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  1. The new MultiStep is nothing like the old one. They really should given it a different name because it is not a high launch shaft now and is much lighter. It could be a good idea to try one out.
  2. I have had good luck with the Apollo Spectre shafts as a low cost alternative. Very similar to the DG105 flight wise and weight. The issue is weight tolerance. I ordered 7 shafts and while 5 were within a 1\10th of a gram, the other two were a few grams out of spec.
  3. I think most of the engineering is done by the foundry, either on their own or at the prodding of the club company. Golfsmith was selling C455 steel faced fairways 20 years ago. Now TM does it and it’s some sort of revaluation. I just tried out the Ram FX77 which is similar to several club heads and performed as well as an iron can. A little short on toe ward shots compared to the Maltby KE4 Tour+ but most irons aren’t as forgiving as the Maltby is.
  4. I'm a definite believer in being able to pick up a ball with the putter even if it only happens a few times a round so the AT2 would probably be my choice. That being said in pictures it kinda looks like two different heads glued together. Lol I wish I still had my black deep face zebra.
  5. The cover issue seems to be fixed. He was selling the older balls at a big discount with the warning about the cover.
  6. I exchanged emails with Golf Brands, apparently they have several new designs already in the pipeline they will be bringing to market. No details but apparently at least one of them falls in the game improvement category.
  7. That's an unusual mix, are those the Black Knight irons?
  8. The new version is quite different from the previous model. So far I have only seen it listed at Golfworks and it is 99-98g weight and much lower launching than the original. I have it in a Maltby DBM 5 iron and it produces a lower flight with excellent spin numbers. I usually play DG105 S300 and it fits well with that shaft.
  9. I posted on FB they need a club in the 49* range that matches the set for these and for the Ram FX77 irons. They eventually replied they are working on adding additional lofts.
  10. All my Maltby clubs are solid hitting.


  11. No change in the loft, can’t trust what Britt says!
  12. According to Jim Y, the Score cannot be cut to a true X.
  13. Good info, Golfworks has so many good offerings it’s dang hard to choose. Lol
  14. They are a versatile shaft, high launch, good feel. If you are a smooth swinger they are great.
  15. Could be the same, the numbers are similar except the Score came with Sensicore.
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