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  1. Howdy gents, if anyone wants to try these, I have a single 5i amt white shaft i can sell and ship for $16,
  2. All Shafts at .355 Uncut s400 shaft, no shaft labels: 40.5, 40.0, 39.0, 38.5, 38.0, 37.5. 37.0, 37.0 , 37.0 40.5 tip pre-prepped $125 shipped $110 for 4-PW All Shafts at .355 S300 4-PW with GP MCC +4 midsize grips. 39.25 4i with grip installed and goes down by 1/2 inch increments from there, so plenty of room to cut down to your length. $SOLD S300 wedge shafts, all 35 inches, 2 extended from 34.5 and 34.75. $old All 10 s300 shafts for $125 shipped and all 10 will have matching MCC+4 midsize open to trades: mostly looking for: Modus 1
  3. thanks for the heads up. I got the speeder 757 on eBay and it's at my house now, gonna build it up next week. gonna try the Oban black from a buddy and if i like it, i'll buy it off him. but I will keep @Manimal26 on my list of contacts!
  4. yeah, i told him going into it that I couldn't afford to do all new heads and shafts (just realized that I left that out of the above story) , so I wanted to just do the shaft upgrades as I loved the F9 Driver and FW heads anyway, but almost $500 for a shaft that can be found on the secondary market for 40% of their pricing is insane. The buddy who is gonna lemme try his Oban and RDX has a fitter in Florida he works with, and he can get me the Aldila rogue driver shaft with Cobra tip and new grip shipped to my house for $185 out the door, so the $300 mark up was extreme.
  5. I finished my "fitting" and it left much to be desired. I can't really complain because I didn't pay for any of it, but needless to say, it's a good thing i double checked the shafts during the session because at the end, the fitter wouldn't give me the info on the 2 best performing driver shafts because i told him I couldn't afford to buy the shaft from Club Champion ($465 for Fuji Speeder 757x TR and $480 for Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70x) giving me the info of the Oban Devotion 75 (05)... yet he fit me into a LA Golf Olyss 75X which is crazy more expensive!!! I found the exact Speeder
  6. Update 2/22: adapter has been pulled Very cleanly, pic added
  7. Up for sale is a Accra Tour TZ5 Proto 65 M5 in very good condition with a RH cobra my fly tip. Is 44 inches long from tip grip, plays at 45 (pictured) Was originally built by Bryan LaRoche of Bryan Golf. I won this driver but the shaft does not fit me. Tip can be removed if desired, just lemme know. $175 Price includes shipping. Open to trades: here’s what I’m looking for: Fujikura Speeder 757 TR x-stiff driver shaft LA Golf Olyss 75x 3 wood shaft (yes I know this shaft is crazy expensive, but it was the best fitting shaft at my fitting yesterday)
  8. After trading the heads of my Cleveland CBX for Srixon 585/785 combo, i kept the s300 shafts (versus the Nippon 105 stiff the seller had), but want to try to raise the flight a bit more, I so picked up a single s300 AMT 5i shaft for $15 to try to see if i like it. Prolly gonna hard step it for the 4i as that's the one club i for sure want to get higher. i got s300 4i-PW and s400 in my 50, 55 and 60 so i want to keep some consistency for feel.
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