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  1. Bought my son his 3rd pair of golf shoes in 3 years. Darn kid won't stop growing. Picked up some Adidas Adicross spikeless for him that hopefully last until the fall. Also picked up a Maxfli glove for him at DSG when we were there trying on shoes.
  2. These are some fantastic pics. I had a great time following along on Twitter. Thanks for the share!!
  3. The weather was just gorgeous today so I went to hit a bucket at lunch. After 5 PWs that were straight as an arrow to warm up, I proceeded to puke my way through the majority of the bucket. It was like I had never hit a ball before. Worm burners, giant hooks, you name it. I took a few breaks to just relax and try hitting a few short wedges, but nope. Everything I hit was garbage so I left a good 10-12 balls in the stall and walked away. I know it was just a one-off, it usually happens a couple of times a year to me early in the season before everything comes right back with the next bucket, but man is it just a miserable feeling.
  4. So when I was a kid I had a recurring dream about the Fry Guys from the McDonalds ads. In the dream they were following me. If I was in the car, they were in trees watching us drive by. They would look in my windows while I was in bed. I had this dream a lot. When I was in high school, I told a buddy about those dreams. He immediately said I was visited by aliens and they were keeping an eye on me, and my young brain couldn't process what was happening so I turned them into the Fry Guys to compensate/cope. I didn't sleep for WEEKS after he told me that. I'd go around the house at 2am making sure all the windows were locked so they couldn't get me.
  5. Love seeing kids perform and have fun!!
  6. Hit the range with my 13 year old, then the chipping and putting greens for some contests with each other. This was my first time hitting off grass this season so... yeah. I’ve had better range sessions. He’s wearing a pair of my shoes since he outgrew his [emoji1787]We’ll be hitting Dicks tomorrow before his first PGA Jr practice for a new pair. He also outgrew his putter so he snagged my Odyssey out of my backup bag. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Congrats testers! Outstanding group. I’m looking forward to your thoughts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Bruins with the big ol' SWEEP of the Carolina Hurricanes. It's just like when they were still in Hartford. Love it. BRING ON THE CUP!
  9. Callaway Heavenwood. There's just something about it that works for my swing, either off the tee or the deck. If I was smart, I'd use it as my tee club on par 4s & 5s and I'm betting my handicap would plummet as a result.
  10. Not looking for any conflict here, but the SLDR-C is the worst driver of all time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. This one was right up my alley and it's certainly eye opening as far as the results vs. my impressions of each driver based on comments here from posters who have tried or bagged them... along with my own inherent biases and likes/dislikes.
  12. [emoji51][emoji51][emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Currently listening to rough mixes of the EP I've been working on since January. I got the final vocal tracks back from the singer and I'm getting things cleaned up before I send it off for mastering!
  14. If you’ve been busting your butt for 10+ years living out of a suitcase and ruining personal relationships because you’re never around and all you have in the bank is $2000, you’d jump at the first chance to “sell out”. Or, maybe as you aged your musical interests evolved. Release the same album and you don’t sell because fans think you’re boring. Evolve your sound and you don’t sell because you’re a sellout. [emoji52] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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