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  1. I like the KISS method. Find the shot that gives me the best shot at solid contact, and an expected result. the Less manipulation and precision needed, the better. I'd rather have to worry about reading a green with a bump and run than skulling it into the rough.
  2. All but the " E" marker have made an appearance for me.
  3. I'll parrot a lot of things that have already been said, but I think they are worth saying again. What are your goals in golf? Are you happy with your scores hitting 3wood off the tee, and just want to have fun? Then ditch driver. If your goal is to shoot the lowest score you possibly can, The driver will be helpful. I know it's easier said than done given your space limitations, but if you could find a way to hit a bunch of drives I think it would be a huge help. Even if its just whacking birdie balls. I know you mentioned moving the net outside. Its also possible to kinda straddle here, hit 3wood off the tee for now, but don't quit on the driver. Eventually you'll have to take that range swing to the course, but there is no rule that says you can't hit 3w and still practice driver. It may help to decide before a round what your goals are as well. Are we trying to shoot a personal best today? Or do we want to work on taking our range work to the course? I don't know about you, but it took a couple months for the results I saw on the range to bleed to the course. Keep your spirits up, I feel for ya, and I'll leave you with the advice some one gave me with the driver. "Your so bad with the driver, when you practice only hit driver. Don't work on anything else but that."
  4. This right here. @cnosil nails it.. It's kinda tough to figure out which (non-set) club will fill a gap. Shaft length and face material will come into play. Also, what is the gap between the 5w and 5i currently? A 7 woodz 4 hybrid, or maybe even 5 hybrid, could be the answer. Obviously I good default answer is talk to your courses pro, but if you can't do you have fairly accurate numbers for your 5i 5w?
  5. I've got the same 6-7 gap. Its a little bigger than ideal, but choking down on the 6, or deporting the 7 usually does well enough for someone and imprecise as me.
  6. I've regripped a fair share of putters for players ranging in skill from Elite (D1, mini tours, Canadian and Latin American tour) to brand new golfers who bring me dry rotted messes from their parents garage. Here's what I've found to work, take it for whatever its worth. -. Having a vice is super helpful, and make sure its mounted to a sturdy table. - I've used levels before, but usually only when a putter is giving me trouble and just not looking right. Usually just to get the face perfectly vertical. - Really thick grips get lots of solvent. (Super strokes) -unless you need to grip to dry faster, I dont mind a healthy amount of solvent. It allows for adjustments to be made and fine tuned. -the tape should not be sliding down. Is it possible thats just residue from the tape that the solvent has disolved? - while I agree in theory that a grip being a couple degrees off could result in missed putts, we also need to take into account that most golfers do not deliver the putter the same way everytime. more or less forward press or slightly different alignment or inconsistent delivery will change the face more than the grip. -with better players i like to let them look at the alignment before the grip dries. They will be able to set up and see how it fits their eye. It doesn't matter how square I think it is, or what a level says. If it looks off to the golfer, its no good. My advice for doing your own grip, get it as you can, but whats more important is that you feel comfortable with how it sets up at address.
  7. I had a conversation about this today, and I will paraphrase the best I can. For those with the skill and time to hone it, using 1 wedge for the majority of chipping and pitching allows you to eliminate the Variability of shaft length, loft, face material (vokey vs a hot face iron) so you learn to manipulate the face and ball position with 1 wedge and you take lots of variables out. But for those who may not have the skill or time to work on it, using a lower lofted Iron can be bennificial, as it does get the ball rolling and reduces chances of blades and chunks.
  8. As some one who plays with golfers much better than myself, and players much less knowledgeable than I, here's what I notice. The number one thing I take away from playing with the scratch and plus handicap players is " even if you think you are planning shots and managing the course, chances are, you still aren't doing it right." And the most frustrating thing I see with friends who are mid level golfers is, they are incredibly bogged down with weird swing thoughts they picked up from YouTube or another buddy. They tend to overcomplicate the swing.
  9. Matt /Raleigh NC Hdcp 11 SM8 tour stock finish and mizuno MPT I dont know if Raw does appeal to me, numbers so its not better for spin, but im curious if the feel difference is really worth it
  10. I dont know if my categorization of what a "players distance iron" is matches everyone else's, but here are 3 irons I think are a good combination of distance and forgiveness, while still having some "players" features. 1. Titleist T100s- probably a bit biased here, as this is what I play, but I play them because I think they are a great mix of workability/forgiveness/distance. I dont consider myself a great ball striker, but I still enjoy these irons, they do a great job with distance control and consistency, while still being workable and very appealing to the eye. 2. Mavrik Pros- a bit of a thicker top line, but I enjoyed testing these irons. The head is compact enough that better players shouldn't be too turned off by it. Lots of distance and tech built in. Feel good for cast. 3. P770S- As much as I hated the P790s, I really dig the p770s, looks like a blade (obviously a bit thick in spots) but has lots of pop, and feels 100x better than the p790. I know you asked "how are they forgiving " and I dont have specifics per se, the only way I can describe the forgiveness for all of these is this, I never felt unfairly punished for a less than stellar swing, and never felt these irons were "too good" for me. Yes, miss hits didn't fly as far, and toe strikes drew more, but i never felt like I bit off more club than I could handle.
  11. Matt Raleigh NC Scotty futura 6m ANSER 2, its a classic
  12. Had a chance to hit a few with the BBB21 stock shaft the other day. Shots do definitely wanted to draw/hook but I fight a hook anyway, and was actually surprised that I didn't snap hook more of them. Sound was very different than the flash and the mavrik, much more metallic and sharp sounding. Didnt love the sound. I didn't love the shaft, stated flex was stiff but felt a lot softer. Probably not the club for me, but I'm sure it will work for some.
  13. Hybrids tend to launch the ball higher and in general, further. They tend to be easier to hit, less club head speed needed to get the ball in the air. Utility irons can offer more shot shaping ability, and some players just like the look of an iron at address. If i HAD to make a generalization, lower, and even moderate swing speed players should give hybrids a serious look.
  14. @PingMD702 I dont know much about the CBs ( as a lefty my access to clubs is very hit and miss) but if you like the feel of the t100 and you find they fit your game better i would definitely endorse using them, i love mine. I dont know how I feel about bending your CBs to match the t100 though. If i did any bending at all it would be to make the long irons fit my scoring clubs, not the other way around. I also have a steeper swing, so the thought of taking bounce away from shorter irons doesn't give me warm fuzzy's. Let me know what you end up doing
  15. I had a chance to hit the 770 7-iron today and was pleasantly surprised with how it felt. I did not care for the feel of the 790s and the 770s definitely fixed that problem. My only complaint would be even with a 130g shaft, the head still felt kinda heavy. If i didn't just buy T100s/T200s I would have considered the 770s
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