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  1. Local range just posted to FB that they'll be opening in 10 days. Gonna be mats only for a little bit but I don't care. I'll strap on the elbow brace and go smack some balls around as soon as they unlock the shed door.
  2. I can't say I'm that big of a fan. HOWEVER it may be due to my brain being so used to chrome/silver/gray when it comes to an iron and I'm just not used to it.
  3. I always focus on the target, that's what I picture in my head during the swing. I have a trigger to start my downswing but that's more of a feel than a thought. The whole time I'm starting my backswing I'm envisioning where I want the ball to go and what I want the flight to look like. Do they always match up? Heck NO. But it keeps me from getting stuck in my head out on the course.
  4. Not for me, but mostly because I'm cheap LOL! Kudos to him for taking up the game and bringing some style to it.
  5. Same here. I've gone outside to pick up my recycle bin 3x so far in the past hour. Because if I leave it blown over on it's side, that would be exactly when the truck came and passed it by. UPDATE: Up to 5x now...
  6. Love my 54*. One of my best golf purchases of the past few years.
  7. We adopted this little love bug 3 days ago and it’s like she’s always been here. My kids are over the moon with her, all she wants to do is play for 5-10 mins then cuddle with you for an hour. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. [quote post="736605" I've been wanting to lease an SUV, but never found one at the right price until recently. Our company was offering major incentives on the Audi brand and I couldn't pass it up. It rides good, looks amazing, and I've just always wanted a digital cockpit. Figuring out the radio was a hassle, but push enough buttons and it works itself out. SWEET ride!! Enjoy it. And hopefully the radio works just fine [emoji38] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Same. I have one eagle and it came on a heck of a lucky bounce where my pitch hit the pin and dropped straight down. If it hadn't hit the pin I would have been 30 feet off the back of the green.
  10. I prefer either over the Russ B method, which involves 3 swipes at the ball before swearing and picking up the ball and firing it into the woods, then having your son remind you of that moment every single round you play forever after.
  11. Like the thinking here when it comes to instruction and improvement plans. You could add Skillest, Sam Goulden/Square to Square or Rebellion Golf to that list as well.
  12. Srixon ZX line (especially the ZX4) New Cleveland Frontline putters Wilson/Staff D9 irons. I'd like to see the Launchpads too, but now that they're a year old I don't see that happening. Callaway B21 irons & driver Everything Cobra Tour Edge Hot Launch & Exotics
  13. Agreed, CPO or a slightly older used Cobra would very likely fit your budget. Don't forget CPO also sells other brands, usually at a heavier discount than their own clubs, looking to sell off clubs they got in trade.
  14. Played it last season with Wedgie & StrokerAce, we had a great time. It's almost always in excellent condition, easy to forget it's a muni.
  15. Gonna have to go with Acushnet River Valley. Gives you the best of both worlds - typical gorgeous tree-lined fairways on the front nine, then links style on the back nine.
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