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  1. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
  2. Great to hear. I 2nd the green reading skills of the caddies out there. On a few putts, I would have read the break completely opposite of what was correct and the caddy saved my butt. Also I had the same guy for all 3 rounds so he got to know my game and did make club selection choices for me. It was a bucket list trip for me, so definitely splurged. I'm off to Ireland for golf end of next week and plan on using caddies for all 6 rounds Another bucket list trip. Never played in Europe before.
  3. Did those 3 courses last year with a caddie and really enjoyed it. Just relax and have fun. I'd suggest doing caddies at all 3 courses. I actually had the same caddy for all 3 rounds, liked him at Spyglass and asked if he'd meet me at the other 2 courses. Great having local knowledge, just will make the rounds much more pleasant and hopefully memorable for you. Nothing to worry about. If you bring a larger golf bag, they will move your clubs into a lighter ping hoofer type bag so be prepared for that. All in all, if I go back there, I'd still spend the money on a caddy for all 3 rounds. Have fun and like I mentioned above, just relax and enjoy.
  4. I have a speaker on my golf cart and listen to music during the round but as noted above keep it quiet enough to not be heard very far away from the cart. If someone is going to ride with me, I will ask them if it's ok. I think wearing ear buds is kind of rude to your fellow golfers, makes it seem like you don't want to be having a conversation with them. I'll only use earbuds on the range. But all just my opinion. Whatever works for you is ok with me.
  5. So thread has gone 2 different directions so I'll answer both. I'm right handed but putt left-hand low. Been doing it for years and works for me. Putter grip that I prefer is Superstroke Traxion Tour 3.0
  6. I've been using a Frogger towel for several years. Really like having it wet inside and dry on the outside and it attaches easily to the golf bag. Lots of colors available also.
  7. What we do is have the shortest driver go first and get one in play off the tee and then the long hitters can bomb it. Same on 2nd shots. For putts, as mentioned above, best putter goes last. Trick in scrambles is to have someone that is a long hitter with lower handicap and then have somebody get hot with the putter. Also if mixed group, having one of the women is who is long off the women's tees is always a great start on many holes.
  8. For me, tools not jewels but if anybody wants to use them, it's perfectly fine.
  9. Vessel players 14 way stand bag Had it for 3 or 4 years and still in great shape. Very well made.
  10. If you have a PXG fitting location nearby, take your driver there and compare it to one of these with the same shaft and see if there's a big difference. Also maybe I missed it but how does it play on the course? overall distance compared to your other driver, ball flight, etc.
  11. I went ahead and ordered a dozen today to try them out. Price point seems decent,
  12. I've had a vessel bag for several years now, it's mainly white with some blue trim. It has held up wonderfully and I use a magic clean eraser sponge thing to keep it clean. Really easy to keep up with it and it looks great. I think like mentioned above, it probably depends on what the material the bag is made from and the overall quality.
  13. I think it's awesome but unfortunately out of my price range. But if I had the extra $ I'd get one. I've had my current Vessel bag for several years and it's been great. Definitely worth the money, great quality and has held up extremely well.
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