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  1. you need pics of the sticks and especially the faces to see true condition, and a starting price (including shipping costs is always helpful. ) . Check ebay for comp sales
  2. the have to say that so if it does break, they aren't on the hook for buying you a new stick. . If you're bending several degrees, it could be an issue, but most places will give you a limit
  3. Hats off to Wilson for the opportunity... Go get em
  4. good luck y'all! can wait to see how these do!
  5. i started walking the last round I play on Memorial Day... the holes weren't bad and i wasn't slowing up my group, until the space between each hold become equal to or longer than the holes themselves... Made it through 6, then had to get on motor cart
  6. wish i had the game ..... and money.. to play these ..... #oneday
  7. are the shafts standard length?
  8. do you still have the srixons? got a buddy looking for newer stuff
  9. #oneday..... love following this competition!! Good luck to those who enter
  10. Another awesome opportunity!!! Been loving the looks of these ... enjoy the process and can’t wait to see how y’all do
  11. great stuff gents! cant wait to see the rest of the fittings and then hopefully some course action for you.
  12. In case anyone was interested, here's the link for the eBay puller https://www.ebay.com/itm/Golf-Club-Shaft-Extractor-Puller-More-Powerful-Model/283805474994?hash=item42141fe0b2:g:nycAAOxyqUpQ6OO7
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