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  1. Been doing my protocols regularly and definitely seeing the plateau, but to be honest I am comfortable with the plateau for now. I know that these things happen during this training and I know the wall will come down soon and I will see another small jump.
  2. Funny how the same training program can impact two players differently. Since beginning Super Speed I have all but eliminated the left miss off the tee. My miss is now favoring the right side, which I am very okay with. My FIRs are trending higher, too. I need a few more rounds with Shotscope before I start posting some charts and data, but the differences are noticeable even with only a quick glance at a limited data set (and by what I see on the course and at the range)
  3. They aren’t shipping until September
  4. Jack’s golf company and Muira are owned by the same parent company, 8am Golf 8am owns Nicklaus Golf Muira True Spec Golf.com http://www.8amgolf.com/
  5. Did my session today in a feels like temp of 105 Should have taken my shirt off before the session because I struggled to get it off afterwards.
  6. jlukes

    Unicorn Shafts?

    Unicorn shafts only exist for people that don’t get fit and randomly buy shafts based on what they read or watch online. If one gets a proper fitting then they’d come away with shafts that fit their swing rather than burning through money on the 2nd hand market with trial and error.
  7. The average golfer is still hitting s***** range balls, so the quality of launch monitor really doesn’t matter
  8. First round ever with shotscope today and I’m super impressed. Barely thought about it during my round and only had to do a little editing after the round. I have smaller wrists and the watch is fantastic
  9. First round with shotscope in the books. Bombs confirmed.
  10. I’d pay for a putter fitting before butchering your putter. You could be aiming left, your swing path could be left, you could be closings the face too fast because of the grip you use. Missing to one side doesn’t automatically correlate to mismatched toe hang
  11. Is there an official Mygolfspy leaderboard?
  12. The cost difference doesn’t necessarily make this a 1 to 1 comparison. I’m sure everyone would choose the real deal if it was affordable A decent outdoor setup is thousands of dollars where even an expensive mat can be had for well under 500 Heck, i built an 11x8 putting green in my basement with real holes for under $350
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