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  1. First name - Joe City & State - Alpharetta, GA Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds - Yes. 95%. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one - Yes. Bagboy Quad XL
  2. Play Tobacco Road, Mid-Pines, and Southern Pines in the Pinehurst NC area. All three are excellent, and you won't spend more than 700 on golf and lodging last time I checked.
  3. Chanticleer course at Greenville CC. It is long, and the greens are exceptionally difficult.
  4. Anybody else notice that Taylormade is getting rid of the Project (a) brand ball? Shame, since these are my favorites. They go straight, far, and are soft. Anybody know if Taylormade will have another ball with the same specs but different name?
  5. First Name/City State - Joe, Atlanta GA Can You Play Golf in Dec and January - Yes. I play approximately 4 times per month, 12 months a year. Current Fitness Tracker Used if any - Samsung Health FWIW, I also own and use a Bag-Boy push cart.
  6. Its pretty remarkable the amount of attention this post has generated. I'm glad I was able to provide some insight. To the question as to whether I still use the OW, I ended up "lending" it to a buddy and it still lives in his garage lol. Still think of it as a solid golf training aid though. :-)
  7. I realize this is a pretty old topic, but I can confirm that Rotary Swing completely changed my swing and cut my handicap from around a 12 or 13 to my current 8 (and trending lower). It does not happen over night, and you have to put in the work, but Rotary Swing is legit. The online swing reviews are very helpful, as they pinpoint what you need to work on - much cheaper than working with a pro in real time. You must rebuild your swing from the ground up and put in a lot of reps, but it works. When you hit a plateau you submit a swing video and they identify the issue and swing video you need to watch to get to the next level. I have recommended RS to a lot of my friends and family - I'm a convert.
  8. Joe in Georgia 39 playing to an honest 8.5 Index Hogan Ft. Worth 22 degree - 45 degree (but i don't carry the 22 in the bag). Got them about 3 years ago when they were still in retail stores and love them. Before that I played forged mizunos, which were also great.
  9. First name/home state or province - Joe from Georgia Current driver/shaft combo - Callaway Razr Fit 10.5. Aloila RIPD NV Stiff Flex Swing speed/handicap - 95mph. 9.5 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft - Stiff/9.5
  10. First name/Home state or province - Joe, Georgia Current wedges - Titleist SM6 48, 52, 56, 60 Short game strengths/weaknesses - I like my golf game like my eggs - scrambled! My short game is the strongest, most consistent part of my game. I have a well established "go-to" shot from the fairway, rough, skirt, and sand, which I further modify depending on where the pin lies in relation to the green and ball, and the elevation I have to work with. I can hit a consistent runner, flop, or medium shot. Also, it may be worth noting that my current irons are Hogan Ft. Worth. Current handicap - 9.7
  11. I like personalized balls for stuff like member guests and golf trips. I take an annual trip with my dad and brothers in law and get customized balls each year. I save one ball and put it in the golfball rack in my office. Good memories when I'm working on something boring.
  12. I'm an eagle by the grace of god, and southern by transplant. Best of both worlds!
  13. 1. Your first name and home state or province. -Joe Hellrung, Alpharetta Georgia 2. Your current set makeup. -Driver - Callaway Razr Fit 9.5 degrees, Stiff Shaft (stock) -3 Wood - Callaway Razr Fit, Stiff Shaft (stock) -Rescue - TaylorMade RBZ Rescue 4wood, Stiff Shaft (stock) -Irons - Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 4-PW, Steel Shaft stiff (stock) -Wedges - Titleist SM6 48, 52, 56, 60. -Putter - Odyssey White Hot #2. - Tracker - SkyCaddy Linx 3. Your current handicap. -10.1 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season. - Decrease my handicap from 10 to 5. I have taken serious steps towards achieving this goal, including installation of an in-home driving range, a winter training regimen that I have stayed pretty dedicated to, and lesson throughout the 2018 season, which began in February of this year. I have already seen improvement in my game, but still have a long way to go. I play a lot of golf (45+ rounds per year), so I expect to see real results this year as I pursue my goal.
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