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  1. The good thing is there's no pressure to buy and I'll be bringing all my current clubs for comparison sake.
  2. Just when I thought the bag was locked in
  3. Launches easy but doesn't balloon. I thought I'd go with the regular 410 3w but the lst just had a better flight.
  4. Uneventful 77 (+5) today with 5 bogeys. Tee game was pretty average. Hit some great drivers, but also hit 2 pull hooks. Still working on getting this new swing to feel natural. My iron game was pretty sub-par today. Hit everything low on the face because I have to remember to stay down on the ball when I am rotating through. I can get away with it off the tee because I'm hitting up on the ball there, but the shallow angle of attack with the irons isn't as great.
  5. Not sure why anyone would want to use launch monitor technology at Top Golf since their balls are extremely limited distance and don't produce normal ball speeds due to the RFID chips inside.
  6. jlukes

    Wedge Grinds

    I don't see why someone would settle for a club that didn't fit them - and that goes for wedges just as any other club. For me to buy a low bounce lob wedge, or a lob wedge without any heel relief would be like me buying a driver that was overly draw-biased. It just wouldn't fit my swing and what I need the club to do. I found the Vokey wedge selector tool pretty darn accurate for an online fitting tool. https://www.vokey.com/tools/wedge-selector-tool.asp You could even take the basic recommendations from the tool and apply them to other brands (ie lofts, bounce types and relief types)
  7. Went to the range last night, going to the range again this afternoon, playing 18 Saturday morning and then playing in a scramble on Monday. Will have my Stage 2 up Tuesday or Wednesday!
  8. jlukes

    Wedge Grinds

    It should never be about one or the other. Wedges are all about the full picture. Bounce, Grind, sole width and camber all play a role in how a wedge will perform.
  9. I really enjoy Erik Anders Lang and all of the content he puts out through YouTube, Instagram and his podcasts. His story and how he got into golf is fascinating. On his podcast, at the end he always asks his guest to write a letter to golf. Erik finally wrote a letter of his own and it couldn't better capture how I think a lot of us feel about this game.
  10. Its crazy how much rain we've got since early Sunday morning. Looks like it should dry out a little between later tonight through Thursday. I am sure they'll get the greens plenty firm by then. The rough is going to be LUSH. Hitting and holding the green out of the rough from anything more than 175 yards is going to be darn near impossible.
  11. This. Diamond Tour makes cheap knock-off clubs. Looks like they now make cheap-knockoff training aids, too. If they can't get the weight ranges on a training aid right, imagine how crappy their clubs are.
  12. jlukes

    Glass Putter

    I honestly don't get the appeal of the artsy putters like the all wood and all glass putters. But like everything in life, it all comes down to personal taste. People can collect and/or play whatever makes them happy.
  13. Any android users have purchase a cheap small android phone to be their dedicated Arccos device? I was thinking about doing this since I'm on Google Fi and get get a free data only sim
  14. Wash able to get a gently used set of the 765s for just over 300 at the time so from a cost perspective it was an no brainer
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