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  1. As so many posters have already said, your game is far better than mediocre and many of us feel the same way. I have been there and still am there. The bit of advice I have is figuring out where the leaks in your game are. For me, that started by looking at your stats and see where you are losing strokes. I am a big fan of online lessons and have found them to be incredibly helpful. With that being said, in my golf journey, I initially became to focused on perfecting my golf swing as opposed to lowering my scores. In my experience, most folks with a with a single digit handicap make a decent enough pass at the ball to shoot low scores. Instead they need to focus on 1) playing more, 2) knowing their yardages, 3) accurate target selection, and 4) short game. I have found DECADE tremendously helpful in target selection and tracking the strengths/weaknesses in my game. It allows me to then target my limited practice time to the areas that need it most(Driver/long irons/short irons/ wedges/etc.). This has allowed me to improve my game without spending hours on the range beating balls each week (which I did when I was a kid with limited success). I practice my putting and chipping at the house, and typically hit 50> range balls per week.
  2. I think the answer which so many others have said is simply yes. What I find interesting is pros who task their caddies/Scott Fawcett/other experts to handle the analytical side of their game while they focus on being "present" during the round. A good example during the round is Dustin Johnson, whose caddie implements and uses the aim point system to read putts. Similarly, many caddies on tour implement the DECADE system for their pros in terms of target selection during the round. Clearly, weekend hackers don't have that option but I do think there is a benefit to separating the analytics from when you are playing on the course. For me, I use the the DECADE system and yardage books(at times). When I do, I will prep my aim points before the round, play the round, and evaluate the round later in time. For me, it has streamlined my target selection and simplified my "process". On the discussion of Bryson, I wonder if he is so involved in his process that he is unable to be present and take in that unique course knowledge that is so beneficial when playing at Augusta.
  3. I have implemented this in a similar situation to you with great affect on my scores. Twice a week I have ~hour of practice at the short game area of a local course. The chipping area is separate from the putting green, so I set up a modified "18 holes". For the sake of the game I assume I hit 9 GIR and set up 9 separate chip/pitch/sand shots in the short game area. I track the distance left after each chip and then walk over to the putting green. From there I hit 18 putts (9 from the short game distances + 9 for the GIR putts). Each time I have a target score and it is a well rounded way to practice IMO.
  4. Agree with the above posters; A swing video may help address the problem. I struggled with this issue in the past and found it was helpful to let my shoulder turn dictate the "length of my swing". A lot of amateurs try and get added backswing length by either collapsing there arms or continuing to pull the arms back after the shoulder turn stops. This can result in numerous problems.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to do this review! I had a few questions: How did you feel this putting method affected your speed/distance control? I have heard the Arm-Lock AL-2 Converter grip claims to "add 2-3 degrees of loft" negating any loft loss from the arm lock method. Did you find this to be true?
  6. Agreed. I have been eyeing a deal on the Grant Park. Del Mar's are beautiful clubs, but I would like to test out a more inexpensive option prior to making the investment. Unfortunately, none of these clubs are available in my local golf stores to try before I buy. Would love any other recs people have!
  7. I appreciate the help in advance. I was recently fit for a putter style and am looking for a full toe hang putter with offset(ideally full shaft or something close to it). I would like a bit more forgiveness and have had an eye towards the #9 models or something similar. Of course I am aware of the Odyssey line of putters but am looking for other suggestions as well. I am struggling to find #9 style heads from different manufactures that were made for lefties. I am also open to other head shapes that fit the above specs! Ideally, I am looking to buy something used and inexpensive to try. If I like, I can go the custom route or buy something newer going forward. As always, thank y'all for the help!
  8. How long, realistically, does it take to roll through the materials? (while still absorbing them of course)
  9. I love to hear that. I agree regarding the Tee Shot cones. Having watched his free content, I have used his tee shot strategy and "decision-tree" with great success in my own game. Being unfamiliar with this, does he go as in depth on approach shot strategy and aim point with irons as he does off the tee? Is it segmented by distance from the hole? Just very curious as I am very familiar with his tee shot strategy but have not heard much about how he views the approach shots.
  10. I am very curious about this, and might have missed it. Are the white lines based on a certain degree of slope? If it does, this seems like an interesting product that could be used alongside the aimpoint method.
  11. Thank you for doing this and I look forward to hearing about your Journey! I am familiar with Scott's philosophy and am considering attending one of his seminars or purchasing the app. Thus far, do you believe this app will be helpful to the average golfer? I ask because I am curious if his aim recommendations are based on a pro/scratch players dispersion or does he have a different strategy for players of certain handicaps? My guess is that a 10 handicap players shot dispersion will be greater than that of a scratch/+ handicap player and may affect aimpoint.
  12. I think the advice here is fantastic. I could not agree more with @DaveP043 's fundamentals. (start line, distance control, and read) For me, I do most of my start line work at home. There are many ways to practice it, but typically i will putt down a ruler and/or set up putting gates(using anything from tees, sleeves of balls, or even the pelz putting tudor). This has greatly improved my putting ability and is easy to do for 15-20 minutes a day at home. The other investment I would make is in a digital level. I am an aimpoint follower as well, but at a minimum it will help you get a feel for reading the break/slope on greens. On the course/practice range I work on: 1) ladder drill 2) gated putting drill: I will find a putt that has a decent amount of break, read the putt, and then set up a gate where I believe the start line should be. I like this drill because it works on all three fundamentals at once(start line, distance control, and green reading)
  13. Are you putting well with your current flatstick?? My first bit of advice would be "if it aint broke, dont fix it". But, if that is not the case, I would suggest getting a putter that fits your "natural stroke arc". I believe you indicated your putting stroke was "slightly strong arc". What is the toe hang on the Rossie? My guess is that it is closer to face balanced than your natural stroke may indicate. If that is the case, I believe the Ping Heppler or Tyne 4 could be the best option based on the toe hang and stroke type. Also, there are a ton of used putters that would fit this build as well. I am a believer that your setup dictates what the proper arc of your stroke is, and so I would not look to alter your natural putting stroke by changing to a putter with less toe hang (been down that road before).
  14. Ben Friedman Houston, TX I practice putting once a day for around 30 minutes using blast motion inside of my home. I practice at the course once a week at most for around an hour. I average 1 three putt a round. Speed control is an issue for me on long putts. I am most excited about Exputt’s ability to simulate putts of different speeds, lengths, and breaks from home. This could be a game changer for my putting practice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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