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  1. Great, now you've gone and done it...
  2. Nope. A big veiny triumphant bastard. Probably on my 9 iron
  3. Bending strong also slightly increases offset
  4. I want to get a bunch of dicks, animals and letter stamped on my irons instead of numbers. What did you hit there? I was between a full big D or a 3/4 donkey and opted for the donkey.
  5. I'm a high swing speed player fit into players irons (jpx 919 Tours) and guess what? My world renowned fitter fit me to have them bent strong. Why? Because stronger lofts give me optimal launch, peak height and landing angle. Jason Day plays his irons strong. And guess what? It has nothing to do with distance
  6. FYI these new implementations do NOT include shot tracking via Android Watch or Wearable. You still need to have your phone in your pocket. Whomp Whomp
  7. Marketing like this isn't unique to the golf industry. Car companies do it. phone companies do it. healthcare, beauty, food and drink companies all do it. It's the nature of the world. But at the same time, nobody has a gun to their head being told how to spend their money, so I am really not sure why there is always so much outrage about marketing.
  8. jlukes

    Mavrik Drivers

    For those that care about one guy hitting a handful of shots with each driver
  9. No my range hasn't gotten it in yet. Expecting it this week and if the weather cooperates I'll be hitting it
  10. Before spending $500 on a driver, it would be worth spending another $100 on a driver fitting. Club Champion is everywhere and they are doing 33% off driver fittings right now. Well worth it before making such a big investment.
  11. You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant. Harlan Ellison
  12. This thread is hot garbage and non-forum members coming to MGS for info on the SiM are going to find this thread and scratch their heads
  13. 38/40 +6 78 Anytime I can break 80 in the winter is good. The fact that my last 3 rounds (one in November, one in December, one today) have been 76, 74, 78 is absolutely awesome for me. My hard work is paying off and I'm excited to get to work with my Planemate once it arrives in the next week or two
  14. 16 launch and 3500 isn't a shaft problem, it's a loft problem. You should loft down by at least a degree, likely 2. That will drop launch and spin into a better window
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