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  1. Congrats! Looking forward to you and the other reviewers, look forward to your results....
  2. I put mine on Trackman early this yea and consistently hit 2200 spin. Put a smile on my face.
  3. On the original JGR, I did the 2 club Test Drive Demo Program and found the Tour Green was the perfect shaft for me. Low Launch and Low Spin. Was thinking of doing the same with the the current TourB JGR with the Helium Shaft. The original JGR was so good for me that my friends told me to never trade that club in and I haven’t.
  4. Any updates on this equipment now that the season as started back up again in the Midwest?
  5. I've played the S-4 and it's a good ball. It's hard. Don't think you are going to get that marshmallow feeling like a CS or TP5. Compares to all of the top of the line Balls. You can buy them on eBay for less than ProV's. Have you seen this: https://youtu.be/AL0Y58Qp_A8
  6. Love my Big Max AutoFold. Sold two other carts to use this exclusively. Should have some type of deal at bigmaxusa.com. Ask for Mike. He's your guy.
  7. I agree with the info stated above. I have the Staff Stand bag and it handles it no problem.
  8. I got this yesterday. The first one was defective. The wheels tilt out. Mike McHugh at Big Max has been great to work with.
  9. I will tell you that I can't count how many Golfers in my league come up to me and ask me about the cart. They really like it. And once I show them how it folds and unfolds, they are amazed.
  10. Every High HDCP'er should hit these just once to feel what's like to hit a Forged Iron. It's so sweet! You won't go back to Cast.
  11. You're right & it's too bad. I have a set and they have been an unbelievable find for me. I have dropped my HDCP 6 strokes this year and these irons are a big reason why.
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