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  1. Chrome or Tapatalk direct. The app is unusable for me.
  2. I do a lot with music in my spare time, as either a board member for our school's music association, or as a musician myself. Currently working on an interstate internet EP with two friends - me in MA, my bass player/lead guitarist in NH, and our singer in CT. I've gotten back into biking recently as well. I raced BMX as a kid and I've been cruising around the past few months. I'm slowly building up to my first 20mi ride.
  3. First range session of the year! Took my son out and we hit a large bucket each. I only hit driver a few times since the sun was just in that right spot where you couldn't see the ball once it got about 10 yards away. So I mostly stuck with my 54* and scoring irons just to knock the winter rust off. My son was trying out 3 different drivers to see which he liked the best since he's at least 4"-5" taller than last summer so his US Kids driver isn't going to work anymore. I stood behind him to watch the ball since he was losing it in the sun also, looks like my Cobra F6 is going in his bag for the season. His shots were all slight pushes but he was consistently hitting 180-200 yards with that one. He's on the fence about PGA Jr (if there's a season) but he's itching to get back out on the course with me. I love it.
  4. "You're not good enough to get angry" It finally sunk in that I'm going to hit my share of bad shots and it's better to shove those out of mind immediately instead of stewing over them. Does it always work? Nope. But it makes my rounds much more enjoyable when it does work.
  5. I'm in 41-50 group. As far as whether or not it's representative of the age of golfers in general... I don't think so. My local course has had to up the number of PGA Jr teams they field the past 3 years in a row. Plenty of younger people out there. We're just the older farts sitting around on a computer to talk about it
  6. Wait you expect me to take fashion advice from a guy with TWO popped collars? Yeah that's a big NO from me, dawg.
  7. That's a real proud poppa moment right there, and rightfully so. Congrats Penny!!
  8. I wear one all the time. I like the way it looks with some shorts & shirt combos and that's all that matters.
  9. Same. I can count on just a few fingers the times that I've golfed in jeans. Courses up here are fine with them in winter, well the munis and semi-privates anyways. I personally wouldn't be comfortable walking the course in jeans once it's over 50, heck I can barely take a 2 mile walk with my wife wearing them.
  10. This is always an amazing opportunity and leads to one of the best annual threads here. Can't wait to see who gets picked for this year!
  11. Listened to a little ska during my workout this morning.
  12. My season usually starts mid-April and ends mid-Sept. If the weather's still nice I can play a few times in mid to late November. I usually average 20-30 rounds or so.
  13. Rest up Stu and I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully you have some good weather to sit out on the patio for a bit.
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