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  1. Hey, I'd purchase and play the super-premium balls if money were no object. I'm convinced the 4-layer offerings give me more pop off the tee and have better control around the greens. I'd get on a Trackman, get fitted for a ball, and choose my gamer based on real data if I were playing competitively. My HDCP index is 13.8 and I'm on a budget, so I'm happy with my K-Sigs. The MAXFLI Tour X is a better ball, IMO, but the Tour isn't necessarily an upgrade. I make this assertion only on what I see and "feel". I don't expect to satisfy MGS's engineers with my feedback. Maybe I should submit to a blind test? Feel is innate. For whatever reason, the more layered balls "feel" softer to me. Although I'm not sure my touch is sensitive enough to delineate between a ProV1 and ProV1x off the clubface. Put it this way - I won't purchase the Golf Pride ALIGN feature in my MCCs again because I don't think the feature is worth an extra $2 per grip. I don't "feel" the difference nor think ALIGN gives me an advantage over my regular MCCs or UTx grips. But, then again maybe I'm just a cheap bastard.
  2. Jeff, Southlake TX Off and On I sometimes draw a line with a black Sharpie TP5x Align XL Personalized - Black - Text: GO IN!
  3. Yesterday, I finally had a chance to test and game the MAXFLI golf balls @ Trophy Club's Hogan Course from the Copper Tees @ approximately 6,650 yards. Fun fact - this is the only golf course Ben Hogan ever designed for a fee and is considered his "singular design" work. He consulted on Colonial and Shady Oaks, but as a favor to his mentor, Marvin Leonard. Weather was in the mid-60s and the wind wasn't really a factor, maybe only blowing up to 10 mph occasionally. It was cooler, so I think my distance was down maybe 1/2 club length through the bag. My recorded statistics; Fairways = 57%, GIR = 56% Putts = 29 Overall, I didn't play that great only scoring a bogey golf 90, with a 46 on the front with the Tour ball and a slight improvement of 44 on the back with the Tour X. I drove the ball pretty straight with both balls, the Tour and Tour X, but the X gave me a little more distance. I did hit two really bad shots with each ball - a shank leading to a snowman on a Par 5, Hole #6 with the Tour and a stone topped 7-iron that I splashed into a creek on my approach with the Tour X @ Hole #14 from 150 yards. Here's an approach shot that I hit on #1 with a 7-iron from 145 yards out of the rough, slightly uphill with the Tour ball. The ball spun well enough, IMO, based on it not releasing more than 12 feet from a flier lie. I missed the birdie, though, much to my chagrin. Greens were running pretty darn fast. Here's a full pitching wedge that I hit from 118 yards on #10 with the Tour X ball. The pitch mark is only about 3-feet away from where the ball stopped, so that's not bad for a full swing with a 46-degree PW. I like that result. Ball flight was a high draw that I carried 120 yards just past the hole. In my opinion, the MAXFLI 3-piece Tour felt slightly harder than the 4-piece Tour X, but its ball flight was comparable. The Tour's performance compared favorably to my usual gamer, the 3-piece K-Sigs. My stock shot is a medium-high draw, and MAXFLI Tour X also performed well when compared to most other premium balls I've gamed; ProV1, TPX5, Chrome Soft, etc. The Tour ball didn't appear to fly as far when struck well with my driver nor spin as much as the Tour X. But, I'm basing this opinion only on my observations and results with pitches, chips, and short-iron approaches. Both are good balls and more than adequate for mid-handicappers like me. If you can spend $35 for a dozen premium golf balls, I'd recommend saving a few bucks @ DICK's for the 4-piece Tour X rather than dropping $50 for other super-premium offerings. In my limited experience, the 3-piece Tour is comparable to my K-Sigs and isn't worth spending and extra $11 for, IMO. Based on my on-course results, ball flight, and performance, your scores shouldn't drop off much, if at all, with MAXFLI golf balls. Given a choice, I prefer the Tour X ball for its slightly softer feel and its better distance off the tee. I'm actually surprised they're both priced the same @ DICK's.
