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  1. Andy / Farmington MN I never had and it's getting cold in MN Nope, but wish a had a LM to go with a hitting net
  2. Andy Farmington, MN Callaway Rogue SZ 6.9 115 mph TSi3
  3. Andy / Minnesota Putt Out with Mat The putt out I have is the first putting mat I've owned Medium Thanks a ton MGS!!
  4. Andy / Farmington, MN / USA Odyssey O-Works wide 1WBW ZB3 - always like the flow neck with an anser style head
  5. Minnesota Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Calm, but get nervous/over excited when playing good, which inevitably means I end up playing bad Fitbit Charge 3
  6. Driver Shafts: Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 with Callaway tip. Measures 44.25" from grip to tip. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Midsize grip. $OLD Accra TZ6 M4 with Callaway tip. Measures 43.25" from grip to tip. Lamkin Sonar Midsize+ grip. $OLD Wedges: All have Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Midsize grips. These have seen a few seasons of use but taken care of. Ping Glide ES grind, stamped 56 bent to 55 deg, lie bent to 62 deg, length 35-1/2". With KBS 610 Wedge 125 shaft. $SOLD Ping Glide ES grind, loft 60 deg, lie bent to 62 deg, length 35-3/8". Wi
  7. Andy/Farmington, MN 440 112mph I think I need something new to replace my Rogue SZ.
  8. I've got both a driver shaft and 3 wood shaft both with Titleist adapters. Trying something else in my 917d2 and 917fd2. Both are in great shape with, new this year, CP2 Wrap in Midsize. Diamana D+ 70-S - $60 shipped Diamana D+ 80-S - $60 shipped Not looking for trades at this time. Thanks.
  9. Hastings, MN hdcp 3.4 Single line from clip on device Bridgestone your B X, HONDO
  10. Andy/Farmington I have both GPS/stat tracking device and rangefinder I currently use Game Golf pro to track shots and stats, and use a Bushnell Hybrid rangefinder on course for distances.
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