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  1. May River - which actually is just off the island - is my favorite. Palmetto would be my second choice.
  2. Garmins are excellent. I have used several models. Most recently, the s60. Currently, however, I use shotscope v3, with shot tracking. It is very easy to track every shot and the statistics and analytics are excellent. Plus, at $179, with no subscription, it is an amazing bargain. I also much prefer the way that shotscope presents distances to bunkers and hazards to the Garmin. If you just want GPS, shotscope also offers the G3, which is only $129.
  3. I have been lucky enough to play about a dozen top 100 courses, both with a member and without. The cheapest unaccompanied round has been about $250 and the typical is $300-350. As an example, I just played a top 30 course in the south last week and the charge was $325, plus $50 “base rate” for caddie fees. It was well worth it!
  4. Titleist had a fitting day last week with the new irons. They had 5 of their master fitters and a couple of Titleist big wigs. It was a cool experience but I will be keeping my current irons - Callaway Epic Forged. I really tried to love the Titleists - and yes, they do look fantastic in person - but the performance was not even close to my current set. I’ve also been to TPI and it is completely worth doing for the health and fitness aspects. I found their fitting to be middle of the road and not even close to my fitter - https://ddcustomgolf.com
  5. I would walk away, but if you really want to know, reach out to the OEM and ask them
  6. I shortened my 4 iron to 5 iron length and I hit it more solidly. Although, I had my fitter do the actual work on the shaft to make sure everything was properly aligned.
  7. This absolutely makes a big difference and what you are seeing is real. I recently did a virtual ball fitting with Titleist and switched to the ProV1X Left Dash. It has all the same characteristics as the X, but with lower spin. My course has all raised greens, many of which have false fronts. I hit the ball with a lot of spin and playing the X, I often hit a shot to the middle of the green, only to have it spin back off the green. I tried a sleeve of left dash and the results were amazing. Just ordered a bunch during Titleist’s promo. Here is a link to the review of left dash. https://mygolfspy.com/ball-lab-titleist-pro-v1-left-dash-review/
  8. Schuyler, Scarsdale, NY 6.6 Titleist Vokey Raw Wedges avoids sun glare
  9. Schuyler, Scarsdale, NY How I practice: In the winter, my putting practice is indoors - divided between carpet, PuttOUT and an old school putting mat with ramp and one hole. Experience w/Mats: I have an old school putting mat and PuttOUT trainer. My course has several other putting mats available in the winter. Desired Speed to Test: Fast (11-13 Stimpmeter)
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