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  1. I have a bushnell neo ion2 and it’s great. Simple, fast, front, back and middle with 4 hazards per hole. Can measure shot distance if desired. Can get two full rounds out of the watch if the watch is fully charged. The bushnell phone app you get with the watch works well if you need to see the entire hole and want to check various distances while waiting at the tee. I have a Nikon stabilizer range finder and the distances are always close to the same. However, I rarely use the rangefinder now as I trust the watch. I had a Garmin G7 prior to the Nikon and Watch. It was nice to see the en
  2. Thanks for the article. It’s good to know what the companies think.
  3. First Name / State or Country of residence Todd/North Carolina Handicap 12 Current irons in Play Ping Gmax The carry distance of your 7 iron 140
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