEM adapter and can sell the head, adapter, screw and tool separately for $75 Price includes shipping Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. McaseyM

    What/How did you practice today?

    Got a metal yard stick with a small hole drilled in it from Lowe’s for $2-3, working on starting ball straight on line. Getting better with my 38” Elevado CB by gripping up higher Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. McaseyM

    Tape your fingers?

    I use tape to cover the outside of my slightly curved last finger joint on my right ring finger, and on the corresponding side of my left index finger where they contact. I think i busted a tendon when I jammed it into a door handle when I was waxing my car, and if I don’t tape it or wear a glove, it rubs badly and causes a blister real quickly. Just plain athletic tape works for me Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. McaseyM

    Kuchar's Winning Bettinardi and some Armlock Love

    Happy to see him hold on and pull it out. Love the wide body Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. McaseyM

    More Forum Staff Changes

    Thanks for all the work Brian! Good luck with the search MGS Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. And this thing is closed! Well, after carefully randomizing all the entries, individually assigning a 16-bit security tag to each, the winner is.................... Pappyvanroyl
  11. Wow! Thanks so much. Donations do not need to be done ahead of time, my apologies if that’s how it came across, but I will give 3 entries to anyone that does! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. I have never had any of their older stuff, so I can’t compare their previous works. But it’s working for me. The wedges are unbelievable. Do the irons have the same feel as my old Mizunos? No, but I am much more consistent. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Well, the Launcher HB driver at 10.5 degrees with the Alidla Tour Blue 75x has knocked the Cobra Fly Z+ with the same shaft out of the bag. I “can” hit the Cobra very well, but am inconsistent and find myself really swinging harder more recently, where as with the Launcher, I can back down on the tempo and still get nearly the same ( if not more) distance and am much straighter. The new shaft I installed is a little shorter, with overall driver length coming in at just over 44.25 but damn, I am hitting the face so much better, able to swing so much easier. I tried choking down a bit on the Cobra to match the length, but the results were still better for the Cleveland. This just confirms to me that I perform better with a mid-launch shaft in my driver and while I did do a quick re-fit in the Spring to compare a few other options and went based on that fitter’s recommendation, the low launching HZRDUS yellow at standard length wasn’t the ideal shaft, and maybe the HZRDUS Red or EvenFlow Blue, both of which are mid launch, could have been better, but none of that matters at this point as the current set up flat out works for me. The Launcher HB 15 Fairway with the HZRDUS yellow 65x is an absolute beast for me. It is neck and neck with my Cobra F7 hybrid for favorite club in the bag. I can hit a mid-height rocket both off the tee and the grass with this club and the low launch profile of the HZRDUS yellow with a lighter 65 gram weight and higher launching head of the Launcher HB are a fantastic combo. I know it goes against more traditional set up of having a heavier fairway shaft than the driver, but that doesn’t matter to me at this point. Now, when it comes to hybrids, the Launcher hybrid could not outdo my Cobra F7. They both have the KBS Hybrid Proto 95 S+ shaft and are great clubs, but I have just so much more control and ability with the Cobra. The Cleveland gets the ball up in the air in a hurry and straight with an easy swing, but I like a lower launch with my hybrid and the rails on the F7 help me a ton in the grass. I have the Cobra dialed into 18.5 degrees and that’s where it will stay to fill the gap between the FW and 4i. The irons are just awesome! I am playing with s300 shafts hard stepped 1x. The lofts are jacked compared to other sets, with the 4i at 20, 5i at 23, 6i at 26, 7i at 30, 8i at 34 and 9i at 39. Due to the sweetness and awesome control I feel with the CBX wedges, I pulled the PW and purchased a 46 degree wedge and had it bent to 45, so now I have a 45, 50, 55 and 60 degree wedge set up. The 4i has been a big surprise for me, easy to hit and I get a nice penetrating flight. I could get nearly the same distance with the 19 degree hybrid as the 4i, and I feel the 4i is more versatile as I like to do bump and runs from the fringe with it, in addition to taking it of the tee and grass. I’m still determining whether to have them all bent 1 degree weak, but honestly haven’t golfed enough lately to make the determination. I can also back off on the force of my swing and still get excellent distance and am much straighter, making it easier to stay calm during the round and minimize forcing my swing. All is good for now. The wedges have been nothing but awesome. As stated above, I bought a 46 and had it bent to 45 to replace the PW. Overall, these wedges are so easy to hit and get the ball up in a hurry with a soft landing. My confidence is way up in my short game and I can make use of all of them and have good versatility with the 5 degree gaps. The higher bounce has been good for me. The 55 and 60 make it relatively easy to get out of the sand. I rarely do a full swing with my wedges, so I use the 45 for 125-110ish, the 50 for 110-90ish, the 55 for 90-75ish and the 60 for anything shorter than needs to get some air under it. I adjust the amount of power with what is needed and have had minimal issues with control. The putter has been hot and cold for me, but that is due to going back and forth at times. I love my Honey Badger wide body blade and had an awesome putting round, but then sometime go cold. The Elevado is a 38 inch Counter balance version and can be absolute money inside 6 feet, almost automatic, but my lagging longer puts has been off and honestly I haven’t made the time to work with it more. I am going to commit to it solo over the next 3 months and see how it works out. Overall, I am a big fan of this new Cleveland line. I am beyond grateful to MyGolfSpy and Cleveland Golf for allowing me to participate in this. As someone that only gets out to golf 10-15x per year, I need all the help I can get. I am still a high (unofficial) handicap, shooting between 90 and 100, but I know that will be coming down with continuing to work on my putting and with how much easier it is to be consistent with these clubs. Now for anyone following along, I have something for you. If you are willing to throw a $25 donation to MyGolfSpy (qualifies you for the end of the year MGS equipment drawing to boot!) AND are willing to do a mini review and post it on MGS, then I am offering up this right handed Cleveland Launcher HB 19 degree Hybrid with the graphite KBS Proto Hybrid 95 S+ shaft to you. MyGolfSpy has been ridiculously generous to me and actually chose me for the KBS Proto Hybrid shaft review a few months before the Cleveland Get Fit Like a Pro 2018 Event and sent me 2 shafts. One is in my Cobra F7 hybrid and the other is in this Cleveland HB Launcher. Now, this is a very good hybrid for me, easy to get airborne and straight, but I am better with the Cobra and since they both fill the same slot in my bag, I don’t need it. Without the grip, it measures 39 ¾-40 inches, with grip, it’s just over 40-40 ¼ so just at stock and comes with the head cover and your choice of 3 grip listed below ( if you want) : New Pure Pro in Lime Green (standard size), New Pure Wrap in Bright Pink ( standard size) and pulled Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 in Grey (midsize). I’ll leave this open for the next week, closing on Friday 11/9 at 12 noon. Enter your name and location and I will assign you a number and put all of you into a random number generator. If chosen, I will ship it to you shortly you send me confirmation of your donation to MGS. I will cover shipping in the US. If you are located outside the US, I’ll cover the first $10 and will need your assistance to cover the rest. Good Luck and thank for your patience!!
  14. Was awesome to get to play with you guys! Here’s some pics. I’ll e-mail you the originals High Fade Driver off the Deck 10 Foot putter Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy