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  1. You've got an enviable bag and set-up for a "newbie".
  2. 62 total points (Chiefs 38, 49ers 24) Or did somebody already beat me to it? Got to this thread late. GO, CHIEFS from an old AFC fan.
  3. My ALIGN XL golf ball looks good with my new Tour Edge putter. I just played a quick 9 hole practice round today - didn't even keep score. But, ain't it pretty? Eat your heart out, Sammy Hagar! #redrocker
  4. National Championship Game Viewership (MM) 35.6 '05 TX/USC 34.2 '14 OSU/ORE 28.8 '06 UF/OSU 28.5 '09 TX/ALA 28.4 '17 ALA/UGA 27.3 '10 ORE/AUB 26.8 '08 UF/OU 26.4 '12 ALA/ND 26.2 '15 ALA/CLE 26.1 '13 AUB/FSU 25.6 '19 LSU/CLEM 25.3 '18 CLEM/ALA 25.3 '16 CLEM/ALA 24.2 '11 LSU/ALA 23.1 '07 LSU/OSU
  5. Lol....that's right, but they really shouldn't be. But, WVU shouldn't be in the Big 12 either. So now we're looking at Louisville. Who else ranks SOS after the season's complete?
  6. The 'Power Rankings Guru', whoever that is, rated Clemson's schedule 66th after the regular season. They'e acquitted themselves well in the CFB playoffs, but yeah, the ACC doesn't show up until #25 with Maryland on his SOS radar. Who else rates & ranks CFB schedules? Phil Steele does in the preseason.
  7. If you've never read the article, Meet the Bagman, you should. Personally, I've never actually seen money change hands until OBJ's act on Monday night. But, I believe it probably goes on at every big time athletic program. The discreet "$100 handshake" is tough to prove. Passing out wads of cash on national TV is not. It'll be interesting to see if the NCAA does anything. Just this week, former UT player Emmanuel Acho talked about $1,000 bonuses for interceptions during his playing days. There goes his inside access to Texas Football...
  8. True For example, 2019 was the first time A&M played Georgia. The 14-team super-conference makes for odd scheduling, especially when you only play an 8-game league slate. More divisional crossover games would be better for season ticket-holders and fans. But, the current formula works for making the CFB Playoffs. SEC and ACC aren't compelled to change anything.
  9. Agreed - this year - and you can certainly make the argument that Bama was the 4th best team and worthy of a playoff spot. I just want good, competitive games, too. I understand why everybody schedules at least one bye week, though. Ours was LaTech.
  10. Exactly And to your and @GSwag 's point, who wants to watch - let alone pay to attend - guaranteed blow outs versus FCS cupcakes or lesser G5 teams? Personally, I'm not going to argue "who has the best conference" because there's no way to measure it objectively. Every P5 league has good, middling, and bad teams. One year, ESPN is touting a conference's bowl record and the next they're saying it "doesn't matter". Whatever fits their narrative at the time. Having said that, perhaps Sagarin does the best job with analytics and ratings? http://sagarin.com/sports/cfsend.htm
  11. No offense, but I didn't miss you, Bud, or Sixcat. The SEC's mid-to-bottom isn't any better than the other four P5 conferences. But, go on believing what the shills at ESPN feed you.
  12. Impact on LSU if Odell Beckham Jr. Handed Out Real Money
  13. The AP, coaches poll, an other influences - looking at you ESPN - give lip service to strength-of-schedule. Until teams are penalized objectively for soft OOC schedules, they'll continue to fill-in 4 slots with cupcakes. Yes, it puts the Big 12, Pac 12 and B1G at a BIG disadvantage playing 9 conference games. Most every P5 team you can name is much stronger and deeper than the Western Carolinas, Lamars, and Tarleton States of the world.
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