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  1. For about a two months I’ve had a regular 55 g Drago in a TSi2 driver. It’s mid flight, low spin. Stouter in butt and tip than the middle. I was fit into this shaft. Before this shaft I only averaged 223 yards. After several rounds, I’m averaging 244 now. It’s definitely low spin for me.
  2. I use these from Golfworks. Stick directly to shaft and then tape over. .035" thickness is close to but not exceeding USGA limit of .040" https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-grip-rib-pack/p/gw0017/
  3. Roccao- Sorry to hear this. I have been exactly where you are except with 3 torn discs, s1-l5,l5-l4, l4-l3. It’s a long road, but you’ll be back to golf. The nagging thing that hangs around for me is loading on the right hip. Some days it’s fine and some days it’s not nice, but it will force you to swing smooth if you’re not. You will think I’m nuts, but I sometimes go to the range to get relief. Swinging fairway or driver seems to work best. Eventually you’ll get to working a lot on your core and it slowly helps, but the most helpful and painful thing for me is stretching the right hamstring. Keeping the flexibility I think is key. My back went when I was 49 (205 lbs) and today I’m 59 (175 lbs). I still golf, backpack, and kayak. Did give up tennis. In a way, the bad back has forced me to be healthier, so in a funny way I’m thankful. The best thing I ever heard was “motion is lotion”. Right now the motion is going to be brutal for you, but I promise that motion eventually does become lotion. It even applies to my golf as I’m 4 strokes better when I walk instead of riding.
  4. From one Dawg to another…hope the surgery goes well. My discs have slight tears above and below L4 and below L5. I won’t bore you with the story but I’ve managed to avoid surgery and sleeping through the night now. If I walk, I can golf OK. Riding is just too much sitting. One thing I find funny though is when I swing a good swing I actually think it helps the old back. Kind of motivates me to swing smooth so I don’t end up on my knees.
  5. Play KBS 90’s. Like them a lot. As you noted launch is a touch higher, but I find their dispersion good.
  6. Tags do make it easier. The watch app is a simple tap then select club. The phone app does take more taps and can get you distracted from your round. I went through the same thing you’re trying to decide last Fall. Folks talk about missed shots and sensor replacement due to battery life of the Arccos sensors. I had a phone and smart watch already, so cost wise, I figured I’d try Golf Pad and with tags or watch I wouldn’t miss a shot. The convenience of the V3 does have me interested in it though since I wouldn’t have to worry about the phone. In the end I thought Arccos was too costly and the V3 hadn’t been around very long. The tags do what I need and the stats are enough for me. I do think Arccos is king for stats, but I’m not familiar with what Shotscope has.
  7. I’ve got the tags and I like them. Battery life on watch and phone has been good. The plays like distance seems to be good for me too. Their service, if you have questions about something, is top notch. I walk a lot, so the phone is in my left pocket and scanning tags has been reliable. If I forget to scan it’s easy to add a shot by the watch. I’ve found it to be accurate as well, except for one hole on my home course. However, one report of it out of the app and a few days later an email came saying see how it is now. Next day found out things were good. Even if you don’t have tags, the watch app is so well setup that I sometimes don’t bother to scan, particularly on the tee box. In the fairway I always scan for some reason. On the green I’ll do both at times.
  8. One swing on the sweet spot and you’re sold.
  9. I came from Ping GMax irons to TS-1s…distance is a tad longer with the TS-1s with a higher, better for me, flight. When you change loft you will change bounce…say you take your 25 degree club with 3 degree of bounce and make it a 24, you will have 2 degrees of bounce. You could build want you want at standard loft and hit them. You can change them after you know how you hit them if you don’t like what you’re seeing. I wish I had changed sooner to the TS-1s, but never thought a hack like me could swing them. More consistent and they are forgiving. My youngest plays D1 golf and they get their equipment from a large OEM. He thought I was nuts until he hit my 7 iron on a par 3. After his swing he said “wow, dad I think you made a good choice.”
  10. With Maltby they can build one club to your specs to try, but you buy that club. Most folks build a 7 or 6 iron to play, and if happy, order the rest.
  11. I now use a paid version of Golf Pad for use with my watch, but the free version does anything you could want on the course by phone. I’ve found it stable, good on the battery, and accurate.
  12. http://ralphmaltby.com/what-is-mpf/ It’s simply a tool for comparison of the head characteristics. Some like it and some don’t. Just like some like certain swing ideas and others don’t. Its C-dimension and Actual Vertical COG are keys for me when looking for clubs. Really it’s the head “physics” only. For example, for irons the formula evaluates five dimensional and mass properties of an iron head Vertical Center of Gravity Horizontal Center of Gravity Rearward Center of Gravity Geometric Center of the Face Moment of Inertia
  13. In my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry.
  14. TS-1 5-GW, TSW 54, M-Series 58. Standard lofts have been good for me but I don’t have your swing speed as my iron shafts are KBS90 regs.
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