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  1. I had just the opposite effect when I went to get fitted for irons in early 2020. TM P790s weren't even on the list, but the fitter threw them in at the end and they produced the best numbers. For the first 3-4 rounds I really struggled to hit them (formerly playing Hogen Apex Plus) but then something just clicked and it's been really good ever since. Agree with other posters that many times it's the shaft - also you can have a bad day that affects everything. I know I don't swing as well on a mat as on grass, and indoors is even more difficult. When I find something that works I realize the bad shots are not the arrow, it's the Indian.
  2. Looking forward to trying these Maxflis Like many others, I remember playing them when I was younger. Currently playing the Vice Pro Plus and it's a great ball. Would love to compare to the new Maxfli.
  3. Seems to me if you can BOMB your 3W, 3H and 4i sometimes, and then other times its a WTF shot, the issue is your swing consistency. Like many say, it's not the arrow, it's the Indian. Maybe a lesson with the pro to figure out what's causing the WTF shots.
  4. Barry Doylestown, PA Odyssey O-Works Versa #2 I want to test the #2 Wide.
  5. Barry - Doylestown PA Right handed First choice - 3 Wood Stiff shaft Second choice - Hybrid Stiff shaft Currently play a BH UiHi 18* utility iron, and love it. Index 8.4
  6. Barry Doylestown, PA Titleist 913 D3/Diamana White Board Stiff 8.5 Index 105 MPH TSi3
  7. Barry Doylestown, PA Currently an Odyssey O-Works #2 previously Ping Cushin Interested in the Ping Anser 2, similar look as my Cushin and always liked the Ping weighting.
  8. These new Cleveland wedges have a really sharp look. Barry Doylestown, PA Hogan TK 52-56-60 Would choose a 56
  9. Barry Schwartz - Doylestown PA 10.3 index currently playing TM 790 with Hogan wedges 8 iron 150 i haven’t heard much about this company besides what I saw on MGS report.
  10. Barry Doylestown, PA I currently use a Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder and Golf Logix iPhone app.
  11. Unfortunately in PA all the courses are closed. Although yesterday I did see a couple of golfers walking along the ninth hole at a local course. I believe all the flags and rakes have been removed. No word on when they will be re-opened.
  12. First Name/State or Country of residence Barry S. Pennsylvania Handicap 10.5 Current irons in Play Hogan Apex Plus The carry distance of the your 7 iron 150-155 Thanks for this opportunity. This is a fine looking iron from Ping and I would love to review it.
  13. Barry Pennsylvania Odyssey O-Works Tank 7 If putting was a strength, would I even be reading this?
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