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  1. That had to result in heavy drinking if the 98 followed the 78. Quite the variance.
  2. Jeff, Southlake TX Xs Testing Outdoors No net
  3. Jeff Southlake/TX Kirkland Signature I purchased Top Flites in my 20's because they were cost-effective. I'm playing K-Sigs now, so I'd be open to putting 'em in play again. I like a good value - performance at a fair price.
  4. Jeff / Southlake TX Yes, I own a Rukket hitting net right now No, but I will probably purchase a LM sometime in the not-too-distant future
  5. Jeff / Southlake TX 12 Puma Comfort + Traction
  6. How long have you been playing the Equalizer wedges, @joen? I trust you're happy with their feel, trajectory, and distance control?
  7. I'm surprised that your PTxPro 4-iron is longer than the UiHi. Even off the tee? I rarely hit my 4-iron from the fairway these days. Thanks again for stepping up to review both irons. Will you be getting some Trackman data, too?
  8. Well, lucky me! What a privilege to test one of Ben Hogan's fairways. Trying to double-check the shaft specs to get fitted right. I'm a 100-105 mph, mid-trajectory, up-tempo swinger. Any recommendations?
  9. Jeff - Southlake TX Right-handed 3 wood, 15* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram, Stiff UiHi driving iron, 22* - KBS Tour V, Stiff Handicap = 13.4 I currently game a 4-iron and a 5-wood
  10. The Lamkin Z-5's look a lot like GP's MCC grips, but at a better price. I've got their UTx cord grips in my wedges and they've held up nicely, too. I may switch to Lamkins, moving forward, and save a few bucks on re-gripping.
  11. Sub 70 has a good, cost-effective GI option. https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-699-iron.html
  12. Jeff Southlake, TX Srixon z585 13.4 index 105 mph TSi3
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