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  1. Had my swing recorded for the first time this year. Never saw it though, just a freeze frame at impact. Was the first lesson I have ever taken. The pro I took the lesson from has known me for years and said there was nothing for me to see with the one exception. Quite frankly I don’t really think seeing my swing would help unless I was going for a swing look, but I prefer function over form. Good question.
  2. Nothing golf for Christmas this year. New IPad, an electric brad nailer and some essentials. The best to all of you in the New Year.
  3. I play a lot of golf but it is not number one on the list. Oil painting is what I really like to do, when I get on a creative streak I just walk away from golf. I started playing too late in life to be any good at it but I do enjoy playing with new people and spending time in the great outdoors.
  4. 59 and doin fine, I play XBox almost everyday. I play games and chat with my son but I never play online. Red Dead Redemption 2 is what I am ambling through at the moment. I’ve been playing since pong not hardcore gaming just to entertain the 12 year old in me.
  5. Different look for sure. Change is good. Before long we will adapt and they will tweek. Maybe tweek that Facebook thing off the right side.
  6. Great milestone Kenny. Congrats and carry on.
  7. I only have the glove on when taking shots. It stays dry and cleaner longer than if worn continuously for 4 hours. Not sure why I am on and off with the glove But 40 years of habit would probably be the best explanation.
  8. Congrats! Hit it long and straight.
  9. I will be 59 in August and I know what you are talking about. What I have done about it, well not much more than I always have. Aerobic exercise and lots of stretches not much weight stuff. For the loss of iron distance I now use GI clubs that go a long way. I also slowed my swing a bit so I am making more consistent contact. Other than that I just keep rolling along hoping to maintain what I have. Getting old sucks.
  10. Congrats! That's a lot of posting right there. Ready for more.
  11. Senior golf league today, heading out the door. Have a great day folks.
  12. We finally hit a stretch of good weather, mid to low 70's light winds for the rest of the week. It's gonna be fun!
  13. Not into the whole game tracking stuff yet but I think it gives another picture of the state of your game. How long before you can sit back and watch your last round of golf?
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