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  1. Great idea for an article. I've been re-gripping on my own for years, and for a "mechanically challenged" goof like myself, it's surprisingly easy.
  2. I got out on Saturday in slightly overcast conditions, the temp was around 50 and I was able to use the yellow Tour S for most of the round. I brought a sleeve with me, and all 3 were lost by hole 14 - 2 lost in massive leaf piles (typical for courses up here, you need to be WAY offline to find one of those piles, and, well.... I was WAY offline with those two shots!). I will say that I found them clickier off the putter than I like, but feel-wise they weren't too bad. I didn't mind the ball flight at all, and I had no trouble keeping the ball in sight while it was in the air or on the ground. I'm definitely looking forward to getting some more experience with them in the spring time.
  3. Fantastic recap!! Concise and well written, perfect pics.
  4. Shot an even 100 today at Country Club of New Bedford. I can’t complain - I got to play golf in December. After having not touched a club in a month and a half, just being out there was a blast. Left the face open too much, forgot how to hit bunker shots, and had 39 putts (those greens are no joke, it’s like putting on tilted glass half the time). Doesn’t matter - had a great time with my bud and some of his family. It’s like a bonus round at this point in the year.
  5. Both drive me nuts but it's the pitch marks on the greens that are worse. Seems like I always end up fixing 2-3 marks per green when I get up there. It's maddening.
  6. Higher/Lower/Draw/Fade, just like the chart further up the page.
  7. Good morning all! Second cup of coffee is about to hit the system to prep me for too many meetings today. I got an email from Mikey at TXG yesterday letting me know my Caley 01CBs that I won via their Instagram contest are on the way, which is awesome. I'll probably only be able to hit them on a sim for a little bit, but I'm excited to see how well I get along with them. Fingers crossed for a warm day where I can get them outside for a bucket or two.
  8. My wife has jokingly mentioned taking up the game this past year after hitting a few shots at the scramble we organize and doing pretty well. I researched women's clubs for a bit for her, but it's died down. Maybe next year once our youngest is off to college she'll think about it again. She knows I love to invest time and $$ into my hobbies (you should see how much musical and recording gear we have here) but since it gets me out of the house and walking, and allows me to spend some quality time with our son, she has no problem with it. My hobbies are my only vice - I don't go out drinking with buddies, I don't smoke, I'm not a car fanatic or anything else like that so she's OK with me buying new clubs on occasion, or parts for my bikes, or new guitar pedals.
  9. I liked the driver, and found it quite forgiving once I dialed it in beyond what the fitter had recommended. I think my biggest issue with it was the feel and sound - to me, it doesn’t sound powerful, if that makes sense. When I hit it head to head with my Mavrik Max, I would have thought the Mavrik had gone further just due to the sound & feel at impact. But the Mizuno was just as long and was straighter.
  10. Watching pros play golf to learn is like watching F1 to learn how to drive a mini van.
  11. At this point, pretty much the only golf I watch at all is on YouTube and it's purely for entertainment purposes in small chunks. I watched more LPGA this year than PGA, and that's not saying much because I really only watched to see Rose Zhang's debut. If I watch sports on TV, I want it to mean something and have actual stakes. So that rules out anything LIV, and that's even if I could find it on TV at that.
  12. I "played" as a kid and young teen with my father and grandfather. Once I hit college and beyond the clubs stayed in the basement and I'd pull them out once every few years to play in a scramble. Around 12-13 years ago I was having a lot of problems with my right knee and my doc told me to sell my hockey gear and stop running. I needed something to do and a number of my friends had taken up golf, so I pulled the old set out of the garage and started going to the range. My wife bought me a boxed set for Father's Day that year, and that sent me down the long rabbit hole of golf and gear.
  13. Good writeup that aligns with a lot of things I want in an iron set - height, forgiveness, and a decent sized head.
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