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  1. That had to result in heavy drinking if the 98 followed the 78. Quite the variance.
  2. Jeff, Southlake TX Xs Testing Outdoors No net
  3. Jeff Southlake/TX Kirkland Signature I purchased Top Flites in my 20's because they were cost-effective. I'm playing K-Sigs now, so I'd be open to putting 'em in play again. I like a good value - performance at a fair price.
  4. Jeff / Southlake TX Yes, I own a Rukket hitting net right now No, but I will probably purchase a LM sometime in the not-too-distant future
  5. Jeff / Southlake TX 12 Puma Comfort + Traction
  6. How long have you been playing the Equalizer wedges, @joen? I trust you're happy with their feel, trajectory, and distance control?
  7. I'm surprised that your PTxPro 4-iron is longer than the UiHi. Even off the tee? I rarely hit my 4-iron from the fairway these days. Thanks again for stepping up to review both irons. Will you be getting some Trackman data, too?
  8. Well, lucky me! What a privilege to test one of Ben Hogan's fairways. Trying to double-check the shaft specs to get fitted right. I'm a 100-105 mph, mid-trajectory, up-tempo swinger. Any recommendations?
  9. Jeff - Southlake TX Right-handed 3 wood, 15* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram, Stiff UiHi driving iron, 22* - KBS Tour V, Stiff Handicap = 13.4 I currently game a 4-iron and a 5-wood
  10. The Lamkin Z-5's look a lot like GP's MCC grips, but at a better price. I've got their UTx cord grips in my wedges and they've held up nicely, too. I may switch to Lamkins, moving forward, and save a few bucks on re-gripping.
  11. Sub 70 has a good, cost-effective GI option. https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-699-iron.html
  12. Jeff Southlake, TX Srixon z585 13.4 index 105 mph TSi3
  13. True story Ben Hogan tested the roundness of his golf balls with an O-ring and spun them in a bathtub with epsom salt for quality control. He was a MacGregor staffer, but refused to play their Tourney ball due to QC issues. Instead, he gamed Titleist and Spalding's Dot.
  14. I couldn't find any of those 3 brands; Maxfli Tour, Vice Pro, or Snell MT-B < $25 dozen. Picking nits, I know but the challenge was finding a premium urethane ball for $23. MG Golf's C4 was the best I could do, price-wise.
  15. MG Golf's C4 is a 4-piece ball I'm tempted to try for only $19.99 per dozen. It's gotten good reviews by our fellow, discerning MGS golfers. Has the MGS staff scrutinized these yet with their testing?
  16. Not to be argumentative, but what "premium" urethane balls can you purchase for $23/dozen? I'd honestly like to know.
  17. I don't know if I'm really good enough to "feel" the difference between a surlyn and urethane cover, but I've always gotten better results from the latter.
  18. I play the 3-piece K-Sigs and have been satisfied with their performance. I'm surprised that today's review was so negative when they were rated "Best Value" just last year. I've never played Cut branded balls, but it's also surprising to read the Snell Red was manufactured in the same Chinese facility. *sigh* Wish I'd have purchased a gross of the original 4-piece K-Sigs
  19. Yes, I'm still gaming my 1999 Apex Plus irons. Looking hard at Hogan's combo set now with a UiHi 4-iron bc it may finally be time to upgrade. What do you like about the Dynamic Gold S-300 shaft vs the KBS Tour V? You and I have similar clubhead speed.
  20. Jeff / Southlake TX 13.4 HDCP Cleveland CG-10 More spin sounds appealing Visually & aesthetically I prefer the satin and black finishes. I'd like to give these a shot, though, to see if the ZipCore technology matches the hype.
  21. All I know is they've forged Patrick Reed's signature blades in a "boxed set" that's limited to 100 available, total. Grindwork's dealers are only on the West Coast. I can't find any pricing, so you'll probably need to call one of their dealers. http://www.grindworks.jp/portfolios/grindworks-x-patrick-reed-limited-pr-101a-forged-irons/ https://www.pgatour.com/equipmentreport/2019/12/12/patrick-reed-mystery-irons-company-revealed-grindworks-equipment.html
  22. Have you received your PTX-Pro 4-iron yet? If so, how does it compare to the UiHi? I'm eager to read how they stack up, because I may pull the trigger on a combo set this year. I'm still gaming my 2000 Ben Hogan Apex Plus irons with Apex S-4 flex shafts, 115 grams, manufactured by Royal Precision. Tyler @ Ben Hogan recommended the KBS-Tour V's, S-flex, for me. I wouldn't mind flighting my mid-irons a little higher, but I like my short-iron trajectories right now. Maybe I should demo an 8-iron in both ICON and PTX-Pro?
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