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  1. My stock "good" shot with irons is a medium-high draw. Sounds like the Tour V is more versatile and potentially better in the wind.
  2. That is f'n hilarious! ...and brilliant marketing. RIP, Eli Callaway, but I'll never forgive you for "stealing" Ben Hogan's Apex branding. Now that was genius from the great man himself. #TheHoganMystique
  3. Has anyone tested these two shafts from KBS? Obviously, the Tour 90 is lighter. What can I expect in terms of performance? Is one better than another based on swing speed or tempo?
  4. Just being honest. But, to each his own. ALIGN must work for many golfers because Golf Pride keeps adding the feature to additional models; Tour Velvet, Z Grip, etc. I liked the concept, but it just didn't add value for me. Today, I purchased Lamkin grips for the first time. I'm gonna try 'em in my three wedges. The UTx Cord with two extra wraps for my right hand.
  5. What is it about the 699's that you disliked?
  6. Keep a small bottle of New Skin liquid bandage in your golf bag. Burns a little with application, but it works.
  7. I've found that Golf Pride's ALIGN feature doesn't do much for me in terms of improved hand placement, feel, and performance. I put the MCC-Plus 4 Aligns on my old Hogans, Driver, and 3-wood but I probably won't purchase that feature again. The grips without ALIGN are good enough for me. I'll save a couple of dollars per club, too. FWIW, I've also found that the Plus 4 feature isn't necessarily desirable in my irons either. I'll probably just add a couple of wraps for my lower hand, moving forward.
  8. Done and thanks. I still have my eyes on the Ben Hogan PTx-Pros, but I could get talked into Sub 70 with better information. I like their clean looks.
  9. So far, so good! The ball is definitely coming off hotter than my 2007 Cleveland HiBore. I hit two of my longest drives on a couple of holes. My only really bad miss was an over-the-top pull that'd go bad with any club. Heel misses are better than toe, however, unless your face is totally shut.
  10. Do we have any spies currently gaming Sub 70 Golf's 699 or 639 CB iron models? If so, I'd like to get some feedback on their performance; playability, shot trajectory & shape, feel & forgiveness, etc. I haven't found enough on the internet about these clubs to have an informed opinion. Thanks in advance. JB
  11. Jeff - Southlake, TX 13.3 HCP Index Cleveland CG4-Tour irons, 3-PW, Project X Rifle 6.0 Prowler VT Gunmetal - Stiff, + 1-inch length, Midsize grips with two wraps on lower hand. 4- PW, please
  12. Jeff/Southlake, TX 13.3 HCP/102 MPH I don't currently game a hybrid because I can't find one that I like. Maybe the CBX will change my mind! I'd choose 20 degrees because I'd want it to replace my 3-iron.
  13. I'll be out at Colonial on Saturday. See ya at the 4th tee box, the beginning of the "Horrible Horseshoe". My picks; Jordan Spieth Justin Rose Jon Rahm
  14. I just purchased this 2017 beauty today online at Hurricane Golf for $170, including Golf Pride grip upgrade - MCC Plus 4. Can't wait to hit it!
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