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  1. I'm interested but going into a work meeting. I'll PM you later this afternoon/evening.
  2. Great review. I'll agree that it takes some tinkering to get it right. I started with an M4D head and it worked nicely but way too much left. I bought a SIM2 and have settled on it. I messed with lowering the headweight but ultimately went back to the standard which on mine was 198. I've gained consistency and 10-15 yards and the feel of the driver is really good. I hit the sim2 with RevKev's ventus blue and it just isn't in the same category, at least for me. For me it's worth the investment, No plans to switch it out or do more messing with it. Just go play some golf now that rainy season is over.
  3. check with @revkev he's using a 505 in a SIM 2 MAX head. he may have some words of wisdom for you.
  4. Glad you like it and found a deal on one. It's a great shaft. For me your Ventus Blue just doesn't work anywhere near as well. Happy to loan you the SF 505.
  5. Win a major. no question about it.
  6. I'm using mine in a Sim2 head. mine weighs around 198 but I'm using the 505 autoflex. I tried lowering the headweight down 4 grams or so and really didn't work any better so I went back to standard. I'm probably boarderline between 405 and 505. I went with the 505 due to getting it used and save some $$. Think my swingweight was around a D0 if I remember correctly when I had it checked. I personally wouldn't worry so much about the SW but just go hit it and see how it works. Just an update, I reread your post and I also have an M4 D type and it worked really well in the autoflex except I was drawing it too much. Definitely worth trying your driver with the shaft first for several rounds before investing in a different head.
  7. I ride most of the time also and have the Vessel players 14 way stand bag. Really great quality and very functional.
  8. Needing a Ping G410 9 wood. R flex is fine. Please let me know what you’ve got. Thanks
  9. Congrats to the testers. Looking forward to your thoughts on the driver.
  10. Thanks, I ended up just buying a Mavrik 7 wood off of Callaway pre-owned and so far it's working ok. Price was right and it was in brand new condition.
  11. problem with refurbished balls is not knowing what the "real" ball underneath the new paint is or how long it set at the bottom of a lake, etc. I'll totally pass on refurbished ones.
  12. Like noted above, trust the fitting and go play the clubs. Then after a couple months of playing them, you'll be able to make a more informed decision. And some lessons wouldn't hurt any of us. Have fun with the new irons.
  13. I don't know but on my SIM2 I just removed it and weighed it on a postal scale. Then went on ebay and bought some weights to try out.
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