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  1. I just watched the 16 minute video by Dr. Sasho Mackenzie and while I think i understood what he was saying I'm pretty sure I did NOT learn anything that I can take to the driving range to use to gain any clubhead speed. The Dr. provided lots of science but I'm not sure he provided any helpful infomation on HOW to swing the clubhead faster. I also have to ask YOU golfer here if you have ever "Pushed" UP with your right hand during the down swng? Pushing up with the right hand is what he is telling us that we all do and this pushing up is what causes the clubhead to go up. I'm pretty sure I have NEVER pushed up with my right hand when I swing the club. Mostly my right hand just goes along for the ride. Is there something that I missed watching his video? Could it be that when the left hand pulls down and the right hand stays at the same level, the left hand pulling down causes the head of the club to go up as the club pivots around the point between the two hands? That would be my bet. Has anyone here gained any knowledge about how the forces work in the swing that you can take to the range to use? I'm pretty sure I have not.
  2. After watching the video. I have to wonder what the results would have been IF he had hit all of those shots off a short tee, like most of us do when playing a Par 3. Would he then get new data that was much closer indoors and out? My guess would be he would. It could also be said that the main reason for his numbers being different is that Mark is NOT that GOOD at hitting his irons off the grass. Pretty good off of a "Mat" but not so good off of grass. Could that be the "REAL" issue here?
  3. Graman 780 in S flex. I put it in an old Cleveland Launcher 460 Comp and It's been in my bag for over 15 years now. I use it every time I go to a demo day and I have never found a new driver with an OEM shaft that could do as well as what my old 460 Comp would do with that 780 Graman shaft. Even the Demo tech reps all told me to stick with what I have.
  4. This is really a "Trick" question guys. IF you look at the head, sure it will affect things a lot If you change the loft. But what about when you compare different heads of the "Same" loft? Will the head have that much affect on the results then? I'd be willing to bet that a different shaft can have just as much affect of ball flight as the head if you keep the loft the same and just try a different head by the different OEM's out there.
  5. Could be your posture at address and where your weight is in your feet. IF you have too much weight on your toes, you could be getting pulled "downward" when you swing your wedges due to centrifugal force pulling your shoulder down and that would explain your wedge being too low and going under the ball, Check to see IF your weight is on your toes, or more toward the "Ball" of your foot. That might be all if is in this case. Check it out and see. I used to do this, having my weight on my toes, until someond pointed it out to me and once I corrected my weight issue hitting fat or sliding the head under the ball was no longer an issue. That was about 10 years ago. and it has not come back since. Good luck with this.
  6. I believe I heard it said a few times that golf is as much a mental game as it is a game of skill. I would have to say your experience is proof of that statement. Funny how th mind works at times.
  7. I happen to like a higher swing weight for my wedges. The main reason I prefer a higher swing weight in my wedges is that I play more less than full swing shots with my wedges than I do with my irons. And when I play less than full swing shots with my wedges, It's rather common for me to choke down on the club to play those shots. And as has been stated here a few days ago. when the shaft gets shorter, as when I choke down on the grip. the swing weight goes down. For this reason, I like to add some weight to the inside of the shaft at the hosel end to bring the swing weight up so that when I choke down on the grip. I have a wedge that "Feels" about the same as all of my other irons in my bag. The extra weight in the tip end of the shaft also helps the club "cut" through the sand in a bunker or the tall grass of the rough when I play those less than full swing shots. You might be surprised how much an extra 20 grams of weight added to the hosel of my sand wedge helps me to get the ball up and out of the sand a whole lot better than a standard weight head would. Same for my Lob wedge when I play a "flop" shot from the rough around the greens.
  8. Aand maybe if YOU would stop criticizing everything I post, i might change me mind and decide there are a few decent people that visit this site. As it is, all I see when I come here is the negative comments that are being posted to every thread I have started. Not at all friendly or congenial. More like hostel.
