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  1. I've checked mine vs laser and found it to be really close not perfect but a couple of yards off isn't going to matter to my game. I've also noticed that Bushnell vs Garmin GPS don't always match on distances but only a few yards. That I don't understand, same satellites....
  2. Larryd3


    Sorry you had that experience. Some people are just immature jerks. You certainly wouldn't hear that from any of the folks that I play with. And I would have walked off also and as noted above mentioned it to the head Pro.
  3. My wife was using those tees and her golf instructor told her to stop due to the reason you're talking about, potential to strike the tee rim prior to ball. Honestly I don't know but this guy is a great teacher so I believe him on this one. Got to be more friction on the ball then a small tee but really does it make any difference to us at our level? No idea but not something I want to be thinking about on the tee, got enough stuff between my ears without adding one more thing.
  4. I'm using the Phantom and it's great for Front, middle and back. I can get 2 full rounds out of one charge with some leftover. I have the one with the magnet built into it so great to just stick on the golf cart.
  5. Not exactly what you're looking for, but I have a 55 gram version of the shaft with a Titleist tip on it.
  6. I did my putter fitting at Club Champion and it was well worth it. Not only did I learn a lot about my putter stroke and why certain putters will work better for me then others but I found my current putter which I've been using for a couple years now which is a record for me. I don't even try other putters now, just really comfortable with mine.
  7. I used to own one of those, great club. Good luck with sale.
  8. curious why they had the swingweight at D8? That's just crazy heavy. Not very typical for a fitting I wouldn't think
  9. Either way would be fine for me. Realistically my round would have birdies and bogies.
  10. Golf is not about how but how many. Meaning how many shots does it take to get the ball into the hole, ultimately that's all that matters. Get fit and play clubs that help you score the best.
  11. I did a putter fitting at Club Champion a year and a 1/2 ago and really was impressed. I learned a lot about my putting stroke and why certain putters and setups were better for me. I gained a lot of confidence with the putter I was fit into. So I'd recommend doing something similar. Lots get fit for irons, drivers, etc but ultimately we use the putter much more during the round.
  12. I'm not good enough, even at a 9 index, to eliminate one side, not even close. I can miss on both sides pretty easily. Every once in awhile my soft draw driver turns into a big honkin high slice off the planet. Think it just does it to piss me off. maybe some time in the closet will get it back in line.
  13. I'd like an invitation also. my email is larrydavis3 at gmail dot com Thanks so much
  14. Go in with an open mind. Hope where you are going allows you to see the ball flight outdoors. And as somebody else said, look for consistency and not just what is longest. I've had several fittings and have always learned something about my swing, etc. One of the best fittings I've done was for a putter done at Club Champion. Absolutely eye opening and having a fit putter really has improved my putting and confidence on the greens. My best iron fitting was at True Spec earlier this year. Best of all, enjoy your time and get a copy of all of the results. And if you can afford it, get the clubs from the fitter so if you have issues down the road with them, they can do adjustments, etc. I personally wouldn't spend money on a fitting then go on ebay and try to find a set to save a little money, but that's just me. I want to have the fitter on call after I get the clubs from them. Have fun and let us know how it goes.
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