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  1. I recently had a similar situation. My new TM P790s have a 45 degree PW, and my Hogan wedges were 52,56 and 60. I found the 7 degree gap too large. My solution was to purchase a 55 degree Edison wedge (that I absolutely love) and have my 52 degree Hogan bent to 50 degrees, so now I have 5 degree gaps with all my wedges and it seems to be working quite well.
  2. Grabbing the wrong club from the bag, i.e. a 6 instead of a 5, hitting it perfect and not knowing why it came up short until you go put it back in the bag. Most. Frustrating. Ever.
  3. I just purchased a "gently used" Edison 55 degree wedge. These are returns they get back within the first 30 days. You could see that this club was hit a few tines but it's a 9.5+ out of 10. Bill at Edison couldn't have been more helpful. They adjusted the lie and length to my specs and the club arrived just a few days after I placed the order. I needed to replace a Hogan TK15 that was starting to lose some spin due to age. I haven't had a chance to hit this new one yet, but I know that Terry Kohler, who designed the Edison, also designed the TK15, so I'm confident it will be a great wedge.
  4. Did you try the MaxFli Tour Ball? CKSurferdude gave me a sleeve of them at Queenstown and I finally got around to put it in play yesterday. Definitely spun less than ProV1 or PV1X, but still checked nicely on the green.
  5. Interesting because I find the ProV1 spins a lot more on shots into the green than the ProV1X.
  6. Turns out I played this course last month. Blue tees. Pulled my drive left near the second bunker, on the slope so not much of a stance. Played a 7 iron to the right side just before the cart path. Left an 8 iron just short, chipped on a made the putt for bogey. Not a terrible recovery from a not great drive. that was the only bogey on the front, and the birdie on on 8 gave me a par 36 going out. That hole is driver all day long. And the shot into the green, if you play for the middle of the green you take the bunker out of play from any position.
  7. I think it's because they aren't really stars. Any time you have a course next to a big body of water, it's going to win.
  8. There aren't many grocery stores that aren't better than Food Lion. It's pretty far down on the food chain, pardon the pun.
  9. What an awesome 2 days. And I know I missed half the fun being a commuter. Thanks to Rob, Jose, Ryan for doing all the heavy lifting. And to everyone for making me feel like I was staying at the cottage. It was great meeting all of you, I can't imagine meeting 11 random guys and having it turn out so well. The golf was great, as was the pulled pork and those pickles. Thanks again for feeding me and for all the pics, postings and fun. Next time?? Rob, good luck with your surgery, I'm sure your new eyes will drop your index at least 4 strokes.
  10. Traffic this morning was a breeze, only took about 45 minutes. Coming home this afternoon big delay about 4 miles east of the bridge and slow all the way to the other side. Otherwise not a bad drive at all.
  11. That's awesome and funny. We had hard shell tacos for dinner when I got home after golf. Those stand-up taco shells are great. Sorry I couldn't stay and eat, my great great nephew is with us for the weekend and I needed to get home. Enjoy the rest of the evening and I'll see you for breakfast.
  12. I'll plan to leave early and try to join you guys for a coffee at the cabin. Hoping for mild traffic on 50. Safe travels everyone and see you in the am.
  13. Thanks. Sorry you are going to miss this great weekend.
  14. How long do you think it will take me on Saturday morning to get there from Compass Pointe? Waze is saying 45 minutes but I know that's a busy route with folks going to OC over the weekend. I don't mind leaving earlier so I don't have to rush to the course. Thanks and looking forward to meeting some new golfers and drinking buddies.
  15. What course are we playing on Saturday? Lakes or River?
  16. I found the tee times, thanks. Yeah, riding makes sense. Just going to be too hot.
  17. I'm heading up on Saturday from Compass Pointe. Are there any details posted on starting times, etc? If there are folks planning to walk, I would definitely join you if possible. Looking forward to this event.
  18. Thanks for the shoutout Rob. My back has mostly recovered from that TM demo day. I should have known better than to hit a TM driver as I’ve been gaming Titleist drivers since the mid 90s! Those golf gods have a funny sense of humor.
  19. Referring back to the OG poster, I have found exactly the same thing with the ProV1x and ProV1. Excess spin on wedge approach shots and no release on greenside shots. I guess if I played courses set up like the pro tour I would need this much spin but I am really questioning whether it's necessary for us amateurs. The Snell MTB and MTB-X seem like a good options to try as well as the Bridgestone.
  20. I've played the Vice Pro Plus as an alternative to the ProV1x and found them to be comparable. I can't say I noticed any durability issues as some have mentioned. I think all the "tour" balls (ProV, TP5, Chromesoft, etc) are similar in performance, and it just is a personal decision based on your game and playing characteristics. If you played that ball and it worked for you, you'll save a few bucks and it won't affect your game.
  21. I'm a definite yes whether Aug or September. We just moved to Pasadena MD last fall and I haven't had a chance to play either of these courses yet, heard they are great. I would play both days, don't need to stay as I live 45 min away, but would like the chance to hang out with some of the weekenders and meet some new friends.
  22. I had just the opposite effect when I went to get fitted for irons in early 2020. TM P790s weren't even on the list, but the fitter threw them in at the end and they produced the best numbers. For the first 3-4 rounds I really struggled to hit them (formerly playing Hogen Apex Plus) but then something just clicked and it's been really good ever since. Agree with other posters that many times it's the shaft - also you can have a bad day that affects everything. I know I don't swing as well on a mat as on grass, and indoors is even more difficult. When I find something that works I realize the bad shots are not the arrow, it's the Indian.
  23. Seems to me if you can BOMB your 3W, 3H and 4i sometimes, and then other times its a WTF shot, the issue is your swing consistency. Like many say, it's not the arrow, it's the Indian. Maybe a lesson with the pro to figure out what's causing the WTF shots.
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