  4. I agree. That's the Maxfli logo that I grew up with. Hell, it looks more "premium" than Mizuno's offerings IMO.
  5. First off, I'd like to thank MGS and MAXFLI for giving this 51-year old, 13.7 HDCP hack a chance to test these new golf balls. I am a thrifty golfer who usually purchases the 3-piece Kirkland Signature golf balls. Professionally, I'm a residential real estate agent and I also work part-time as a starter at the local country club. I live in a DFW suburb, have been married for 13+ years, and am the father to a 7 1/2 year old boy. I don't get to play as much as I'd like, because my free time is spent coaching youth teams and assisting Cub Scouts. My knowledge of golf balls "performance" is somewhat rudimentary. I've noticed that the super-premium balls (Pro-V1, TP-5, Chrome Soft, etc.) generally perform best, but I'm not willing to pay the price for these brands. Fortunately, I find many of them in good shape at the CC! My Game- I've been playing semi-regularly since I graduated from UT, back in 1991. In the past, I've taken lessons from teaching pros and at Golf Tec, but haven't done so in about 15 years. These days, I get my instruction from YouTube videos; Bradley Hughes, Alex Fortay, and Alistair Davies, among others. My biggest problem is consistency, but I usually score between 86-92. I never seem to put all the pieces together during my rounds; driving, ball-striking, short-game, and putting. I'd get frustrated, but I rarely beat balls. When I practice, it's usually just pitching, chipping, and putting. The best my handicap has ever been is 12. I still game my 1999 Hogan Apex Plus irons, so I believe more in the archer than the arrow. What I want in a ball is what most everybody else does - consistent performance and a softer "feel" around the greens. Based on what little research I've done and the observations I've made while playing, the urethane cover balls "feel" better, especially around the greens. As a general rule, a 4-piece ball should spin more than a 3-piece with your shorter, controlled swings. My stock shot is a medium-high draw with the irons and hand-me-down Callaway fairways, but I'm actually hitting a nice fade with my new Srixon z565 driver. My swing speed is about 105 mph with a driver, so I hit it pretty good when I find the sweet spot. A stock 7-iron is usually 155-160 yards with no wind. My Plan- I'm not very analytical by nature and I don't own nor use a launch monitor or range finder. I'm the typical "feel" golfer who really only cares about the numbers on my scorecard. What I intend to do is play two balls for a number of holes, comparing my K-Sigs against the MAXFLI Tour and Tour X. I will endeavor to make astute observations about how the ball reacts and feels off the clubface when compared to my usual gamer. I know this comparison won't satisfy the engineers here at MGS, but fortunately that wasn't a prerequisite for participating in the test. The challenge for me is getting "good" data and results from an inconsistent, mid-handicapper's swing like mine. But, I'll do the best I can. Let's call mine "the regular guy" golf ball review.
  6. - Jeff - Texas - Ray Cook Blue Goose - Frontline Cero Slant Neck
  7. No argument - the BH brand was dying. But, Callaway sure has embraced the Apex branding after being "stuck" with it.
  8. J.B. TexasEx

    J.B. TexasEx

  9. Has anyone tried the Swing Align training aid yet? https://swingtrainer.com/ Alistair Davies was endorsing it on his Facebook page today. It looks promising, so I was wondering if spies have had success with it.
  10. Jeff/Texas 13.3 HDCP Cleveland CG10s, 50*, 54*, & 58* 3/4 controlled flight into the wind that stops immediately or after one hop
  11. Jeff Texas 13.3 HCP Ben Hogan Apex Plus, 155 yards
  12. My stock "good" shot with irons is a medium-high draw. Sounds like the Tour V is more versatile and potentially better in the wind.
  13. That is f'n hilarious! ...and brilliant marketing. RIP, Eli Callaway, but I'll never forgive you for "stealing" Ben Hogan's Apex branding. Now that was genius from the great man himself. #TheHoganMystique
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