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  1. Try out True Golf Fit and see what the recommendations are, that should give you a good starting point. https://truegolffit.com/
  2. I took lessons from a former club pro who had started out on the mini tours. He left golf entirely to go into telecom sales because he knew there was no way he could start a family with his long hours and low pay. So he went into sales and gave lessons on the side to support his wife & kids. He loves golf still, but quickly grew to hate working in it.
  3. Heck of a writeup! Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us. So which of those do you envision purchasing first?
  4. Really not many cons that I can think of, I moved to midsize a few years back and the clubs just felt more comfortable to me. Also feels like I don't need as firm a grip, which frees up tension in my wrists and forearms.
  5. Yep. This would cost far less and be much more beneficial than buying a new-to-you much older driver when this happens.
  6. I'm a bit confused here - are you saying that you're making direct ball contact with the crown/top of your driver, not the face, and that's leading to the damage?
  7. I got out to the range this morning and hit a small bucket almost exclusively focusing on wedges. My short game is completely non-existent at this point in the season so I spent a lot of time with my 54* and 58* hitting to various targets and putting the ball forward and backward in my stance to affect trajectory. I had more bladed shots than I wanted, but the ones I hit cleanly were right on target. Finished up with some 7i shots mixed in with HyWood off the deck and a couple of drivers. Had the fade going today but everything would have been from center to just barely off the fairway based on where I was aiming. I didn't get a chance to get to the short game area due to a men's league getting ready for their morning tee times, so I'll try and get back in a few days for some greenside work.
  8. That's AWESOME!!! Congrats on the ace!!!
  9. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Happy birthday fellas!
  10. I will say that in the short time I got to demo a one length set, the scoring clubs were my absolute favorites. I've never been able to hit those high perfect wedges that stop on a dime save for with one lengths.
  11. Not at all. On the opposite side of OG I love the counterweighting in the shaft. Makes it feel so smooth for my swing.
  12. Looks like you won't be reading for a few years then.
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