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  1. The format: Pair up with a friend (or someone you just met) and play alternate shot on all non-par 3's Switch up your partners throughout the round - make new friends! Par 3s everyone hits their own tee shot No Hole-in-one's? Move on to the next tee it was really a blast. Met some great people and had a ton of laughs
  2. This was an absolute blast and cannot wait for the next one
  3. Cannot recommend US Kids Clubs enough - especially for a kid just getting into golf. They have lengths for two year olds all the way up to teenagers and you can buy individual clubs at the smaller sizes. I won't touch another brand for my son until he is almost ready for his first full Junior set.
  4. The Philadelphia Chapter of Random Golf Club is having their first every RGC this Saturday at Linfield National Golf Club. Pretty excited to see the turnout and take in the experience.
  5. Good call. Maybe so OG ipod Touch's instead On a serious note - I really enjoyed working on a force mat two offseasons ago. Really helped me learn to rotate more vs sway
  6. I was really hoping to see you make some swings with some Samsung Galaxy Tab 8s running a custom app strapped to your feet
  7. I can't be the only one that is disappointed in the fact that you didn't make your own.
  8. If the performance is correlated to how many words they were able to jam on the back these should be amazing irons.
  9. Definitely no concerns over quality. GD wouldn’t hurt their brand like that apparently the GD shafts were only about $250 upcharge in the original TS line so this seems more marketing than anything
  10. Just saw that. So about half the price of the shaft would cost normally. Still not bad
  11. AD XC as a no upcharge option edit: $200 upcharge
  12. Yup. Received it this evening thankfully
  13. Yup. It’s why I’m canceling my order and getting my deposit back. The specialness of the putter wore off due to poor customer service. Thankfully I caught it before he started production
  14. My top 4 picks are no longer on my team. Guess that’s what happens when you do no draft research because you have two young kids and are trying draft from your phone
  15. Someone that is buying a 3 piece wedge set at costco probably doesn’t care much about custom grinds
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