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  1. Love my 14 way bag that I can put in my push cart, but makes it tough to use my Christmas present :
  2. @xOldBenKenobiX congrats on the Tru Blu golf divot tool win
  3. 5 different for me all in my signature… driver based off fitting that I was lucky enough to remember (CC fitter wouldn’t give me the name/specs after I told him my budget was $500 for both driver & FW shaft, was keeping the F9 heads) 3 wood based on 2nd best driver fitting shaft but upped the weight to 85 (was fit for $500+ FW shaft after I told him my budget) hybird based on previous iron fitting and applied to graphite version of shaft) irons based in feel and performance.
  4. Howdy fellow spies, got a vintage bag boy automatic pull cart for sale. Tires and straps are In excellent condition, opens and closes easily. really don’t want to consider shipping as it’ll be very pricey for you. Located in Rocklin, CA, but I work in east sacramento so it can travel a bit. $75
  5. I play my wedges a touch heavier and stiffer (in theory based on S# ratings for DG shafts) in that i have S400 in my 50, 55 and 60 and had s300 in the 4-PW. I also play my 50,55 and 60 all the same length with jumbo grips, with standard 1/2 inch gaps from 4i-PW with mid size grips. i rarely ever do full swings with my 50-60 though, but so far i've liked the results. I recently switched to Modus 120X in 4i-PW, but kept the S400 in my wedges as i like the way they play for me.
  6. Thank you all that purchased tickets for this trip again, the winner was another local person. he was a bit skeptical when we called him.. kept asking "who wants to know" when we asked his name. Thanks to the support, i believe we raised the most money yet in the 17 years of this tourney, i'll keep y'all posted. we'll be back against next year!
  7. thank you so much!!! If i cant win it with my 2 tix, would love someone here to win it
  8. Howdy gents and ladies, we are back for 2021. I have updated the initial listing to reflect the changes for this year. We have sold 79/100 thus far $100 each , 5 for $450 www.jirehfdn.org/mwm-golf if you are using a phone, the pebble beach tix are at the very bottom of the page due to formatting issues.
  9. I Don’t think it’s necessary, mine’s been missing for some Time and I have no issues.
  10. Howdy spies, up for sale is a excellent condition 90 gram Oban black Kiyoshi hybrid shaft, 05 flex (x stiff). I built a hybrid for a friend using this new, was only played 1/2 season before he switched shafts and I personally pulled with low heat. I am the current owner. was gonna send to Sub70 to build into a driving iron, but after hitting a few different utility irons, they are not the club for me. sell and ship for $160 PayPal or trade for a 5 wood with x stiff 75-85 gram shaft, but open to other offers
  11. I love the concept as well, but haven’t taken the time to give them a good go. I wonder if anyone has done a mixed single length type of set up: 4-6 at one specified length, 7-9 a bit shorter but all the same length, and PW-L a bit shorter than 7-9 but all the same length. It would make 3 swings, but maybe better control of long irons??
  12. yup, had a great experience and helped a lot. I bought a batch of lessons when they first opened the one near me in Rocklin, California. i was able to negotiate since they were new to the area, so i bargained for a 10 pack of lessons, use the bays and turning the last session into a fitting, all for $500. i ended up going every 1-2 weeks and used the bays in between. This let me stretch the lessons out over a few months. That was several years ago, but overall, i had a great experience.
  13. Labels arrived from True Temper and are included happy to cut shafts to desired length and prep tips for install prior to shipping free of charge
  14. Howdy gents, if anyone wants to try these, I have a single 5i amt white shaft i can sell and ship for $16,
  15. All Shafts at .355 Uncut s400 shaft, 40.5, 40.0, 39.0, 38.5, 38.0, 37.5. 37.0, 37.0 , 37.0 40.5 tip pre-prepped $125 shipped $110 for 4-PW All Shafts at .355 S300 4-PW with GP MCC +4 midsize grips. 39.25 4i with grip installed and goes down by 1/2 inch increments from there, so plenty of room to cut down to your length. $SOLD S300 wedge shafts, all 35 inches, 2 extended from 34.5 and 34.75. $old All 10 s300 shafts for $125 shipped and all 10 will have matching MCC+4 midsize open to trades: mostly looking for: Modus 120x KBS Tour V 120 or $-taper I
  16. thanks for the heads up. I got the speeder 757 on eBay and it's at my house now, gonna build it up next week. gonna try the Oban black from a buddy and if i like it, i'll buy it off him. but I will keep @Manimal26 on my list of contacts!
  17. yeah, i told him going into it that I couldn't afford to do all new heads and shafts (just realized that I left that out of the above story) , so I wanted to just do the shaft upgrades as I loved the F9 Driver and FW heads anyway, but almost $500 for a shaft that can be found on the secondary market for 40% of their pricing is insane. The buddy who is gonna lemme try his Oban and RDX has a fitter in Florida he works with, and he can get me the Aldila rogue driver shaft with Cobra tip and new grip shipped to my house for $185 out the door, so the $300 mark up was extreme.
  18. I finished my "fitting" and it left much to be desired. I can't really complain because I didn't pay for any of it, but needless to say, it's a good thing i double checked the shafts during the session because at the end, the fitter wouldn't give me the info on the 2 best performing driver shafts because i told him I couldn't afford to buy the shaft from Club Champion ($465 for Fuji Speeder 757x TR and $480 for Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70x) giving me the info of the Oban Devotion 75 (05)... yet he fit me into a LA Golf Olyss 75X which is crazy more expensive!!! I found the exact Speeder on eBay and got it shipped for a total of $170, sold my Accra for $155 and am getting pumped for it to arrive. During the fitting, i cracked my Aldila Tour Blue 75X in my 3 wood, but, it was a salvage anyway from a broken driver shaft. I'm gonna try to a buddy's Oban Black 75x, as well as his HZRDUS Blue RDX. He said he didn't have an adapter that would fit my F7 hybrid, so tried me in a RAD One hybrid with VA Nemesys shaft, which is also crazy expensive and couldn't out perform my current set up. I know I shoulder some of the responsibility for not directing it more and setting my budget out earlier, but all they seemed to do was try to get me into super high end stuff.
  19. Update 2/22: adapter has been pulled Very cleanly, pic added
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