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  1. I did something similar a few years back to “earn” the TS1s I’m playing. My target was to shoot 36 on 9 holes. It took a while for the stars to align. I shot 36-48 one Saturday and the very next Saturday shot 45-36 on the same course. I went from Ping Gmax irons to the TS1s and I think the smaller head helped me believe it or not.
  2. I’m needing to go graphite due to my elbow and wrists/hands. What 0.370 graphite iron shafts in the 85-95g weight range would be available and most similar to the KBS Tour 90 steel shaft for specs and profile? I’ve tried softening inserts and they do help, but not as much as hoped. Thanks.
  3. Lostgolfballs.com - have had good luck here. Great selection of balls. foundgolfballs.com - my son in law likes this site, but I haven’t tried it. Golfballs.net - not the greatest selection, but had good luck here as well.
  4. Played 9 today and used what My Strategy taught me was best based on letting it adjust for my dispersion. I learned that my 3H pattern is slightly right with more right dispersion than I thought, my 4H is dead straight and tight for dispersion, 4W is slightly left but dispersion is tight, and my driver tends slightly right of target and the dispersion was larger than I thought. On two par 4 holes where I usually hit driver, I hit 4 wood on one and a 3H on another. On a par 4 hole I normally hit 3H, I hit 4H. These changes were based on what My Strategy showed for strokes gained and dispersion. I hit the short grass on all holes except #9 where I missed a little…right…in the rough with my driver, but managed to par it. My Strategy changed my tee club on 3 holes, target point on 3 others, and helped me better define my tendencies (thought my 3H was a tad left, 4W more left, and worried too much about a D pull left). I swung it better than usual (+1 for 9 holes), but I do believe it helped greatly.
  5. Thanks and how slow can I be! At least I play fast on the course.
  6. My P Avg is fine, but I can only move the blue dot at the tee and the aim point dot once each. I have to save and refresh browser to move those dots and again it’s only once. Doing this in Chrome and Edge.
  7. Just saw this in their email sent. Another tool that I have to play with in my never ending quest to shave strokes from little talent. : https://shotscope.com/blog/announcements/mystrategy-ultimate-course-guide/?utm_source=brevo&utm_campaign=MyStrategy Launch&utm_medium=email.
  8. NCDuffer


    3 degree Lie angle change, not loft change…they’re suggesting this since you are tall and your wrist to floor measurement. You’re 6” taller than me and your wrist to floor is 4” higher and I was fit +1 for lie and plus 1/2” length. What ultimately matters though is how you deliver the club to the ball. So, after you have your clubs, go try’em and see if you need to adjust the lie. They’re getting things into the ball park with the information available. At Sub70, you can enter your data and see what it says to compare if you like.
  9. @GolfSpy_APHI used Golf Pad on Apple watch, iPhone, and with tags for several years. It works well, but I tired from tagging and went to a Shotscope V3 some months ago. Support was great. Apple updates can cause glitches, but Golf Pad adjusts quickly. It did well on battery life for me, but I kept my phone in a front pocket for tagging and used the phone GPS (instead of watch). They have a support site that is worth checking out for all of the functionality and questions. The watch app is easy and intuitive if you don’t want to tag. The metrics were good for what I wanted, but not as detailed as Arccos. I’d still be using it, but when the Shotscope X5 came out I found a new V3 at a great price. The V3 has been automatic, rarely misses any shot or putt, so I don’t have to remember to tag or press the watch. I still have my Golf Pad tags if you want to give them a try. Also, contact Golf Pad and they’ll give you a trial of the full version to try.
  10. I’ve always thought of it this way…if I’m going to take a full swing, I go with what’s in my irons. If I’m not taking a full swing, I go a little heavier, sometimes down a flex, sometimes not. Just depends on on the feel of the shaft. Currently my 54 has the iron shaft and my 58 has a little heavier shaft but same flex as irons. We’re all different, try to find what works for you.
  11. No experience, but I saw an article as well. I emailed them about the Baby Goat. They responded quickly that it would be out in the Spring of 2024 after the complete testing and tool up. Curious as to what you find out with yours.
  12. I went from Ping Gmax irons to TS1s and my ball striking improved. I never would have thought that, but tried the TS1s out and was surprised as anybody. I was a 16 and now a 9.5. Don’t be afraid of any Maltby iron, they’re all forgiving.
  13. Correct Tee Box would be needed to calculate Handicap. But, I don’t think Shot Scope does that.
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