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  1. I got called by the FBI once over an eBay transaction... talk about a sphincter tightening moment! Turns out some computer parts I had bought were stolen from a university's lab by an employee. The agent thankfully said right at the top that I wasn't in trouble, they just wanted to know if there was anything on the hard drives when they arrived, did I have any other communication with the seller, etc.
  2. Got out for a small bucket this morning, mostly stuck with irons and wedges. Wedges and short irons were fine. Great even (for me). 5i-7i on the other hand... blech. Short game area at the local muni where I practice is still closed, no flags or holes so my practice on that part of my game is woefully lacking.
  3. My Cleveland has been my "go to" for three years now. I have two other backup putters but I honestly don't think I've subbed the #10 out since I got it.
  4. Additionally, Facebook Marketplace is usually a goldmine for kids clubs as well if another Spy doesn't have something they can help out with. I bought my son's Cobras brand new still in the box for half the retail price. A quick glance at my local FB Marketplace shows at least 5 sets of kid's clubs for $50 or less.
  5. Your post heavily implied that the Patriots lost because Cam Newton is a selfish player.
  6. New and shiny is always the right choice over lessons. Every internet golfer knows this.
  7. That same play worked 3 times earlier in the game so they went back to it again. Not sure how that's on Cam? And the way he threw the ball all night showed that he's just fine getting people involved.
  8. Solid weekends from Aaron Jones and David Montgomery have me in a good spot. We'll see how tonight goes, @Tarheelvolvo has 4 players playing tonight so I'm not counting my chickens yet...
  9. I’m trying to watch this and I just can’t. Between the conditions and Bryson being the focal point it’s not worth my time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Titleist 910 D2 driver. That thing was an absolute fairway finder. I sold it chasing distance. Big mistake.
  11. As a C300 tester and also someone who moved onto the D300s afterwards, I never once had a problem with the power slots and dirt. Ever. Non-issue.
  12. Cobra Baffler XL, but my switch was only due to needing to go back to graphite shafts due to tennis elbow. If I could have grabbed the D300s in graphite, I would have in a heartbeat.
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