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  1. Our distances are comparable. I rarely hit my 4i off the fairway due to inconsistent ball-striking and can't stand hybrids because I hook them. A 7w may be more versatile, especially out of the rough. Hell, look at the specs on some OEMs' clubs these days. Only a 2-degree gap between the 4i and 5i? Why carry both?
  2. Thanks! I'll look to see if TXG has any recommendations about shaft flexes, too. Bottom line is I need to get fitted for shafts and I'll have no problem going to an R flex in my longer clubs (or the full bag, if necessary). Higher launch is desirable with mid to long irons and fairways. I'm even considering a 7-wood.
  3. Getcha some lead tape in the meantime.
  4. The moral of this story is don't climb ladders after 60. Get well soon, Big Stu!
  5. I'm looking seriously at purchasing new irons and wedges from either Ben Hogan or Sub 70. With that in mind, I was also contemplating shaft and lie-angle options. Maybe getting fitted for a "softer" shaft with a lower kick point in my mid to long irons? Possibly tweeking the lie angles flatter in my short irons & wedges to prevent a left miss? Has anyone else made these type of adjustments? I plan to drop $49.95 @ PGA Tour Superstore for the "Tour Van Experience" and iron fitting. FWIW I'm middle-aged, 6' 3" approx 250 lbs. Driver swing-speed was between 100-105 mph. A good swing produces a nice medium-high draw. Bad swings can result in pull-hooks or blocks. I haven't been fitted for anything since 2007 and that was only with an old school lie board. Any advice or feedback from more knowledgeable golfers will be appreciated.
  6. I've played the MCC's for years with and without the ALIGN feature. Both are good, but I found the ALIGN wasn't doing it for me. Not worth the upcharge, IMO.
  7. How did your ball-flight change when you switched from the Rifle 6.0s to the $taper? Just curious.
  8. 13.4 HDCP, Southlake TX Social Media Twitter @JBTexasEx Facebook @JeffBahry Instagram @JeffBahry 16 rounds Ben Hogan, Cleveland, Srixon, and Callaway Cobra Dream Bag Driver - King Speedzone Extreme Fairways - King Speedzone 3, 5, & 7 Irons - King Forged Tec 5-GW Wedges - King MIM Sand and Lob
  9. Jeff, Southlake TX 13.4 HDCP Ben Hogan Apex Plus PTX Pro-Icon Combo
  10. Yeah, I'd wanna hit 7-irons for both ICON and PTxPro to see which I hit better. That'd help me decide between a combo set or just going with PTxPro's. At first glance, a UiHi 4-iron, PTx 5-7, and ICON 8-P looks like the ticket!
  11. Great lookin' clubs, RoboDoc! Those new ICONs are just gorgeous. What handicap are you playing to these days?
  12. Southlake, TX Sun Mountain C-130 I like individual dividers for irons, a valuables pocket, and hopefully an insulated, cooler pocket that can store more than 4 beers with ice!
  13. Great write-up, JW, thanks for sharing your process with us. I'm finally thinking about getting new irons and am also considering a combo set for a lot of the same reasons. I, too, prefer a thinner topline and don't need much help with my mid to short irons. I haven't been fitted properly since 2007 and didn't get the "tour experience" then. Just an old-fashioned lie board. I can't really work the ball much left-to-right, but can adjust trajectory when necessary. My stock shot is a medium-high draw. I'll probably just pay PGA Superstore $40 to get fitted and then purchase some new Hogans or a Sub 70 combo set after a demo.
  14. Project X 6.5's are pretty stiff. I hope you've got a higher swing speed. But, you can't go wrong with Mizuno irons.
  15. First off, how did you get your hands on a set of FW-15 heads? I asked Ben Hogan if they'd be willing to sell me heads only - no luck. Their shaft options are somewhat limited, but they claim BH options "fit 90% of golfers". Go to your local PGA Superstore and get fitted for a good shaft. It should only cost you $40, if that much. Sometimes they'll work with you for free when they're slow. In your case, I'd assume a heavier shaft with higher kick-point will be better for your swing if you're hitting moon balls. A lighter shaft is usually designed to aid lift.
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