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  1. I am in and ready to win... also ready to delete this post if things go horribly wrong
  2. That is a great list! Have heard of nearly all of these but haven't played White Bear Yacht Club, Troy Burne, or SentryWorld yet, so will definitely be adding those to the"to-play" list. Also appreciate the underated options. Have played Big Fish, but will have to try and check out the others. Excited to see other courses people post and to add them to my "to-play" list too. I was struggling with putting together my own list so I cheated and did top 5 for each state instead of combined (and threw in some honorable mentions like you did with underrated). We really are spoiled with great golf in our area, so even getting it narrowed to this list was tough. Top 5 Wisconsin 1. Whistling Straits (Straits) 2. Erin Hills 3. Sand Valley 4. Mammoth Dunes 5. Blackwolf Run (River) Top 5 Minnesota 1. Hazeltine National 2. The Wilderness at Fortune Bay 3. Giants Ridge The Quarry 4. Giants Ridge The Legend 5. The Minikahda Club Honorable Mentions - Wisconsin: Whistling Straits (Irish), Golf Courses of Lawsonia (The Links), Golf Courses of Lawsonia (The Woodlands), - Minnesota: Dacotah Ridge, Maddens (The Classic), Northland CC Duluth
  3. RCT on TrackMan - Unofficial Review Thanks for starting this thread. My ProV1x RCTs arrived last week and I finally got to use them for an indoor TrackMan session last night. Very similar impression as others have had regarding durability, but thought I'd share feedback from how the spin data was showing up on a TrackMan in an indoor session. Below are my initial (and purely anecdotal) takeaways from my first time hitting the RCTs. Regarding durability: I was hitting with a friend for around two hours and we used the same RCT ball the entire time (although we did go back and forth with the RCT and a regular ProV1x to compare); after all of those shots the ball held up great with barely any signs of use. Not a surprise from a Titleist, but still was happy to see it, especially since this included hitting some full shots with a 60*. Regarding spin: I can only recall seeing one italicized spin rate (meaning estimated) with the RCT and that was a super wild shot that rhymes with "thank" from the guy I was hitting with. I did notice when we went back and forth between the RCT and the regular ProV1x that the majority of the shots with the regular ball did have italicized spin rates, so that was promising. With all the clubs the spin on solid shots was right where I would expect it to be. We also definitely saw the spin pick up on strikes lower on the face and saw the spin drop off when struck higher on the face, etc. Overall, I was very impressed and can't wait to get back on the TrackMan to keep practicing and testing either tonight or later this week.
  4. Love to see someone else with a HiBore in the bag! Also - nice work with the lead tape strips matching the alignment on the putter Is there more across the bottom? looks like it in the picture, but hard to tell. Did Yes! add the weight when you were getting fit? Or was that something you did later on?
  5. There are quite a few holes that come to mind at my home course, but my favorite holes for their options are #4 and #16. Hole #4 (https://www.braemargolf.com/championship-hole-4/) – Even though the left side is more direct and flatter, it is much riskier with water left and the ball above your feet for your second shot and there are huge bunkers and deep rough with a massive side hill if you leave your second shot out to the right. If you take the longer route on your second shot you have to play up a big hill to the right, but there is much less risk and you can actually catch a down slope and run your ball onto the green. I typically take the route to the right and try to play the slope, but it is always tempting to play up the left when you can see everything so directly. Hole #16 (https://www.braemargolf.com/championship-hole-16/) – This hole is a blast to play. To go for the green in two, you have to challenge the water on the left off of the tee and then carry the water the entire distance to the green on your second shot. If you play more conservative to the right the fairway is massive and you have a relatively straight forward second and third shot. The tee design is also very well done because each set of tees has progressively less (or no) carry on the first shot and is better positioned for the right route. I don't know if I have ever played this hole without at least one person from our group hitting it in the water on their second shot.
  6. Thanks for sharing - I know what I am building this weekend
  7. To start - I'll second everyone who mentioned practicing with a mirror and making sure your putter is fit to you, so that we can rule out alignment issues. Assuming you've done that and we know the alignment of the putter isn't the problem - what if instead of focusing on where to look, you tried not looking at all? Admittedly, I haven't tried the eyes closed approach on the course, but maybe it would be worth experimenting with putting from various distances with your eyes closed like Sergio?
  8. Agree with everyone else's advice that smoothing out the base layer is the most important step. I added a layer of paver sand on top of my base rock layer and compacted that too, which seemed to do a nice job smoothing the whole thing out. Mine is about 16 x 11 and I am really glad to have 3 cups to mix it up a bit. Might be nice to do at least do 2 cups instead of just one - then you can putt back and forth, and if you add a small slope you'll have a right to left/left to right option and/or downhill/uphill? With the amount of space you described, you should definitely position it so you can chip to it and maybe add fringe. I would have loved to do both, but I had more l limited space with a city lot and really wanted to have as much putting surface as I could so I went as big as I could fit in the small area between our deck and garage. Excited to see pictures of your progress!
