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  1. Last call today on any trades that involve both the putter and HZRDUS shaft for a 3 wood head or utility iron. Shaft goes up on eBay tomorrow. Putter will be held.
  2. alrighty, well, after pulling , the tip was a little damaged mangled, so I had to trim a little more off. Installed in the 3 wood would make it 42.25, and raw length with grip is just over 41 inches. Understandably this alters it's use, so i would say it's more of a 5 wood shaft or a shorter, stout 3 wood. If no further interest by Sunday 12/1, it'll be hitting eBay. MGS head cover has a new owner Putter still up for trade.
  3. The head cover has been spoken for. I’ll be pulling the shaft Monday when I get back to work and will post updated pics and final measurement. Also open to trades for just a 3 wood head or a utility iron.
  4. Howdy peeps, i was very fortunate to get chosen for the Get Fit Like a Pro event back in 2017 when Cleveland came back into the woods and irons business. I still bag the original Launcher driver ( for now.... Cobra got me ), CBX 4i- 9i and CBX wedges 45 (bought myself) 50, 55 and 60. I just haven’t gotten along with the FW with it’s current shaft and the Elevado CB putter, while great at first, just didn’t make the cut. I additionally purchased a MGS mallet head cover and since I’m rolling a wide body blade/mid mallet, it will be available. The putter is in excellent condition, Cleveland 2135 Elevado 38 inch CB, Satin finish. I gave the Launcher Hybrid along to another MGS member last year as it couldn’t beat my Cobra F7, and these 2 just aren’t working for me, so I am looking to trade. (also willing to sell the cover on it’s own if interested) Also have Project X Hand Crafted HZRDUS Yellow shaft, 6.5 (extra stiff) 65 grams. Comes with Golf Pride MCC 4 + standard grip with 1 extra layer of tape under. It is current shafted into a Cleveland Launcher HB 15 degree 3 wood that can be included if desired, otherwise I am happy to pull the shaft, length of 3 wood overall 43 inches, shaft only in 42-42.5 range I’m guessing. The head has a small dent in the back that occurred when the previous shaft snapped and the head met the ball dispenser. it doesn’t affect performance, but i understand if it’s not desire I am looking to trade both of these, not sell them. I am looking for a different 3 wood, thinking Cobra F9, Tour Edge, or something along those lines. Stiff shaft on FW preferred, but not a deal breaker as I have a few options I can install myself. Anywho, thanks for looking
  5. Congrats!!! What did you win? I didn’t get to watch until the end when they did the live stream Donor giveaway
  6. Was is SF yesterday and stopped into Decathlon Sports, it looks like it took over the space on Market Street that was GolfSmith. Store was set up with merchandise at very good prices throughout, workers walking around with scanning devices for accepting payment. It was a small shop with most items covered, hiking and outdoors predominant, small section for soccer, a few sections for snow sports, but the golf section was minuscule. i understand that they’re in the middle of a huge city and golf likely isn’t a focus as they launch in SF, but I had hoped for at least a little more. i didn’t get a chance to ask much about if there was anything else, as I was there with 3 non golfers and we had to get going, but here it was, a few putters, a box set, a few boxes of balls. The pricing on their outdoor gear is excellent, I was just hoping for a little more golf stuff, I hope to see them expand into more suburban areas (I live in the Sacramento suburbs) and have a larger presence.
  7. Done and donated! Thanks for everything MGS, looking forward to 2020.
  8. good to know! I'll be looking on the secondary market, so hopefully it'll trickle down
  9. Love me some Cobra and pumped about this. While i'm not in the market to buy anything new. Also pumped that it means the F9 stuff will be dropping in price, looking to change FW and maybe driver soon
  10. I like the 8i, it really makes you get your hands in front. The first time I used it, I was shanking balls all over the place. I start each range session with it for 10 ball and it seems to get my swing dialed in better,
  11. Howdy Spies, I have the DST 8i and was showing a friend the DST compressor site tody at work. He came into our therapy clinic for work on his hand because his swing coach was having practice hitting down on the ball and he mashed the joint that connects his thumb to his hand. Anywho, DST now offers a service to add the impact line that you find on the hosel to your own clubs and it is R&A Approved for competition. Looks like it is only available in the UK and is crazy expensive: £899 ex.VAT per set of irons (9 clubs). Would you do this even if it was only $100-$200??
  12. Grip it and Rip(tide) it baby! No clue about it, but like the new name
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