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  1. I recently ordered Apex 21 irons ½” long and 1 flat and got them in 13 days.
  2. Some years ago on another golf site there was a huge thread on the TF Tour irons. Almost a cult status. I'd say good find and enjoy them.
  3. I've played well over 20 rounds in mine and haven't noticed the problem with the laces at all. In fact, I wore a different brand of shoes the other day and realized how much I was retying them during the round. Sqairz has spoiled me completely. On the spikes, I'm really hard on them and have changed mine recently. I only wore out a couple in the heal area on one foot, not sure what's going on but it happens with other brands also. The price for replacement Sqairz spikes is awesome so I've got no worries on just replacing the whole set of spikes when those few wear down. I'm really sold o
  4. OK, I'm going the other direction. If you're already hitting the ball left, why would you want more upright irons that will increase the ball going left? Why not try them 1* flat and see if it improves your ball flight direction? if not, you can always bend them back the other ways. I have a natural draw based swing, so for me 1* flat works best. I've tried other setups but the 1 flat is good for me. Best wishes on the new irons, hope you really enjoy them.
  5. I sure wouldn't let them get hold of my credit card number. Personally I'd stay far away.
  6. I golfed quite a bit more during 2020. Was the one thing we could do safely and with less concern about covid transmission. I posted 120 rounds into ghin during 2020. 15 so far this year. I know towards the beginning of the pandemic, I didn't play that much for a couple months but made up for it later in the year.
  7. I had my iron shafts pured when TrueSpec built them. They talked me into it but looking back I’d pass on it due to cost and little or no perceived benefit to me. I’d spend the money on a good fitting before puring shafts.
  8. Just adding my thoughts for a quick recovery.
  9. gamers for me. I don't really have any backups presently.
  10. So my question is...... what does your wife think when you use her toothbrush? Is hers better than yours or you don't want that grimy toothbrush back in your mouth after cleaning?
  11. I did my putter fitting a couple years ago at Club Champion. Great experience and I'm still using the same putter which for me is surprising. They do use the SAM putting lab which is the only one that I have experience with so I can't comment on the post above. I do know that they spent a lot of time with me to get the fitting correct and helped me understand my putting stroke and why the certain fitting points were important.
  12. I mainly use range time to warm up before playing. now short game is different, take time around the chipping green, practice sand shots and then time on the putting green. But for me, just banging balls on the range doesn't accomplish much.
  13. Finally posted my review of the shoes. Apologize for the delay. I'm sorry about the extra set of pictures at the end of the review, I can't figure out how to make them go away. Short version is that they are the most stable golf shoes that I've worn and the comfort is great. Really like the extra space in the toe area. Anyways, I'm open for questions.
  14. Spiked only for me. I've been testing the Sqairz shoes and they are very comfortable (and I have difficulty finding comfortable shoes) and they are extremely stable. They are somewhat heavier than spikeless but it doesn't bother me in the least.
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