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  1. - Jeff - Texas - Ray Cook Blue Goose - Frontline Cero Slant Neck
  2. No argument - the BH brand was dying. But, Callaway sure has embraced the Apex branding after being "stuck" with it.
  3. J.B. TexasEx

    J.B. TexasEx

  4. Has anyone tried the Swing Align training aid yet? https://swingtrainer.com/ Alistair Davies was endorsing it on his Facebook page today. It looks promising, so I was wondering if spies have had success with it.
  5. Jeff/Texas 13.3 HDCP Cleveland CG10s, 50*, 54*, & 58* 3/4 controlled flight into the wind that stops immediately or after one hop
  6. Jeff Texas 13.3 HCP Ben Hogan Apex Plus, 155 yards
  7. My stock "good" shot with irons is a medium-high draw. Sounds like the Tour V is more versatile and potentially better in the wind.
  8. That is f'n hilarious! ...and brilliant marketing. RIP, Eli Callaway, but I'll never forgive you for "stealing" Ben Hogan's Apex branding. Now that was genius from the great man himself. #TheHoganMystique
  9. Has anyone tested these two shafts from KBS? Obviously, the Tour 90 is lighter. What can I expect in terms of performance? Is one better than another based on swing speed or tempo?
  10. Just being honest. But, to each his own. ALIGN must work for many golfers because Golf Pride keeps adding the feature to additional models; Tour Velvet, Z Grip, etc. I liked the concept, but it just didn't add value for me. Today, I purchased Lamkin grips for the first time. I'm gonna try 'em in my three wedges. The UTx Cord with two extra wraps for my right hand.
  11. What is it about the 699's that you disliked?
  12. Keep a small bottle of New Skin liquid bandage in your golf bag. Burns a little with application, but it works.
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