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  1. http://ralphmaltby.com/what-is-mpf/ It’s simply a tool for comparison of the head characteristics. Some like it and some don’t. Just like some like certain swing ideas and others don’t. Its C-dimension and Actual Vertical COG are keys for me when looking for clubs. Really it’s the head “physics” only. For example, for irons the formula evaluates five dimensional and mass properties of an iron head Vertical Center of Gravity Horizontal Center of Gravity Rearward Center of Gravity Geometric Center of the Face Moment of Inertia
  2. In my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry.
  3. TS-1 5-GW, TSW 54, M-Series 58. Standard lofts have been good for me but I don’t have your swing speed as my iron shafts are KBS90 regs.
  4. @Popeyehas hit both and swears by the TS-2 sole and says they blend well. I was going to do 5 with TS-2 and then 6-GW TS-1. But ended up all TS-1 as they’re so forgiving. TS-2s are thicker a little on sole and a fair amount on top line. Truth for me is I think I’d be better off with a TS-2 5 iron. To me the feel of the TS-1 is a little better than the TS-2. Not to say the TS-2 is bad in any way, just not quite as soft. I’ve read some folks have bent for loft and others left things alone and both groups were happy.
  5. I really like my TS-1’s. I’ve had them a few months now and wish I had changed to them sooner. The feel is addictive and causes me to want to find the center, so practice is kind of fun. They’re forgiving on thins and toes. The PW and GW aren’t as soft feeling as the 5-9, but they’re great too.
  6. Thank you fellas. Played 9 holes. Would have been a great nine for me except for two tee balls. Had been doing well and had the stupid thought that I was better than my handicap. Promptly pulled driver when it should have been my 3 Wood. Settled down for two holes and was dumb enough to do it again.
  7. Would love to be fitted, particularly with the thoughts on sight and alignment. Being able to fit the alignment lines to my eyes I hope would help me with short to 10 foot putts.
  8. Todd Mebane, NC Walk weekdays and late Sunday nines. 18’s on Saturdays have to ride. Mostly carry, but if it’s too hot, Clicgear 3.0.
  9. I’ve only had my TS-1s about two months but love their feel. Forgiving for me toe side and thin. Flight and spin are better than what I played previously. Though slightly higher lofted distance is better from a good shaft fitting. Like others have said, order one and test it. I came from a super game improvement club (12 HC) to TS-1 and never thought I could hit something like these. Should have made the change much sooner, enjoying golf more now. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. I had Ping Gmax and switched to Maltby TS-1s about two months ago. The Gmax were off the rack, but the Maltbys were fit. The Maltbys are 10 yards further per club, but it has to be due to the fitting for the right shaft and lie as lofts are somewhat comparable. Dispersion greatly improved. Whatever you do, I would get fit. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Any update Manimal26? Hope things have warmed up and things are getting back to normal.
  12. I’m no fitter, but here’s my experience. I was recently fitted for Maltby TS-1 irons and lie set 2 degrees flat. With my old clubs I pulled left and those clubs (fitted) were 2 degrees upright. I’ve tried to make swing improvements as well. With the new clubs and a decent swing there is no pull, dead straight or rarely a slight touch of fade. If I do pull, the pull is nowhere near as large even if I think I’ve pulled. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Mid Pines, Pine Needles and Dormie are great. Just for the experience, I’d try to get on Tobacco Road though as it’s so unique.
  14. I’m envious, you’ll have a great time. Courses - 2, 4, 3 is short and fun, 7, 8, Tobacco Road in Sanford (not far and worth it), Cradle for fun. The Deuce restaurant at Pinehurst...that way you have more time for golf!
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