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  1. Morning All, Why am I up on a Friday we are supposed to be off? Well we have an all hands that is supposed to happen this morning. Was supposed to be at 1015 but like anything in the military it got pushed to the right. So maybe a start time of 1045. No one knows. Looks like wind is going to be a huge factor today at the masters, plus we will see if Tiger can make the cut after having to walk 23 holes today. Looks like that cut line might be +5 if they can’t score today. Hope everyone has a great day.
  2. First time I got to participate more than listen. Moving up in the world…I think
  3. Upon doing some quick rabbit hole searches, It appears there are no direct to consumer manufacturers that build their ball in the US. So I would say no there's not a DTC ball made in the US confidently.
  4. Morning All, Work today and we have command PT. I will not be going to it as I am getting my IT band worked on. To save space and trying to explain it it’s almost like a tendon from your hip to you fibula (pretty sure that’s the outside bone on your lower leg). Needless to say, it causes pain while running or going up stairs, nothing else. Just those activities. So dry needling the area at the top to help loose everything up. It’s fun…hope everyone has a great day.
  5. To be fair, I did hit the Paradym a tad further, but I’m not going to worry about 3 yards more. It came down to price, and with the Aerojet coming in almost 50 bucks less it was a no brainer.
  6. Depends on how the weather is in the morning. Afternoon I’ll be on the couch
  7. I just had an unplanned buy. Had a friend want to hit my 5 wood, letting someone I know hit clubs is fine with me. He didn’t take into account the lefty behind him and well, he paid me for my 5 wood. So I now have a newer cobra Aerojet 5 wood
  8. There are 2 holes I will talk about at the same course. Honey Bee in Virginia Beach, VA is where I'm talking about. First is hole number 1. Tee Boxes are probably 80 yards from water crossing in front of you then continues up the left side, so If you draw the ball and don't start far enough right you are in it. The other issue that I had, It has power lines that also can interfere with your tee shot as I had it happen to me twice in two different matches. It's a free re-tee no stroke gained, but it does kick you out of rhythm. The second is hole number 7. the dog leg right is not conducive for a draw, there is a bunker on the right side about 210 and is pretty long that can collect a layup. there are pine trees on the right hand side by the bunker that you could go over, but you better have height on your tee shot. Or you may not know where your ball ricochets to. In the amount of times I played that course my best score on that hole was par since it is a par 5. Most of the time I'm good for a 7 or 8.
  9. Well I was hoping to get my shoes today as that was what was sent by UPS. But then, I got this and now I’m somewhat bummed. Looks like after work tomorrow is going to be a good day.
  10. A reason I miss Florida at times. They have all the thrift stores that have clubs that get put out. Some are 2-3 years old. Sometimes golf communities do huge yard sales and you can find expensive clubs for cheap in those as well.
  11. Either a new stand bag or another driver shaft. I’m still debating.
  12. Morning All, Well the eclipse was…the eclipse. Here in Virginia it got a little not quite as bright but we didn’t have total darkness. @sirchunksalot that’s good to hear about your sister. Hope Thursday even better news come. It’s going to be a nice day today, and if you don’t mind the amount of pollen floating through the air here, golf is great this time of year. Anyway, it’s off to work and drink some coffee. Hopefully I can get out to the range after work. Got some playing lined up this weekend at a course I’ve not played. But I’m going to go up and play it since I will be in a scramble on that course next month. Need to see what I’ll be dealing with there. Hope everyone has a great day.
  13. My wife did that to me, we went out and I saw something I wanted for my birthday and I bought it. She gave me the money I paid for it but wouldn't let me have it until my birthday which is at the end of the month in October.
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