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  1. #oneday..... love following this competition!! Good luck to those who enter
  2. Another awesome opportunity!!! Been loving the looks of these ... enjoy the process and can’t wait to see how y’all do
  3. great stuff gents! cant wait to see the rest of the fittings and then hopefully some course action for you.
  4. In case anyone was interested, here's the link for the eBay puller https://www.ebay.com/itm/Golf-Club-Shaft-Extractor-Puller-More-Powerful-Model/283805474994?hash=item42141fe0b2:g:nycAAOxyqUpQ6OO7
  5. I just pick up this shaft extractor off eBay for $28 shipped... used it today and worked awesome. This was a graphite shaft in a kids club I wanted to test before working on my friends high end shafts as I’ve overheated a few of my own. it uses a strong compressed spring to push the head off once the epoxy is soft enough, per the maker it has ~102 pounds of fully compressed. took about 40 seconds. cant beat the price https://www.ebay.com/itm/Golf-Club-Shaft-Extractor-Puller-More-Powerful-Model/283805474994?hash=item42141fe0b2:g:nycAAOxyqUpQ6OO7
  6. McaseyM

    Hzrdus red spine

    but it's only $30.....per club......at Club Champion!!!! I love their fittings, not so much their pricing on builds
  7. I figured that something new was coming. I'm going for a long game fitting a little later this year ( Drive, FW and hybrid/driving iron) and with the Cobra F9 and these so well discounted, i'm going to look at those, as well as the new Mizunos and maybe something else.
  8. Done, good luck!
  9. If you're jonesing to get one right away, I'd think the Cobra F9 is the way to go. world wide golf has them for $240 shipped from Cobra, but shafts are limited. If you can wait, try to get even a basic fitting for a previous year model. Srixons are down to $299 for both models. If going the eBay route, just check that the seller is reputable.
  10. Great write up @tchat07 , thanks for sharing! crazy how different it can be. I've done lessons and iron fitting at GolfTec and a putter fitting at CC with good results on both. The GolfTec fitting occurred after a batch of lesson and got me into my previous clubs, Mizuno JPX 800 PRO with KBS Tour X-stiff Soft stepped 1x, which i ended up purchasing used and building myself to my needed specs. The SAM-LAB putter fitting at CC recommended a mallet, but since I play a 385g wide body blade, the fitter just made a loft/lie corrections to it, as well as my another putter i had without trying to talk me into a new putter, and I can roll it sooo much better now. I think the CC fitting is very fitter specific as when i talked to my putter fitter, he mentioned that CC can do anything available on any OEM website, and if someone needs to try to fit a budget, they can work with that. I won a free Driver fitting at CC through instagram which i'll make use of later this year, and they will let me pay just the $50 difference to upgrade it to a long game fitting, which will include fitting for a FW and hybrid or driving iron. Going in , I plan to be honest and tell them my budget, and I personally I have no issue saying that I can only afford to look at the shafts that are the stock offerings or even looking at previous models and possibly upgrading the shaft to meet my budget ( hell, even Rickie went back to his F9 driver recently and they'e only $250 new from Cobra right now). I know that it will limit me somewhat, but i'm going for what gets me the most consistency and tightest dispersion, and I'm willing to give up 10 yards to get it.
  11. Congrats y'all!! I love the classic look of the Hogan line up. can't wait to see how they do.
  12. i went through your link to get you more entries! good luck
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