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  1. markm778

    Shot Scope V2.0

    Told you you’d like it [emoji16]
  2. markm778

    VOLVIK S3/S4

    I've played the S-4 and it's a good ball. It's hard. Don't think you are going to get that marshmallow feeling like a CS or TP5. Compares to all of the top of the line Balls. You can buy them on eBay for less than ProV's. Have you seen this: https://youtu.be/AL0Y58Qp_A8
  3. markm778

    MacGregor irons arrived today!

    Let us know how that 3i feels on the cold.
  4. markm778

    Push Cart Recommendations

    Love my Big Max AutoFold. Sold two other carts to use this exclusively. Should have some type of deal at bigmaxusa.com. Ask for Mike. He's your guy.
  5. I agree with the info stated above. I have the Staff Stand bag and it handles it no problem.
  6. I got this yesterday. The first one was defective. The wheels tilt out. Mike McHugh at Big Max has been great to work with.
  7. I will tell you that I can't count how many Golfers in my league come up to me and ask me about the cart. They really like it. And once I show them how it folds and unfolds, they are amazed.
  8. markm778

    Bridgestone's New JGR Hybrid Irons

    Every High HDCP'er should hit these just once to feel what's like to hit a Forged Iron. It's so sweet! You won't go back to Cast.
  9. markm778

    Bridgestone's New JGR Hybrid Irons

    You're right & it's too bad. I have a set and they have been an unbelievable find for me. I have dropped my HDCP 6 strokes this year and these irons are a big reason why.
  10. First let me thank My Golf Spy and Big Max for the opportunity to review the BIG MAX AUTOFOLD FF CART My name is Mark and I am from Illinois. I have been golfing for 15 years. I'm a “Pay as you play" golfer, playing 3 times a week. I currently have a 20 index and I enjoy the competitive part of golf and the constant challenge that comes with it. This is what has kept me in the game. I started playing golf because I worked for a company where all of the top executives played and I realized that if I wanted extra face time and get noticed, play golf was the way to do it. However, once I started playing – I got hooked. I would have to say the strongest part of my game is my long game. I have been called “Mr. Fairway” on several occasions. I wasn't always like this. Up until this year, I was a notorious slicer off the tee. I just never could get rid of that “Over the Top” swing. I have taken lessons since I started with many teacher and finally last year found one that could “Reach me”. A new teacher and better fitting equipment My WITB is as follows Driver: Bridgestone JGR 9.5° with Tour Green Driver Shaft Fairway Woods: Bridgestone JGR 3w, 5w & 7w Hybrid: Tour Edge EX 9 #4 with Recoil Shaft Irons: Bridgestone JGR Hybrid Forged Irons 7-AW with Recoil shafts Wedge: Callaway Mack Daddy-PM Grind wedge, 56* Putter: TP Mills Traditional II Gaming these Bridgestone JGR's has complete changed me game – I now know what it is like to have a set clubs that fit you and you can use for many years – I belong to a Tuesday Night Golf League for several years that plays 9 holes after work. Our season goes from Early April to the end of August. The course is a muni and is built for walking. Up to last year I used a Bagboy Express LE. I was the perfect starter push cart. As time went on, taking off the front wheel all of the time became a “Hassle” and decided that I need an updated cart After doing some research, I really liked the Big Max carts and received a Big Max Z360 last Christmas. I have used this Big Max Z360 this year however It has really hasn't worked out that way that I had hoped. I still needed to remove the front wheel to get it to fit in my car or loaded in sideways. And while it had a 360 swiveling front wheel, It actual was more of a hindrance than a help. So when I found out that I was chosen to test that Big Max Autofold- I thought, “This is Great” I know the company already and knew that made really good carts. Really was excited to get this on the course and see how compact this cart was. Here is what how the cart came to me: I opened the box and the parts of the cart were wrapped in plastic: Here it is unwrapped: The cart open really easy and looks really nice: Here it is compared to my Big Max Z360: Look how nice it looks with my bag on it! I did have an issue with the cart on my first time out. Note now the back wheels are tilted in: On my follow up review, I'll let know how this got resolved and how this cart is so much better fit in my SUV..