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  1. sweethebs


  2. Hey all, I looking for two folks to join me and a buddy for the Chaska / Hazeltine golf experience. (other two suddenly backed out) The date is Tuesday, September 5th. Cost is $395/person and includes 36 holes (you get to play your own ball), cart, lunch, dinner. If I do not get any takers in the next few days I am going to call the course and see if they can find me two singles. PM me if interested. sweethebs
  3. Amazing ending. Was hoping for the playoff. Happy for Romero who played lights out!!
  4. Had AP1's for 2015 and 2016...moved to the AP2's in early 2017 and was very happy with the change. Nothing against the AP1's but I find the AP2 just a better set with regards to gapping.
  5. Anyone interested in playing Dakotah Ridge next Saturday, May 13?. Me and a buddy are planning on doing 36 that day. If interested let me know. We would look to start around 8:30 ish Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Welcome!!! I live in Prior Lake as well.
  7. He should just use the ProV1. I am no Rory but my results seem to be better with the ProV1 vs the X.
  8. I can make it as well. We are going to be in town. Any time works.
  9. Hey all I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in playing Legends this Saturday at 8:40am. Right now it is just a two some. If interested let me know. I got a foursome...but will use this thread for future.
  10. I took the class from a guy that also works with tour folks. It has helped my putting, although I have found looking at the hole has also helped. Great book https://www.amazon.com/Instinct-Putting-Breakthrough-Science-Based-TargetVision/dp/1592403530 Looking at the hole has dramatically cut down on three putts. Big takeaway for aimpoint based on his teaching and feedback from pros. 95% of putts are 1-2 degrees. LPGA pro said she used 3-4 fingers less than 10% of the time. Basically I pretty much use 1 or 2 fingers. If I am somewhat in between I alway go 2. It helps less on long putts. However I do go about 8 feet from the hole to feel the break.
  11. It is kind of a pain and really is for cooler weather. Wearing it in the heat is brutal. Being up here in MN it is kind of nice when I am practicing in the winter in the garage.
  12. I own the golf shirt as well. It is a nice training aid. However I do not know if I would buy it again.
  13. I love Mark. I am bummed that Buzza had to go off and move to Thailand as he provided so much comedic gold for Mark. To go off on a bit of a tangent...The fact that Callaway allows Lockey to play their equipment is pretty incredible...considering how bad he can play[emoji3]
  14. I will be in Phoenix a week later. But as an aside...I love Texas and Texans!!! I am heading to Big D in early March to golf. (2nd year of going to Dallas). Great City!!
  15. I am there Feb 22-26. My goal is to try to play Friday and Sunday morning. 🤞. I'll keep you posted.
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