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  1. catchmeoutside

    TS Driver, anyone have one yet?

    I tested the new TS3 last weekend with the Hazardous smoke X stiff shaft. I think i'm going to get one. Anyone else have one yet? What do you think?
  2. catchmeoutside

    Ditching the Hybrid

    It does trip me out when I see someone hit a hybrid from 190 yards out but it really helps them get the ball in the air since they don't have a very high swing speed. I only have 1 hybrid, 19 degree titleist that I use instead of a fairway wood. I rarely use it from the fairway, I mostly use it off the tee and I do like to tee it up off the ground. I don't like hitting it off the ground.
  3. catchmeoutside

    New Driver Needed, broke my M1

    James's swing is way different than mine. 7.5 degrees of loft? Wow. He must really have an upward attack angle.
  4. catchmeoutside

    New Driver Needed, broke my M1

    Does it come with X-stiff flex?
  5. catchmeoutside

    New Driver Needed, broke my M1

    I wanted new so I could get custom fitted. I ended up getting fitted for a Ping G400 SFT with a Tour 80 X-stiff shaft. Now I need to work on getting the spin down. In my fitting I was hitting the 3000 rev mark on my best hits and 4000 on my bad hits. I tried the LST but it wasn't as straight as the SFT and the Max had even more spin and wasn't as straight. Setup is G400 SFT, Tour 80 X, 44.75" midsize grip
  6. catchmeoutside

    New Driver Needed, broke my M1

    So I broke my 2016 M1 out of anger so I am needing a new one. The M1 was not fitted and I didn't have a ton of success with it. I have been hitting my golf buddy's 2017 M2 with stiff shaft and good Lord and am hitting it long and straight. I honestly cannot hit a bad drive with this thing. I feel like I can swing as hard as I want and it will not slice. However, I think I need an X stiff shaft so I am getting fitted Monday for a Cobra F8 since it is only $299 and I love the look + Cobra connect. If I can't hit the Cobra as good as my friend's M2 he will sell it to me for $299. Either way I have realized what I have been missing. My old M1 was definitely not for me and has cost me alot of strokes/headache these past 2 years.
  7. catchmeoutside


    Terry, Kansas handicap 6.1 driver swing speed 116 2016 Taylormade M1 G400 LST
  8. catchmeoutside

    Tee it forward - Do you do it?

    I play the blue when I am forced to. I would rather play the whites even though I can reach most par 5's in 2.
  9. catchmeoutside

    Golf Net

    I'm sorry man, I missed your post and I just sold it.
  10. catchmeoutside

    Golf Net

  11. catchmeoutside

    P2 Grips

    And if you are struggling you should get fitted and on a putting monitor. They can really help your stroke.
  12. catchmeoutside

    P2 Grips

    I decided to adjust my grip with the P2, instead of having my left index finger running down the side of the grip I tried the same overlap grip that I use on all my other clubs and it felt much better. I drained 2 pressure birdy putts on the front 9 and sank 2 other pressure par putts on the back.
  13. catchmeoutside

    Golf Net

    No but I can find out how much the shipping would be if you give me your zip code.
  14. catchmeoutside

    Golf Net

    new lower price
  15. catchmeoutside

    Vokey forged sm6

    Wouldn't a cast wedge last twice as long as a forged wedge? I would assume the forged wedge's grooves would wear out pretty quick especially if you practice alot