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  1. Here is a basic answer for for golf clubs that are longer than standard length: Increase the length by each half inch will increase the swingweight by 3 points---and also the lie angle will be more upright by one degree for each half inch. And with added length the shaft will be more flexible and a different CPM.
  2. #3 FWY. must look good in the playing position. It also helps to play one with a shallow face with about 33 mm face height, also one with 455 Carpenters steel face and cup face construction (like a Integra 455) and look for a shaft that is 190 +/_ CPM and 55 grams in weight with a high launch/low spin.
  3. I'm in the golf business, golf outing in Maryland sounds good, but the only day that I have off is Mondays.
  4. Yes I use mineral spirits for regripping and the club can be played with in an hour as long as you do not use too much, I buy it by the gallon from local home improvement store.
  5. Yes I agree that the OnCore Elixir is an excellent choice for all around golf ball.
  6. By the time you figure out the best golf ball for your swing (different golf balls react to different golf swings) the golf companies will have a new ball/version on the market then you have to start all over again!
  7. Stay away from the deep face drivers that are about 60 mm face height. Use a shaft that is about 55 +/- grams in weight, makes it easier to swing. An undersize grip will help to rotate wrists to hit the ball with a little draw. A face height of about 54 mm is more appealing and easier to control. And no need to have the length longer than 45". See a local small club repair shop or clubmaker like myself to help with your golf club and swing needs.
  8. It does not matter of what brand of fairway metal to play. It must look good to you to have confidence to hit the golf ball. Also it helps to play one with a shallow face and low profile with a face height of about 33 mm which gives confidence of hitting a shot off the ground. And remember to tee it low on the par 3 holes.
  9. If the Ping 3 fwy is producing bad shots and no confidence; get rid of it. Start with a 15 degree fairway club. Getting back to gapping of golf clubs--Fairways and Hybrids should have a 3 degree loft gap from club to club and irons a 4 degree loft gap from club to club
  10. If you find a warm jacket you will have to take it off every time you hit a golf shot Layering is the way to go if done correctly
  11. New Balance golf shoes are good for walking
  12. Yes putting golf cap in dishwasher works very well, no need to buy one of those plastic forms, just have 2 coffee cups under the cap to keep its shape, then air dry on a clothing drying rack.
  13. I want my customers to play their BEST so no excuses on the equipment. I will spine (also called pure) all shafts to 9 o'clock to hit the ball straight even if its not a good swing. And I do not charge extra for this service! If the player is good enough to work the ball then I will spine the shafts to 12 o'clock. I will also flow-weight a set of iron shafts for a custom iron set at no extra charge. I weigh every grip, shaft, and head as it arrives out of the shipping box. And give the customer specs of each component and the finished product of every custom club I make.
  14. A fairway club that is easy to hit off the ground would be one that has a shallow face that is 30 to 34 mm face height. Also a loft of 15* to 17*, 42.5" to 43.50" in length and head size of 160 to 165 cc. A graphite shaft with a low kick point and weighs 55 to 60 grams. And a grip that is slightly smaller so the hands/wrist can rotate the face square to closed at impact for more distance. Any clubmaker can make one to these specs. for about $100.
  15. To put it simply to answer the question: increase the shaft weight by 9 grams will only increase the swingweight by 1 point if nothing else is changed.
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