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  1. Kyle - Lavallette NJ and Boston MA 23 Handicap (and dropping) Calloway X2 hot PTX Pro/Icon Combo Sets Been following MGS for a long time, finally starting to get more involved in the community.
  2. Love Snell so far, going to try Vice soon and then stick with whatever ball I pick for the foreseeable future.
  3. Only course I have ever played in CO was at Haymaker in Steamboat. Absolutely loved it such a cool environment to play in.
  4. how big are these? I typically wear a XL or XXL and doubt they are big enough.
  5. Golfnow has become pretty important in NJ to get a tee time but I am frustrated by the overall lack of courses listed. IF there were more I'd consider Golfpass
  6. Father in law has a navigator, only see it tip over once on a pretty big hill, I enjoy walking so could be worth the investment in a few years.
  7. In the market to add a hybrid or two to my bag, just haven't been able to get a handle on my long irons. I know I need to improve there, but until I do, a hybrid would be a nice crutch.
  8. Been wondering this question myself, itching to go test some new drivers but most places are still closed.
  9. It seems the nicer or more expensive the course, the less likely they are to take risks which makes sense. Unfortunate as it means I have to schedule a tee time exactly a week in advance or they disappear quickly
  10. I have been a few times, some smaller clubs have not been crowded at all. Some courses that are cheaper have been packed, tee times practically on a rolling basis with no regard for reservations as they try to make more money and dont care at all for 16 minute intervals
  11. I am excited to see Tom and Peyton play head to head. Also will be good to see how rusty Tiger is and if he will anything special in the tank for the Masters again.
  12. Definitely the Masters, its the most iconic
  13. Hey, I have been playing golf for about 8 years on and off. When I was in college I took advantage of having a great course I could play for cheap, but after graduation did not have the time to play more than once or twice a year. However, the past year or so I have really recommitted to the game and try to get more consistent. Already through 8 rounds this year dropped my average score by about 8 strokes. Working on shaving that down over the summer and getting a legitimate handicap. I am in law school in Massachusetts, but from NJ and living in NJ this summer. I mainly play on courses by the Jersey shore. Excited to keep getting better and getting more consistent.
  14. I have played the occasional Vice ball. Bought a pack of oncore elixir and enjoyed those. Got a pack of mtb black last week though and like the feel better then the oncore. Trying to find my go to from now on between the three.
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