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  1. Right now I've got some QST, Duo Soft, and Top Flite D2 Feels. All on the "lower compression" side and one with a urethane cover. I prefer the QST but I'll use the Duos & D2s earlier in the season (or later) when it's colder and my swing isn't entirely there yet after a long winter layoff.
  2. russtopherb

    Union Green?

    As a marketing manager, I agree.
  3. Love to see the W/S love. Great bag!
  4. My grandfather played 5 days a week after he retired, up to his late 80's. He's 93 and still with us! He can't play anymore, but I'm betting all that time on the course has helped his overall health tremendously.
  5. Loved those Cleveland MTs. I had a combo set with some Altitudes and the MTs were my favorite irons in that set. Great pics!
  6. I'm on the side of getting a few lessons. Even if you don't have a lot of time for a lot of practice, you can get some professional eyes on your grip, setup, takeaway, etc that can be very helpful. I've shared this anecdote before but I think it's relevant here too - I had a big slice and tried every single YouTube idea I could. Closing the face, rolling the forearms, motorcycle grip, swinging to right field, etc. 4-5 swings into one lesson and the pro pointed out that my shoulders were pointed 30 yards left of the target. No one I played with noticed that. So a few lessons to make sure you have a solid repeatable foundation (which you may indeed have shooting low 80's) can help out a lot in the long run.
  7. Whenever I have a good round and I remark "hey it's been a while since I lost a ball" I'm guaranteed to lose at least 3 over the next 2 holes.
  8. As someone who has to deal with customers leaving false/misleading reviews online, I can sympathize with Linksoul wanting to ensure that reviews that are being left deal with the product/concern at hand. Given the posts in this thread, I'm not entirely sure reviews were being left in good faith.
  9. russtopherb

    Union Green?

    Option 1. I grew up off of Acushnet Ave and half the kids I went to high school with were from Acushnet
  10. Yes it is. I went with the aged pearl pickguard to give it a little more of an understated look. I've seen some black lacquer Strats with bright white pickguards and they never look quite right to my eye.
  11. Welcome! I'm just outside of New Bedford & there's a few other spies in the general area.
  12. I know we've got a few musicians in here, so I thought I'd share my winter project. I picked up this Special Edition Strat for $33.01, it showed up covered in sticker residue, dust and all other sorts of junk. The electronics were shot, but the neck and the body were in great shape (aside from one chip on the body that I didn't see until I cleaned it). Some elbow grease and Goof Off later, it looked way better. The neck, while straight, was bone dry and it looked like someone had stuck a pick in the high strings and left it there for at least 10 years or so. Look at the first fret, you can still see discoloration after 3 applications of lemon oil. I wanted to go a bit retro and upgrade the pickups, so I ordered an aged white pearl pickguard with some lower level Alnico V pickups. Once that I came in, I soldered and installed it and here's the final product. Total cost: less than $60. New these went for around $325, and they're great because they have full size necks and bodies unlike a lot of newer Squiers. It's not as good as my buddy's American made Fender Strat, but I can't play guitar well either so this one does me just fine.
  13. I voted "other" just because none of those felt like anything I'd do with $3k. Nearly $600 for a few hours of golf? Don't care where it is or what the views are, that's nuts. No thanks.
  14. I liked the P(a) so I'll be sure to give these a shot. Knowing TM I'll probably end up with a few sleeves in the mail, which would be nice
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