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  1. Is it more the weight or the launch profile? Steel fiber makes a 110 gram shaft a well ( not sure if that's an option) , DG AMT shafts go weight/launch from white (lower/ heavier) black (mid/mid) to red (higher/lighter). Can you buy the Modus 115 elsewhere and have it shipped to WedgeWorks to have them install?
  2. Thanks for the opportunity Ben Hogan Golf an MGS! Casey Maynard, Rocklin, Ca Right Handed First Choice: Driving Iron - UiHi 18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff 2nd Choice: Hybrid – VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 95 F5 X-Stiff 3rd Choice: GS53 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram X-Stiff Currently play a 14.5 degree FW and 18.5 degree Hybrid 20+ handicap
  3. Howdy, in good condition, great for warm up, lag training and strength. $55 to your door
  4. congrats y'all, can't wait to see your thoughts
  5. updated 10/15 i have pulled the grip and dropped the price length adjustment for free $5 for any of the grips listed shaft still 1 inch long
  6. Howdy y’all, L.A.B. Golf Press OG 3.0 Grip 3 Degree Tilt. Grip in excellent near Perfect condition, used for a few rounds and practice sessions, used air compressor to install, but never taped into place It is an off-axis grip that causes a 3 degree forward press for flatter putter face Specs: Tilt 3 degrees Length 10.5 inches Weight: 115 grams Diameter 1.5 inches at top, 1.4 inches at bottom Construction:
  7. Welcome aboard! I too hail from the greater Sacramento area, up in Rocklin. MGS' putter guru Golf Spy Dave is also a local. as for recommendations, I try not to offer much fitting/club advice here because i have too much work to do on myself, but i did just recently overhaul my bag as well, only 1/2 intentionally. i had a clone set (read not counterfeit) of the TM burners and they were really good. enjoy the cleveland wedges ( currently rocking 4 CBX wedges) and let's can see if we can get together sometime when it's safe for kiddos to be back in school so i can get my golf days back.
  8. Well, over the last few weeks I’ve had an near entire bag overhaul. First, my Cleveland launcher HB fairway hasn’t worked very well for me in the Long run, and I found an F9 3/4 wood that someone Had paired with a driver and they agreed to split the listing and sold for $120 and once I installed the Aldila tour blue 75x, I had a rocket launcher in my hands... so easy to hit!! Then on IG, Bryangolf shared a giveaway that someone won from him for an F9 driver with an Accra 65g x stiff shaft.... and I got lucky and won!! Finally, a guy local to me listed On FB marketplace a Srixon blended
  9. this is like the most ultimate BS. Ask for a picture of the box!!
  10. I'm glad this all worked out for OP, i got scammed on offerup for a Apple TV (only buying local in person myself from now on) , but placed a complaint on Paypal and the seller never responded so Paypal refunded me. it did take 2 weeks. I do love to catch people in their BS, those texts are awesome
  11. Putter sold via eBay gonna close this listing up fairway head will be on eBay, seller :minimaynard76
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