  9. It would seem that your experience on this site have the exact opposite of what I have found here. Pretty much every time I try to say anything, I get attacked withing minure from half a dozen people if not more. NO one here treats me friendly, they just want to argue and say that i'm worng or that my data from my testing doen't mean anything as it's only me, and I don't count. If i was to do the math, I'd have to say that about 95% of the replies to what I post is Negative and dis-respectful of my facts or data. I don't see that as being freindly in the least. I came to this site to pass on what I've learned over the last 20 years playing golf and working on golf clubs, but all I get is people wanting to tell me i'm wrong or my test results don't count. Just now worth the effort to educate the golfers on this site if all they do is argue and rarely post and data to back up what they post. To be honest, I have better things to do with my time and knowledge base than argue with people just for the sake of arguing.
  10. I agree with you chisag. And it would be nice to GET treated that way as well. Unfortunately just about every time I post any thing on this forum, I get attacked within minute by others here when all I was doing was posting the truth. Maybe if all of the members that continue to attack me would treat me with some respect, I might be willing to be nice to them as well. Nice idea you posted, BUT it will only work if it goes "BOTH WAYS'.
  11. I appreciate you posted what you did. What you just posted is exactly what I posted on swing weight change going from either a lighter shaft to a heavier shaft or the other way around. But when I posted my statement of fact I got attacked from all sides by at least half a dozen people on this site. I'm a bit surprised no one have attacked your post yet. Maybe they will in time. It's only been an hour.
  12. Okay Cnosil. here is your chance to do exact what you asked for.. How about this? Why don't you send me a shaft and I'll do the Spine and FLO alignment of the shaft and if you send me the hosel adppter for your driver. I will install the shaft in the adapter and send it back to you so YOU can do your OWN testing? Are YOU willing to put your money where your mouth is? You show in your bio that you have a Ping G400 driver. That will do for this test. So you know, what I do when installing a shaft sleeve on a shaft, is that I first install the adapter in the head and then install the shaft into the apapter, so I know for a fact that the shaft is installed correctly. This would allow YOU the chance to try a properly FLO aligned shaft in YOUR driver and then allow you to rotate the shaft to a different setting and see what happens in YOUR hands, NOT mine. Is this sometiime you would be willing to do? Put your money where your mouth is? I have a Ping G driver, but NOT a Ping G400, so I'll have to double check to make sure they use the same adapter. If not you would have to send me the head as well to get the shaft installed correctly in the adapter so the shaft is properly FLO aligned in the head for you. Are you up for my challenge? Let me know if you are and we can find out what if fact and what is what others are saying. Up to you. Cost would be $40 for my labor and you pay the shipping both ways if you are up for a challenge. I am pretty sure this was on MGS' lab test list pre COVID and I don't know where it falls on the list anymore. I would personally love to try PURED/flo'd shafts to see if there is any impact or if it is a mental thing as I haven't seen any definitive evidence that it works in all cases
  13. Sorry guy, but when I posted exact same I meant it. Same make and model shaft. Same weight. Same flex. Same loft on the head. They are NON adjustable drivers, so the lie and face angles were as exact as the factory specs allow. Nice try to shoot holes in my test results but you missed the mark on ALL counts. Sorry. Why is it so hard for you and other here to believe that Spine and FLO alignment works? Maybe , Just maybe, If you were to try a properly aligned shaft in a driver you would find out that I'm correct and you could stop dis-agreeing with me on this. DO you own test and then get back to me with YOUR findings. Is that too much to ask of you?
  14. If others choose to not do It because in whatever testing they’ve done they concluded it’s not necessary or the bang for the buck isn’t there, great, more power to them. I see one big problem with what you just posted. DO the golfer DO their OWN testing? Or do they read what others say and go on faith that what they read or hear is true? YOU just posted what YOU believe, and thats fine. But does that make what YOU posted the truth? Or just what you heard or read somewhere?
  15. Botton line here Ricky is that when I aligned the slicing drivers shaft and it went from a slice machine to a stright ball flight machine didn't mean anything to YOU. I took a piece of useless garbage and turned it into a prefectly good driver, and it means "nothing" to you. If that case I know I'm wasting my time with you and anyone that says the same things you do. Sorry I waste your time and mine both, I'll NOT do it again you can be sure.
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