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  1. I've been on a big classical kick this week.
  2. I've got a 5 way divider in my bag. Top section is driver, fairway, putter. Middle sections are 5h/6i, then 7i/8i/9i. Bottom two sections are PW/GW then 54*/58*. It works well for me, although I will say that I want my next bag to have a separate putter well.
  3. Interesting, I had a 910 D2 and it worked amazingly for my terrible swing at the time. Short, but an absolute fairway finder.
  4. A hybrid that doesn't hook for you may actually be a higher lofted fairway wood. That was the solution for me for a long time, using fairways instead of hybrids. Then some lessons fixed what was causing hybrids to hook, and now my 5h is one of my favorite clubs
  5. Titleist drivers just always seem to work for you, Rob.
  6. Last year I went the opposite way - lighter graphite to heavier steel, both in R flex, and I found that my dispersion tightened up significantly. Next step for me is to go back to graphite but in a heavier weight.
  7. Tough to diagnose without seeing your setup and swing, unfortunately. You could be coming over the top, you could be hitting with a wide open face, your shoulders may be misaligned and what you think is swinging down the line is actually swinging well left of target... could be a number of reasons. If you could post a video of your swing from down the line, you may be able to get some decent advice. If you have any reputable pros in your area, a lesson or two so you have a set of qualified eyes on you in real time might not hurt either.
  8. So no one watched on TV and no one was there either. My father in law had it on for a little bit yesterday afternoon while he was channel surfing, I've seen bigger crowds at PGA Jr events.
  9. Graphite shafts, arm band, and LOTS of stretches/exercises.
  10. Ferrules for me have gotten loose due to keeping the clubs in my trunk for a long period of time. Now I try to keep it to no more than a couple of days, max. In the winter, everything goes in my upstairs closet where it slumbers awaiting spring. My local range just opened a few days ago, so we're getting very close for my bag to wake up.
  11. I'm very aware of the differences between the lines, however I believe the filling used in the power holes is the same in both lines, hence my question.
  12. I'll be interested to see who still has them, and how they're holding up. I picked up a set of the non-forged D7 irons last year and the power hole filling in the 7i is falling out. Curious to know if that's happened to anyone else with either version of this line.
  13. "Hey let's go fix a problem that doesn't exist" - Some old guy at the USGA, probably.
  14. Is it possible the previous owner modified it in any way? Definite possibility. In any case, purchasing a driver off the shelf is always a crapshoot either way. I know of the W/S drivers I've owned, I've been inconsistent with 100% of them. It simply may not be the best club for you, regardless of swing weight. Rob, why you gotta do this to me?????
  15. Were you fit to it, or did you buy it off the shelf?
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