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  1. Sold and payment received! This thread can be locked.
  2. We found the shaft on ebay (the fitter is a buddy of mine, so he helped me look) so it should be here early next week. My fairway wood shaft should be in towards the end of next week
  3. Like new. Plays to 44.75" in a Titleist driver. Grip is brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet (standard size) $130 or best offer. Price includes shipping and paypal fees .
  4. Titleist TS2 with Fujikura Atmos Black TS 6X
  5. I had my fitting today and got to throw the TS2 up against a bunch of other heads. First thing was first - it was clear right away that the Evenflow White shaft was no good for me. I swing too hard and and the Evenflow just does not mesh with my transition at all. We tried a bunch of different heads in different shafts and one shaft kept coming to the top and that was the Fujikura Atmos TS Black. It just felt like it meshed with my swing whether I was swinging easy or going after it. When we put it in the TS2 head, it was absolutely a match made in heaven for me. I averaged ballspeed in the low 160s with a launch angle of 14 degrees and spin around 2500. This gave me a nice stable flight and a beautiful high draw with average carry right at 270ish. I am still working on my swing changes and the beauty of this combo is that that it held up to my bad swings (which would carry in the low 260s) and when I was all in sync I was touching the low 280s in carry! I even touched 164 ball speed! I absolutely cannot wait to really groove my new swing and hopefully start hitting the upper 160s in ballspeed by the time the golf season rolls around!
  6. Had a chance to hit this during my Club Champion fitting. First impression - looks nice, but felt REALLY heavy. Dispersion was good, but ball speed wasn't. Did not like the sound or feel either - felt kind of dead. Was my first time ever hitting a PXG club and I came away severely underwhelmed
  7. Nope haha, set up slightly closed. Felt like I had to fight it to keep the face open.
  8. Haha that is so bizarre - just shows how important it is to get fitted!
  9. Got fit for fairway woods at Club Champion and the TS2 came out as the clear winner when I paired it with a Fuji Atmos Black TS 7X shaft. And it wasn't even close. I was getting better ball speed than everything else. My next favorite fairway wood was the Cobra F9, but I was averaging over 10 yards more carry with the TS2. After I hit my first two shots with the TS2/Atmos combo my fitter basically shook his head and basically said "there's no way we are beating that". Based on the numbers below, I would agree.
  10. Well I am back from my fitting at Club Champion and I need to be blunt - I don't know what Cobra did with my beloved F8+. While the F8+ lacked some ballspeed, it was extremely consistent for me. The same cannot be said about the F9 for me. Cobra claims that the 9* F9 is the "+" version for this year, but I don't see it. I hit about a dozen different shafts in the F9 today, and nothing could keep it from going left. Weight was forward, but everything was left. I hit 4 other brands and had no other issues with the lefts, but with the F9 it was a huge issue. Ball speed great, but dispersion was consistently left. Even when I tried to hold it off with a cut it would get a baby draw. I know Cobra is saying the F9 is the plus head, but I just don't see it.
  11. When I make the correct move? Still hitting beautiful high draws with the driver. Medium to high baby draws with my irons and controllable medium to high shots with my wedges. I'm also able to flight the ball down on command much easier.
  12. Yes yes!
  13. Lesson #3 Lesson #3 is in the books and progress continues to be made! As you can see in the video, I have started to incorporate a little squat and explosion into my lower body so that it becomes less passive. Really starting to see progress in how natural the move feels. Again, it has been 2 weeks (3 lessons) and I have only worked on fixing one thing (my lower body movement and rotation) and look how much it has impacted my sequencing. I am getting more lag and more shaft lean - not because I am consciously trying to "create lag" or get my hands in front of the ball at impact - but because my weight transfer and rotation is so much better. At the end of this lesson I even hit some drivers and my coach really liked what he was seeing with my hip rotation and front leg. We finished the lesson by putting together a small drill for me to work on this week. I take the club to the top of my backswing and stop. From there I slightly squat while bumping my left hip back. From there, I finish my swing into the ball. This is going to further help my sequencing and really teach my body how to more consistently start the downswing with my lower body. If you've ever seen Hideki Matsuyama's swing, it would appear he pauses at the top. In reality, he simply starts his downswing with his lower body with that slight hip bump. I am not trying to replicate Matsuyama's swing by any means, but his swing is the perfect example of how the lower body, and more specifically the left hip bump back, needs to trigger the down swing. I love that I am seeing steady progress and I am understanding the concepts Corey is communicating to me. It has only been 2 weeks and 3 lessons, but I am already feeling more comfortable. Most importantly, I can feel and understand my swing more than ever and I am immediately aware when I make a swing with my old lateral move as opposed to my new swing with the squat and rotate. I am really excited to see where I am at the end of this program.
  14. https://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/irons/718-ap-black $1500 for a set of 8. Available March 1 Somewhere Rob just passed out
  15. jlukes

    2019 Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star XV Golf Balls

    Price for near identical performance. So much easier to find on sale too.