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  1. First round as a Grint user in the books The app was very easy to use, but I did think of one opportunity for improvement... they should consider adding the ability to track/report "adult beverages consumed" per nine. It is probably just as helpful in explaining my round as GIR or total putts
  2. That bag is awesome! Those clubs have to be a blast to hit with. Now we just need someone to find you old balata balls to play with
  3. Nice! Those are some solid irons. At my pace, you have at least another decade to enjoy them Just be warned that it is a bit jarring when Mizuno posts a picture of your clubs and calls them "classics"
  4. I know I am a bit late to this, but you did say you were heading out in a year, so figured I'd chime in and STRONGLY second the recommendation for the Ocean Course - it is not hard at all to get there from Charleston and an absolutely awesome course and amazing experience beginning to end. To answer your other question - no, you don't have to stay at the resort to play Ocean Course, but I believe you get preferred tee times and reduced rates if you are staying there. I booked through their website when I was in Charleston and didn't have any issues.
  5. To call the sound of the driver “distinct” is generous – it is so loud I almost feel the need to apologize to other people at the range when I hit it. But if you don’t mind that and the odd look of the top of the club head, the ball flight is pure. Clearly, I agree with you 100% on the feel of the MP-32s, they are absolute butter. You can make the ball do whatever you want with them, but I would say they are also somewhat more forgiving than they look, but only to an extent - as you experienced, you’ll definitely see it and feel it when you miss the middle. And yeah - people definitely give
  6. As you probably can guess by the pictures, my bag has basically gone unchanged for the last 15+ years. This isn’t one of those old school WITB posts where someone is just getting back into the game, so their clubs are ancient. I just really (really) like this setup and have struggled to find any reason to replace it. That being said, I am sure I am well beyond the point of wearing every club in this bag out and am way overdue for a proper full bag fitting. Enjoy! Driver – Cleveland HiBore XL Tour 10.5* with Aldila VS Proto 70S, tipped 1” When I say “if it aint broke”, I mean it… the
  7. Name/City: Mike / Minneapolis, MN IOS Device: IPhone 8 Indoor/Outdoor: Primarily will test indoors in two locations. In my garage into a hitting net and at a simulator where I can do a side by side comparison with Trackman, hitting into a simulator screen. My outdoor sessions will be from a heated bay.
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