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  1. HZRDUS Yellow is higher balance point than the Black Tie, so it may make the head feel lighter and thus change how you swing (for better or for worse). There are RH and LH collars. If the adapter is RH and put in a LH head, then all of the adjustments would be opposite (ie set the adapter to +1 will actually move the loft -1). Putting the club in the draw setting (upright) will actually make it flatter and more fade biased.
  2. Rypstick released their headcover last week and I ordered mine immediately - hoping to have it by the end of this week. Still really enjoying this device - it keep it in the bag and use it before every round and before every practice session in addition to the workouts I do with throughout the week.
  3. We know you’ve done everything you can to get information for us, Rob!
  4. Care to explain why you think it’s a complete waste of money?
  5. There have been a few threads that have popped up on here talking about this guy's findings and to why his findings may not be the most scientific. You can use the search function and find those discussions. Tony Covey on twitter has discussed this ad nauseum as well.
  6. An entire new meaning to Cobra "connect" - physically connecting the components of our own golf clubs haha
  7. The waiting is the hardest part Every day you see one more (score)card You take it on faith, you take it to the heart The waiting is the hardest part
  8. Well I would probably lead their user base in strokes gained in that category, for sure
  9. I wonder if the folks at FedEx track app stats - like how many times in one day one person opens the app to check if he has any incoming packages...
  10. No T300 - I wonder if Titleist is going to release a full set of the U irons. Would be similar to the Mizuno HMB where it is a full set for people that want a beautiful GI iron, but better players use the 2-4 irons as their driving/long irons
  11. Snell MTB Black is your best bet for the price.
  12. Interesting - I like the looks of the T200s more than than the T100s
  13. Yup. The banner ads at the bottom are absolutely awful in terms of load times and how much room they take up. makes the forum look extremely bush league
  14. They were just rebranded the MTB Black. Similar to standard Prov1 and TP5
  15. Spectacularly average again today. Lipped out a total of 7 (Seven!) putts between 6 and 20 I see a trend developing
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