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  1. 20-3a/2 Using Line on Ball for Alignment Q.May a player draw a line on his ball and, when replacing his ball, position the ball so that the line or the trademark on the ball is aimed to indicate the line of play? A.Yes.
  2. My instinct tells me you are using that tee basically in an abnormal manner. Rule 14-3. Artificial Devices and Unusual Equipment; Abnormal Use of Equipment Rule 14-3 governs the use of equipment and devices (including electronic devices) that might assist a player in making a specific stroke or generally in his play. Golf is a challenging game in which success should depend on the judgement, skills and abilities of the player. This principle guides the USGA in determining whether the use of any item is in breach of Rule 14-3. For detailed specifications and interpretations on the conformit
  3. Golf Genius is free if your club uses the USGA GHIN system. There is a premium version that has additional functionality but cost $2,500 per year. Most clubs and leagues do not need the premium version. Our club here at Big Canoe uses Golf Genius for all our tournaments and we have a large league with 110 members who play two times a week with generally 50 per day. The system works great and puts the workload on your Pro Shop staff or you as a league manager can manage it. URL for info: https://www.golfgenius.com/golfgenius Check with your proshop as every GHIN member club switched ove
  4. Our men's group here has 90 guys who sign up for 2 days a week. We generally have 30-40 guys each Tuesday and Thursday. We play a modified Stableford game where a par is equal to 2 points, etc. You subtract your course handicap from 36 and that number is the points you need to make. All that to state for our guys here you have to record your score on each hole thus each and everyone is maintaining a recordable score that gets entered into the GHIN system. We have a very active handicap committee that monitors our club members so there is no sandbagging. I will state upfront that our club here
  5. Nice to see an active duty guy on board instead of us old retired guys. Welcome aboard Mike. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  6. Reading the first sentence made me think of an angel and a devil on my shoulder saying "Hit the 60*" no "Hit the 55*". Something that every one of us struggles with. I currently use a TaylorMade 60* wedge with 9* bounce. I selected that bounce based on the type of sand we have here in our bunkers and the type of grass, Bermuda, on our fairways. Will it work on other courses I play? Not all the time but 95% of my play is at my home course so it makes sense to have your home club pro fit you for the course you play the most. With the grass finally coming in on the fairways to full height spend
  7. Use "whatever gets you through the night". A good friend of mine whomI play with every week and is my Member-Member partner for the past 8 years hits a 3 iron off the tee most times to keep it in play vs. the driver. He is a 6.0 index. Most times if he hits driver it hooks OB because he gets aggressive wanting that extra distance. All this to say use the tools at hand that you feel comfortable with BUT I agree that in order to fully appreciate this wonderful game learn to hit all your woods and hybrids. Nothing like hitting that driver past your playing partners with a smile as you twill the
  8. How could I miss this. Never played there but if the pictures are anything like what you have on the thread it is a definite (depending on the date)
  9. DawgDaddy - you have put a lot of time an effort into this thread and I am glad to see the staff take ownership of such as worthwhile program going forward. Take a breath!
  10. Koolau, Oahu, HI Played Championship tees - what an idiot I was that day
  11. MD - listen to what PlaidJacket has to say as I also agree 100% with him on this and pretty much all that he posts. He is like my twin brother (;-) There is no reason in the world you could not drop 5-6 strokes provided that you do the following in no particular order 1. Take lessons from a pro you like. He has to fit your style of instruction and does not overload you with too much. Slow and steady wins the race. 2. Get fitted for the correct equipment for your swing. Go to demo days etc or treat yourself to a full fitting - you deserve it right? 3. Practice, practice, practice. BUT pract
  12. This should be a great test. Technology is hitting the links in droves these past years. Looking forward to the results of the test. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  13. Not to throw gas onto a fire but I have seen many of these stat tracker apps as a waste of time. Literally a waste of time on the course. I play with one guy who uses Golfshot and the amount of time he spends inputting his data into it after every hole is considerable. I want to grab his phone and throw it in the lake. After he inputs the data and crunches it at the 19th hole over a beer he says stuff like "I only hit 51% fairways" etc. yeah? No s**t you think we don't know that as we are looking in the woods for your ball. Go to the range and get some lessons. I have never seen anyone who kee
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