  9. Top 5 hardest courses by rating (Course / Tees / Rating): - Erin Hills - Black – 77.9 - Whistling Straits (Straits) – Black – 77.2 - Blackwolf Run (River) – Black – 76.2 - Hazeltine National – Blue – 75.7 - Whistling Straits (Irish) – Black – 75.6 The Actual Hardest Course Setup: The hardest course I have ever played was at Hazeltine National when the course was set up for the Superintendents Revenge tournament (and we did not know about it in advance) - it was definitely playing WAY harder than than the 75.7 rating on the card... My buddy and I had booked a super early tee time because there was a ‘member event/tournament’ that afternoon and we had to be off the course in time for that (I don't know if we actually saw any other golfers while we were on the course that day). The entire round we were wondering what was going on because the course was stretched to its absolute limit on the tee boxes (basically one club length from the back of the box on every hole) and all of the pins seemed to be tucked a few paces onto the green and/or in the hardest spots to hit/putt. It took us a few holes to really figure out that something was going on. At first we guessed that the tee markers might have been moved all the way back so that the grounds crew could mow more easily or something like that (plausible, since it was so early), so we played the tees as marked but figured/hoped they’d get moved up by the time we were a few holes in – and tough pins aren’t exactly unusual at that course. After we were a few holes in though, the pattern was pretty evident. We didn't know why it was set up that way, but we ended up having an absolute blast playing such a wild set up. After we finished on 18 we chatted with a couple people who were getting ready for the event and they explained to us what a Superintendent's Revenge tournament was and that the course was set up to basically play as hard as it could (we had already figured that part out – but it was nice to have it confirmed).
  10. First round as a Grint user in the books The app was very easy to use, but I did think of one opportunity for improvement... they should consider adding the ability to track/report "adult beverages consumed" per nine. It is probably just as helpful in explaining my round as GIR or total putts
  11. That bag is awesome! Those clubs have to be a blast to hit with. Now we just need someone to find you old balata balls to play with
  12. Nice! Those are some solid irons. At my pace, you have at least another decade to enjoy them Just be warned that it is a bit jarring when Mizuno posts a picture of your clubs and calls them "classics"
  13. I know I am a bit late to this, but you did say you were heading out in a year, so figured I'd chime in and STRONGLY second the recommendation for the Ocean Course - it is not hard at all to get there from Charleston and an absolutely awesome course and amazing experience beginning to end. To answer your other question - no, you don't have to stay at the resort to play Ocean Course, but I believe you get preferred tee times and reduced rates if you are staying there. I booked through their website when I was in Charleston and didn't have any issues.
  14. To call the sound of the driver “distinct” is generous – it is so loud I almost feel the need to apologize to other people at the range when I hit it. But if you don’t mind that and the odd look of the top of the club head, the ball flight is pure. Clearly, I agree with you 100% on the feel of the MP-32s, they are absolute butter. You can make the ball do whatever you want with them, but I would say they are also somewhat more forgiving than they look, but only to an extent - as you experienced, you’ll definitely see it and feel it when you miss the middle. And yeah - people definitely give me a look the first time they see steel shafted fairway woods... I would be happy to upgrade if I could just find something I hit better, but no luck on that so far
  15. As you probably can guess by the pictures, my bag has basically gone unchanged for the last 15+ years. This isn’t one of those old school WITB posts where someone is just getting back into the game, so their clubs are ancient. I just really (really) like this setup and have struggled to find any reason to replace it. That being said, I am sure I am well beyond the point of wearing every club in this bag out and am way overdue for a proper full bag fitting. Enjoy! Driver – Cleveland HiBore XL Tour 10.5* with Aldila VS Proto 70S, tipped 1” When I say “if it aint broke”, I mean it… the only reason I ever put this driver in the bag is because the face on my Titleist 983K finally cracked back in 2006 (God I loved that club) and that forced me to get fit into something new. I know that is ancient in terms of driver technology, but this driver still seems to fit me very well and I trust it to do exactly want I want, so it’s hard to want to change it (this is basically a theme throughout my entire bag and golf career). It sits slightly open, but I can still comfortably draw it and my launch conditions seem essentially right at what I’d be looking for in a new driver. Fairway woods – 15* and 19* Titleist 980f with TT S300s Other than my putter (from around 2001), I have been playing my fairway woods the longest. I have had these 980fs with S300s in the bag since 2003. I have tried countless times over the years to replace them when my buddies tease me about playing steel shafted old school fairway woods, but I have never found fairways woods I can hit as consistently and control as well as these (plus, they go plenty far and I like how they fit in my yardage gapping). When I have tried to replace them over the years, nearly every modern fairway wood I have tried feels extremely light (and the heads look huge to me) and I struggle to hit them high and to shape them, particularly off the deck. Irons – Mizuno MX-23 (3-4) and MP-32 (5-PW) with Rifle 6.0s, bent 1* flat I have had these in the bag since around 2005. They feel amazing and do exactly what I want them to do, but they are definitely wearing out after so many years of playing and TONS of practicing off of mats in the MN winters. Wedges – Mizuno T4 54* and 60*, bent 1* flat These are the newest clubs in my bag, but they are completely beat up and absolutely need to be replaced. I put these in the bag around 2014 and the grooves are beyond worn at this point. Just waiting for the snow to go away so I can do some outdoor testing on grass and find some new wedges. Putter – Studio Design 1.5, 34” with Ping blackout I have played around with other putters over the years, but always come back to my gamer. It is from 2001 and has been refinished once before (I wipe it with a silicone cloth anytime it gets wet and occasionally otherwise to try and keep it from rusting up). I have pretty much always used a ping blackout for the grip. The hosel is bent slightly flatter than stock and I have a small amount of hot melt in it, so the club is a little heavier too – this club basically swings itself and it feels incredible.
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