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  1. I'd be absolutely fine with the service dog being on the course with you.
  2. I'm good with what I've got now. I mis-typed my question. Thanks again.
  3. May I please get a Broke 80 tag? Anything else I can do?
  4. I'm kind of curious, how many balls are you guys losing a round? I just don't see price as the most important factor in determining what golf ball to play. It's just such a small part of the cost of golf. I'm all for saving money but you use the golf ball on every shot so kind of important. For me, I'm losing or wrecking 1 ball every couple rounds, sometimes more obviously and sometimes less. But back to the OP post, I'd go with the Snell balls.
  5. I'm leaning towards Scotland, Ireland, etc instead of PB.
  6. Larryd3


  7. First question did the club show up on the 22nd? For me, guess I'm in the minority but if the company charges for a guaranteed receive by date as noted above, then I expect them to honor that or be communicating a bunch of what's going on before I have to ask. Lots of times, I wouldn't have purchased the item without that date guaranteed. A business should live up to what they say they will do and if not offer a reasonable alternative to the purchaser.
  8. I had a putter fitting at Club Champion in Orlando late December and it was eye opening. I really learned a lot about my stroke and why I tend to miss putts on the left side. I was using a face balanced putter and a putter with more toe hang was much better fit for me. Also needed very low loft and some lie adjustments. It was money well spent. I'd highly recommend it. The SAM putter system is really good.
  9. I have the shaft in my M4 and really have found it to be a good performer for me. I've always gotten along well with the Diamana shafts and it seems similar to me.. I don't have any issue with the ball flight with it assuming I put a decent swing on it. Nothing will cure my bad swings that happen every so often and of course at the wrong possible times.
  10. My set of P790 irons arrived today. Beautiful irons. Thanks MGS!
  11. I switched around a year ago to the MCC+4 midsize. For me, great grips. I don't have very large hands, wear a medium glove but I find I grip the club much softer with the midsize than the regulars I used to play.
  12. wondering if you'd PM me the reps contact info? I'm in Tampa area but could drive up to Orlando for a fitting. Thanks
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