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  1. The pro is a little bigger and has a tiny bit of an overhang so it protects against shots that might go a little higher when compared to the standard model. Can't speak for the standard model, but the pro is super easy to put up and take down. Under 2 minutes to do each
  2. Loving my Rukket Hack Golf Pro Net. Don’t cheap out on the mat. Your wrists and elbows will thank you
  3. Stiffer is... different. Not many people go stiffer in wedges.
  4. General rule of thumb is to go a little heavier but slightly softer in the wedges. Its why you see so many pros with x100 iron shafts and s400 wedge shafts
  5. Yup. Increased trampoline effect is also good sign of a failing driver face. Even 167 ball speed is unrealistic based on 110mph swing speed so it definitely sounds like something was up with their trackman. I guess it's why you should always hit your current club too so you can see if there's truly any gains in the new stuff (obviously you couldn't because of the broken shaft)
  6. Something was up. It's literally impossible to get 170+ ball speed with 110mph swing speed. So either it was severely under clocking your club head speed or the driver you were using was about to break and this the face was much hotter than it should have been. Were you getting similar numbers with all drivers?
  7. Took advantage of the PGA Superstore sale ad got a pair of Puma Ignite Pwradapt disc shoes and adidas frostguard jacket both for 50% off
  8. Because they did an mini fitting for each individual driver before starting the bracket. Same shaft doesn't work on every head so Ian and Matt worked to optimize each head of for Matt This isn't about what is the best driver on the market. Its about what driver Matt will have in his bag for 2020
  9. There are a set of protocols that are online that are mini lessons you do with the device. I suggest you watch the free protocols on their website to show you that it isn't what you are describing. In fact, it's the exact opposite.
  10. Happy to help. Shimada compares most to the standard Project X shaft from a profile perspective, but feels a bit smoother
  11. Taking the club back too much inside? Sounds like the Tour Striker Planemate is made of for you. This was one of my bad habits and the planemate has helped immensely. Especially pitching and chipping
  12. Shimada is very butt stiff and a little softer in the tip. LZ is stiff butt, stiff tip C Taper lite is soft butt, stiff tip DG is soft butt, and stiff tip So what I'm getting is at is, the Shimada shaft is the exact opposite of the what you've been fit into
  13. Yikes. Expect much better for such a 'premium' bag. You exchanging it for a new one or going with a different brand?
  14. Titleist AVX would probably be your best bet. For less money perhaps the Qstar tour our Snell mtb, but you'll likely be giving up distance. There's no such thing as a soft ball that can keep up, distance wise, with firmer balls. You have to sacrifice distance for feel
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