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  1. I have been looking at walking with a cart and love this topic! So, I notice there is no mention of front wheels that turn, has anyone tried that style of cart? If not, why not?
  2. There are some shafts that come in fairway specific models and they are almost always somewhat heavier than the driver shaft. I have seen several tests that show little if any increase in speed with lighter shafts and they frequently show less positive contact. I read the new Masters champ plays heavier, stiffer, shafts in his driver than his fairway and in his wedges compared to his irons.
  3. Trying again, been playing golf since the mid 70’s and would love to take the Wide putter to the course. I’ve hit it in the store and am impressed by the stability. I liked the previous Impact 2 in the store but not on the course, hopefully this one will carry onto the greens. Rob Alberti MD Infinite West Loop
  4. I have been a Golfworks guy since the early 80’s. How many places could one order a raw persimmon turning? Select your own insert and spend hours finding out you have absolutely no ability to do fine detail work. Lol
  5. Try a Bucktown before you buy it. I ordered one online and was shocked at the size of the head, it’s much larger than the Grant Park model I had and the TA Impact 3 it looks like.
  6. At 57 I’ve finally decided I need a less than proline iron, something more modern than my current Pi5 Wilson’s. My favorite clubs were a set of 68 Wilson Staff Dynapower irons, but I have also played forged irons from Ram, Titleist and Maltby. I’ve got three weeks of vacation to use up over the next couple of months so I actually have the time for once.
  7. Never been loaded with clubs or seen a golf course Wilson Carry Bag.
  8. How does the matte green compare to a high visibility yellow like the Srixon Z Star?
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