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  1. just a suggestion, don't change ball and driver at the same time. keep the consistency of the ball for trying out the new driver. just don't add too many variables.
  2. I definitely play better on nicer courses. I really don't want to play on a goat track anymore. To me it's just a waste of time and money.
  3. For me it's all the rounds I played with my Dad. He's long gone now but looking back, I wish I'd have played more with him. Unfortunately my kids when they were younger had no interest in the game so didn't get to share that with them. Last year, I holed out for eagle on a par 4 in an interclub championship, that I wasn't even signed up for, but filled in for somebody that couldn't make it. Won the match.
  4. I'm going with the 300 yard drives. I've played in a shamble format several times with long hitter(s) and my game is so different playing from closer in on the holes. Definitely scored better. 40,50 60 yards longer than me makes a huge difference.
  5. It sounds like a great deal. Why not go for it and try thru 2021? Since there's no upfront initiation fee, if you decide it's not for you after the rest of this year and next, you can always do something different. I really enjoy belong to a club, if I didn't there's no way I'd play as much golf as I do now.
  6. that sounds like a good deal. bag storage seems really steep, our is around $100 but we have a pretty crappy bag storage area so I don't use it much, usually keep my clubs at the house. My wife likes hers at the club. We also have an annual locker fee if you want one but it's not required. We have 2 courses and one requires cart usage due to some holes having a long distance between the green and the next tee box. It would take way too long to walk between them. The other course you are allowed to walk and either carry or use a push cart. Our cart cost per round is around $24 or you ca
  7. agree, once a gimmie is given, the score is set at that point. anything afterwards doesn't matter.
  8. That'd be a good question to post to Dean Snell. (Snell Golf)
  9. I had mine done around 20 years ago and it was probably the best thing I've done. Quality of life improved by not having to worry about glasses or contacts. Golf vision improved as others have noted due to much better depth perception and distance vision. At first I had to wear sun glasses but a couple years later I adjusted to golfing without them. Only place I really have a problem on the golf course is in the bunkers, the sun reflecting off of the white sand is really tough. So goal is to stay out of the traps. One thing I've heard of some people doing is having one eye set up for c
  10. for me I hit my PW as a full swing club so I want it to match my irons and same for my gap wedge Sand and lob are specialty wedges for me.
  11. With my regular groups, the guys play off of the tees that they choose to and the handicap adjustments even it out (we play our betting rounds low net) Not being a particularly long hitter, I won't usually go back to a longer set of tees but have done so every once in awhile. It turns the round into more of a struggle for me having to hit hybrids into almost all of the par 4s but speed wise I can keep up, but the round just isn't as enjoyable and I hit many fewer different clubs during the round. I think if I move back a set of tees I pick up 2 extra strokes but it's not worth it. The guys
  12. I'll only use my own if it's in the water. I give any others away.
  13. Several come to mind: Bluejack a little north of Houston Torrey Pines South Wade Hampton in Cashiers, NC absolutely awesome views and a great course.
  14. I've checked mine vs laser and found it to be really close not perfect but a couple of yards off isn't going to matter to my game. I've also noticed that Bushnell vs Garmin GPS don't always match on distances but only a few yards. That I don't understand, same satellites....
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