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  1. Jeff/Southlake TX/USA Ray Cook Blue Goose Floki
  2. Ah...so you work in the golf industry? Nice fringe benefits. I just think BH's reluctance to sell heads only direct-to-consumer is foolish, since they're already doing so with Club Champion as a middle man. Oh, well.
  3. How did you get a set of heads only from Hogan? I've asked, and they declined to sell only the heads.
  4. Southlake, TX CBD Enhanced Sports Cream Focused and Competitive Fitbit
  5. Jeff/Southlake TX HDCP = 13.4 Ben Hogan Apex Plus, 4-E
  6. You should consider getting your Wilson C300 irons refinished if you still like 'em, Tony. There's a guy right there in Ohio that'll makeover your set of 8 for $350. Ken Flanigan at Flanigan Bilt Putters. Check out some of his jobs at his Instagram account - https://www.instagram.com/flaniganbiltgolf/
  7. Jeff, Southlake TX Cleveland CG-10s 50, 54, and 58 degree lofts
  8. Interesting I read somewhere that changing a club's lie angle will also affect swing weight. Flatter = heavier. True story?
  9. Are you getting your desired trajectory and spin with your Equalizers on full shots, Sluggo?
  10. Golf WRX's "Wedge Guy"and founder of Ben Hogan's relaunch in 2014, Terry Koehler, makes a strong case for combo sets with short iron blades. The goal should be proper trajectory and spin while limiting ballooned approach shots. He contends our misses with short irons are higher on the face. http://www.golfwrx.com/622586/the-wedge-guy-maybe-its-time-to-rethink-your-short-irons/
  11. Hogan's customer service reps say their stock shafts "fit 90% of golfers". But, why'd they partner with Club Champion if that's true?
  12. I've asked Hogan about purchasing club heads only - no luck. Interesting that Hogan is now available at Club Champion, a purveyor of super-premium after market shafts. I've seen a guy get fitted there. Paralysis thru over-analysis and the fitter never did a comparison with his existing set-up. Always talked about incremental gains with their Gucci shaft offerings. Really a turn-off for me.
  13. Which 8-iron did you hit better? The PTx-Pro or ICON? I'm considering a new combo set, too. I'm a 13.4, but don't really have trouble finding the sweet spot with short irons.
  14. 13.4 HDCP, Southlake TX Ben Hogan Apex Plus, 150-155 yds I've actually spoken with their CEO, Jason Hiland, on the phone about these clubs in particular. When he says Sub 70 offers exemplary customer service, I believe him. Most every Sub 70 review I've read is overwhelmingly positive. I haven't demo'd any yet, but am considering new irons in the not-too-distant future.
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