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  1. Had my swing recorded for the first time this year. Never saw it though, just a freeze frame at impact. Was the first lesson I have ever taken. The pro I took the lesson from has known me for years and said there was nothing for me to see with the one exception. Quite frankly I don’t really think seeing my swing would help unless I was going for a swing look, but I prefer function over form. Good question.
  2. Nothing golf for Christmas this year. New IPad, an electric brad nailer and some essentials. The best to all of you in the New Year.
  3. I play a lot of golf but it is not number one on the list. Oil painting is what I really like to do, when I get on a creative streak I just walk away from golf. I started playing too late in life to be any good at it but I do enjoy playing with new people and spending time in the great outdoors.
  4. Different look for sure. Change is good. Before long we will adapt and they will tweek. Maybe tweek that Facebook thing off the right side.
  5. Senior golf league today, heading out the door. Have a great day folks.
  6. We finally hit a stretch of good weather, mid to low 70's light winds for the rest of the week. It's gonna be fun!
  7. I have a “Range to Go” hitting mat. Three different surfaces to hit from. Folds up to store, very portable and doesn't seem to move around much when hitting. Use it in the yard so I'm not taking chunks out of the lawn.
  8. Played 18 this morning didn't warm up much but was sunny. A consistent 39/39. Supposed to rain the next couple of days so will probably hunker down and watch some golf.
  9. Playing tomorrow before the wind and rain arrives Thursday. Like you, we don't get much rain here so I just wait it out. Last summer I missed two days of golf due to rain. The heat is the biggest battle here.
  10. Previous two drivers were Ping G and R15. The F8 is more stable through impact than both. The dispersion is better as well even mishits don't seem to lose much distance. The tour length shaft 44.5” and the heavier weights in the head make the club feel like you are actually swinging something of substance and it just gives me more confidence to let it go. The sound of the club is good as well, muted but not dead.
  11. Played Thursday with the F8 tour length driver and it is the best driver I have had in quite some time. Sounds great, feels great and goes for ever with a nice piercing trajectory. I don't think you can make a bad choice with this club.
  12. Midsize grips for me. Standard grips I always feel like I am strangling the club, just too much tension. I also tend to get a little hooky with standard grips.
  13. Flipper554

    P2 Grips

    Played my first round today with the P2 Aware tour grip. Had 26 putts. Really liking this grip good distance control and much easier the keep the club square through the stroke. So far so good.
  14. Course opened today finally. 41/37 so not too bad for the first round of the season. New driver, F8 is awesome a fairway finder for sure. New irons and wedges might take a little longer to figure out but for the most part where pretty solid, just need to dial in the distances compared to my old ones. Great to be playing again.
  15. We have Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes here but you have to go into the foothills to run across them. They are rather docile and you rarely hear of anyone being bitten. Other than that we just have garter snakes, gopher snakes and few other non venomous snakes. It is illegal to kill any snake in BC, the hawks and eagles take care of that anyway.
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