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  1. NiftyNiblick was. You should shoot him a message to get his thoughts as he doesn’t post here anymore for some reason.
  2. Agreed with everything you just said. I love my sun mountains I have for when I used to carry my clubs or for when I play 9 without my clicgear, but the stand mechanism is no bueno on a push cart
  3. I have the BRD4 and love it. The BRD4 is basically the BRDX with a 6 way top which I prefer over full length dividers. Love it because the stand is perfect for the range and practice area and the base works perfectly on my ClicGear and on a standard cart.
  4. That’s funny, because I hear just the opposite from other people. That MGS hates Taylormade and Callaway and loves the smaller companies
  5. Thanks APH. I absolutely love doing reviews and my favorite part of them is the interaction with other members during the review process I cancelled my TXG YouTube membership after Matt’s announcement. TXG now has the backing of a multi million dollar company and doesn’t need my few bucks a month to help create content.
  6. Cobra Connect 5 flopping and now this TXG News have really put a dent in my love for interacting on internet golf forums
  7. Matt Blois has announced he’s not longer working with TXG effective immediately. Yikes
  8. Traded some DMs with Ian. Nothing is changing and TXG will continue to use Foresight and Quintic
  9. Ian has stated numerous times that trackman shouldn’t be used for indoor fittings. Club Champion exclusively uses trackman for indoor fittings. not sure how this is going to play out Edit: confirmed that TXG will continue to use Foresight and Quintic
  10. Wait, so each product isn’t going to have its own thread? We are to discuss everything here??
  11. Great news! Anything that makes the forum easier to navigate for new and old members is awesome. Will help bring people to the forum via the blog and google search as well
  12. Rypstick has 3 weights so there is in turn 4 weight settings (no weights in through all three weights in). I have never weighed or swingweighted each system, but I can see they feel extremely similar Rypstick just offers is all in one convinient stick. Also, Rypstick comes with the couterbalance weight for the stick. The Counterbalanced SuperSpeed stick is a standalone purchase
  13. I believe. The black finish on the Evnroll’s is the black armor finish done by Labworx
  14. For both off the tee and off the deck, the Cobra and Ping lineups are pretty solid overall. Taylormade is an absolute bomber off the tee, but can be a bit low spin which can limit its utility depending on your swing speed
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