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  1. Let us know how you get on with them, the more you hit them. When I tried out a set, I absolutely loved the wedges and scoring irons, and didn't have any problem adjusting to the shaft length. The lower lofted irons, on the other hand, weren't so hot for me, like a lot of other one length users. Curious to see how you'll get on.
  2. Inserts not doing anything, I take it?
  3. Possibly, with lofts reversed. My friend had an R1 with a LH adapter, he just had to go the opposite direction of what the adapter said.
  4. I keep meaning to pick that one up. I have the original from when it was still downloadable but not 2.0.
  5. Unfortunately I'm out in the sticks with no commercial tenants near me, so it's coax for life it seems. When I was selling internet & telecom, fiber was the way to go. The commercial stuff (Metro Ethernet) is typically slower overall when you look at max bandwidth, but the latency is pretty much zero so it screams along when streaming or uploading.
  6. Do I have 2 guitars on consignment right now so I can pick up a set of these over the winter? Maybe...
  7. I say, play from the forward tees, be straight up with him about etiquette and how memberships can be revoked, and tell him that if he even thinks to attempt anything he saw in Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore he'll find himself at the bottom of a water hazard.
  8. My educated guess - yes, they should be, probably a couple of degrees max. IIRC, Wedgie had his original Launcher HBs bent when he tested them here. EDIT: I looked it up, and yes they were bent 2* upright -
  9. If you're going Top Flite, go with the Hammer Control or Distance over the XLs. Both are often on sale at Dicks and are great for cooler weather, especially the HC. The 50 Elite mentioned above is also a ball that punches way above it's cost.
  10. Another excellent historical lookback from Barbajo. Well done, as always!
  11. Congrats to the testing group! I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.
  12. I dealt with that with Comcast/Xfinity in the spring. I had ordered WiFi extender pods due to everyone being at home and in class or working remote to increase coverage, and things kept dropping out. I must've called 3-4 times and finally got someone with a clue. Within 5 mins she was like "why on earth do you have that old modem? It's not compatible with the extenders, no one even noticed that??" 2 hours later I had a new modem and no issues since.
  13. Definitely keep us updated. I'm the opposite with divots, I tend to take bigger ones and my miss is fat, it seems the sole setup on these can be helpful for both types of golfers.
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