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  1. I would like to see occasional articles and equipment reviews for specifically for slow swing speed golfers... this includes, among others, seniors, those who may have injuries or health challenges, and those who have lost significant swing speed. I'm not talking about those still swinging at 90 miles per hour with a driver, but those who now only swing 70-85 miles per hour. I realize that there are many/mostly golfers on these forums who swing at average and high swing speeds, but there are a lot of golfers who absolutely love (are addicted to) the game but for a variety of reasons have lost a lot of swing speed.
  2. When I initially tried the JumboMax Grips, the size below the one they recommended on their web site fit me best. I tried the size they recommended, but it was too large. The next size down was ideal.
  3. I enjoyed reading your review and real life experience.
  4. I also completed the survey. I am intrigued by a few of the new drivers. I currently play the Ping G430 Max and it performs well for me. I am really interested in the new G430 Max 10K. Because a few nagging injuries and aging have slowed me down a bit, I also would like to check out the new Cleveland and XXIO releases.
  5. Tony, I want to thank you and MGS for arranging this amazing deal. It is greatly appreciated.
  6. Regarding the height difference, Subdiver1 said there is a 1/4" difference between his two brands of golf shoes. I'm curious if he noticed a difference in ball flight, since the ideal lie angles have probably changed.
  7. It also is my favorite club in the bag. I find it versatile and it performs well for me.
  8. In addition, I also liked Golfalot when Sophie Walker was there.
  9. In no particular order: Danny Maude, TXG, Mark Crossfield, Mr. Short Game
  10. John, I posted this comment on another site, but I'm pasting it here (below) because it relates to your question. Perhaps it will be helpful. (I apologize to those who may have read this). Just a short aside, I live in the Princeton area, but occasionally play golf around Easton and Bethlehem are as well as in the Poconos. If you ever want to get together and play, let me know. My comments are a response to several recent posts. I always enjoy testing golf balls. Even though I strongly prefer to try and compare balls on the course, being a hardcore golf ball guy, I simply had to try Ballnamic. I tried Ballnamic when it first came out, again at the end of last season, and last night to see if including the '23 balls made a difference. I did not specify a "favorite" ball or what I play. My rankings did change slightly from when I last tried it in December. My 1st place (Bridgestone Tour B X) and 2nd place (Callaway ChromeSoft X) recommendations stayed the same, but the new Titleist ProV1 was now in 3rd place, replacing the Vice Pro Plus. Having been fitted several times for clubs, I do have a good idea of my "numbers" and ball flight characteristics. I put in accurate data. I do want to experiment a bit by running the Ballnamic tests again, but since my data and numbers are real and honest, I can't stray too far and still get meaningful outcomes. Just a quick note for what it's worth: I never bought into recommending a certain model ball based on swing speed. I'm definitely in the camp that you test from the green back to the tee box. Being 72-years old with a few nagging meniscus and ankle injuries--not an excuse, I'm just saying--but my driver swing speed is now 83-85 mph. So, I'm a short hitter and not a bomber. I'm looking to improve the accuracy of my approach shots and really sharpen my short game in order to better my score. I find the Ballnamic recommendations quite interesting. The Bridgestone Tour B X has been my favorite ball for the last several years, despite my hobby of ongoing testing. The three different times I used Ballnamic, it was their top recommendation for me. It was, however, my "go to" ball before I even tried Ballnamic. I also plan to try both the new ProV1 and the CSX. I'll end by stating that I am certainly a prime example of someone getting the best performance for my game from golf balls that some companies only recommend for high swing speed golfers.
  11. Last night I did the TrueGolfFit driver fitting. Interesting results, and not that surprising. Their No. #1 recommended driver has me picking up over 17 yards in distance and better accuracy and dispersion. I'm sure with all of the data points they have collected the drivers they recommended are probably good choices for my game. I would, however, like to know more about their methodology and how they reached their conclusions (driver recommendations), especially since they don't have my actual swing "numbers." I know that with all of the data and statistics available these days, probability and predictability can produce outstanding results in many scenarios.
  12. I have a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu. I carry my golf clubs on the back seat of my car. What I did that works really well is I went and bought an inexpensive black flat sheet (the kind used for bedding) and I use it to cover the entire golf bag and clubs. Buy a larger size, such as for a queen or king-sized bed. It is effective in the day and becomes invisible as the light fades. An added bonus: when you don't have your clubs in the car, you can use the sheet to cover your laptop, briefcase, or anything else that you want to keep from prying eyes. I previously lived in an area of Trenton , New Jersey where not everyone is an honest, upstanding citizen.
  13. GolfSpy Barbajo mentioned: "I can't really explain it, but the balls felt "heavy." Several years ago I tried the Volvik Vivid matte golf balls. I had the same impression. They felt "heavy." I'm sure they must have been within specification for weight, but they felt heavy. Perhaps it has something to do with the matte cover?
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