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    Those MBs are so clean
  2. Well just another example of how True Spec is incredible. This morning, I emailed Loren to tell him that I was going through a swing change and i was getting the handle a bit more forward now. I asked him if it made sense for me to bend the lofts a bit weaker (since they were bent strong during the fitting). Rather than typing an email response, he asked if he could call. I said of course and he called me within 15 minutes. We spoke about my fitting and he explained my swing dynamics to me and explained why he would not recommend changing the iron lofts. We talked about launch angles, speed, spin and gapping and he he left me with no doubt that I was good where I was, even with the pending swing change. He ended our conversation by saying if I did seem to notice that any sort of swing changes were negatively effecting the gapping or carry distances due to a lower ball flight, that I should call him and that I could come into the studio to have everything looked at to see if the lofts needed to be changed or if if I was good to go and I just needed to get my eyes used to a slightly lower ball flight. Again, I cannot recommend True Spec enough. Just a first class fitting experience that continues long after the fitting has completed.
  3. I hope so. Even outside of the MGS testing, I love sharing my golf experiences. The main reason I started threads to discuss my fitting experience and my lessons/swing changes is so that others can relate and better understand the process. I hope my experiences educate and inform, and by doing that I guess you could say influence.
  4. I have always known what I was doing wrong, even after my lesson program last year, and I still couldn't get the proper thoughts'feels to correct. I decided to go back to my instructor, Jason, who worked with in 2013 and 2014. He's really the only instructor I have had that has been able to drastically transform my swing. Before going to Jason in 2013, my driver spin was around 3500 and my launch was around 7 degrees. I was hitting so far down with my driver that it was robbing me of distance. Jason helped me hit up on the ball and turn my high cut into a draw. The new swing is all about control with the scoring clubs. He loves my driver swing and there are only a few tweaks we are going to make there, but he doesn't want to rob me of any speed. We are focusing on getting wider/deeper in the backswing (bringing my hands less inside) and then pivoting through the downswing and keeping my hands much lower. In just one lesson yesterday, we were already able to see very promising results on hitting knockdown shots with the PW and 8i. As I get more comfortable with the concepts and the move, I will be ramping up the speed and eventually translating it to full swings with the scoring clubs and then transitioning to the longer irons, hybrids and woods. Really excited to be working with Jason again.
  5. So awesome man. My biggest regret is not getting a putter fitting there. Might have to schedule one in the spring. True Spec really is in a class of their own when it comes to OEM agnostic fittings in the US. Their build team in AZ is absolutely top notch as well
  6. So one guys i getting 3 custom covers? Congrats Cecil...
  7. Man, Project X is like the 2013 Taylormade of shafts. Releases and marketing out the a$$
  8. Because I said it wasn't clear what happened to the content after subscribing for the year and I wouldn't have subscribed in the first place having known that
  9. Actually the machine only measures ball speed, so that is accurate The head speed is what is calculated based on the fixed smash factor. Smash factor in reality was probably higher which means your actual clubhead speed was lower
  10. Yeah but all that impacts is club head speed. Ball speed is what it's actually reading and thats all that matters
  11. There's no such thing as Titleist 718 TS3 clubs Congrats on your cheap imitations Did you pay for them with money out of your Guchi wallet while wearing a Rollex watch?
  12. For him it wasn't about the alignment aid on the putter, it was more about understanding how tall I was, what eye dominance I was, my ball position and amount of forward press to get an understanding of how I setup to the putt and delivered the putter through the ball to ensure he could recommend the correct lie and loft.
  13. Bingo. A receiver that is "open" in NFL would be considered covered in college. Haskins missed a throw on the goaline against the Giants. His receiver was open by about a step and he overthrew him. The announcer said "Haskins has to make that throw, because that is WIDE OPEN in the NFL"
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