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  1. I'm notorious for losing putter head covers. I walk a lot so I tend to forget to put them back on and it's not like I have a basket to drop them in when I take them off. Following for some good ideas I can try
  2. I got a really nice KRUPS Precision Coffee Grinder. I've been using a Magic Bullet, and man there is no comparison. This thing is AWESOME.
  3. Titleist irons always look so clean.
  4. Oh wow that's scary indeed! Glad to know it's just scrapes and not anything more serious.
  5. Semi related, I'm glad you posted this topic - it made me remember I had D4D and it's been eye opening based on my driver woes lately. I've bought so many videos I've lost track of what I have between downloads and what I can stream via subscription sites
  6. Monte has a section in his Drive 4 Dough video series that addresses this, he shows that the hip speed on the LPGA tour is faster than long drive and PGA players, yet their clubhead speed is much slower. As noted above, if you don't link things up properly, too fast hips OR too fast arms that don't match up with the rest of your swing won't give optimal results. EDIT: I went back and found it, my apologies, he didn't mention PGA pros in the graphics. He had taken measurements of his driver swing from a normal standing position then from his knees, that's what he put up against LPGA playe
  7. Woke up with a few of these songs stuck in my head. Been listening since I started working earlier this morning.
  8. Y'know, I track fairways too, but honestly for me it's how many penalties or punch outs do I need to take with a driver. If the number is low to 0, then it's going in the bag
  9. I hit a small bucket this morning just wanting to build off of what I worked on yesterday, feeling more of a shoulder turn and also feeling like I keep my head back when I start the downswing (which is really just keeping it in place and not moving my upper body forward). I absolutely flushed some irons today. Also hit a bunch thin but that's OK. Driver was so-so but the Bertha Mini and my fairways off the tee were awesome. The practice greens had been punched so I just stuck around the chipping green for half an hour working with my 54 and 58. Holed a couple of chips and left on a good
  10. I play a decent amount as a single, usually after work for a quick 9 and I'll get paired up with another single who's doing the same thing I am I always make a point to introduce myself, tell them I'm a double digit cap, I'm gonna hit some bad shots, and most importantly I'm out there to have fun and relax after a long day sitting at a desk. Never had a problem. I've also been paired up with singles who were fine to play with. There was only one instance a few years back when a single joined us on the first tee at a course my friend and I hadn't played before, and he let us know he was
  11. Met up with a buddy this morning at the range after talking with him about my driver woes. He's a single digit and normally wins long drive every time we're in a scramble together. I hit a few balls and he pointed out that I really wasn't turning my shoulders very much in the backswing, lots of arm overrun. Which makes sense as to why feeling like I'm hitting a punch shot has been working for me lately. He had me making a turn with an iron across my chest and pointing the butt towards my back foot and trying to feel that in my regular swing. I did hit some decent driver shots after a bit but i
  12. Well, when I'm OB with the driver on 3 holes out of 9... yeah I'll take the 3w or the Heavenwood from the tee every time To keep things on track - I always like to see what clubs the CCC testers think they're going to love at the start, vs what club becomes their security blanket as the challenge progresses. I know in past years, the Cobra fairways really shined for a good amount of players.
  13. Congrats testers! Great group right there.
  14. Nice!! And when the youngest is finally out of daycare it's going to feel like you hit the lottery. Until they start college...
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