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  1. Get the arm band like others mentioned, but you should also check out some stretches and exercises. Those will go much further to reduce your pain than the arm band will. I developed tennis elbow back in August and it's still an issue, thankfully much less than it was. I sit at a desk all day with my right hand on a mouse, which is what led to mine. Once I started doing the exercises daily, the pain was noticeably better and started to fade. I did almost all of the exercises in this video a few times per day and it definitely helped a lot.
  2. Watched a guy just demolish the side of a green after whiffing on a chip. Probably took 3 feet worth of sod out of the ground. I was playing in a foursome with some friends, one of them duffed a hybrid shot and proceeded to just slam it over and over into the ground to the point where he missed hitting another member of the foursome in the face with sod by about 6 inches. Never played with either of them again.
  3. At least half the golfers my son plays with in PGA Jr are using some sort of colored ball. He likes the red SoftFlis but tends to stick with Cally Truvis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Questions: 1) Did he say he feels that he wants/needs new clubs? 2) What's wrong with a 165 6i at 61 years old? 3) Is he having fun golfing with you? It may be that his right miss goes away the more he plays, especially if he's had a long layoff.
  5. I wish y'all would stop blaming marketing for your own choices that you regret making and want an excuse for. Signed, A Marketing Manager.
  6. I was able to get out yesterday during a low wind period which really only lasted an hour or two. The range was completely dead as a result, which I liked. I mostly worked on woods, including the Heavenwood off the deck and the 4i off the tee for those rounds when the woods don't want to cooperate (which is more often than not it seems with me). The more I bounce around the bag, the better my practice time becomes.
  7. When I was testing the C300s I had a number of people ask about them and try them out. Can’t say that led to any sales, but it sure got word out. Not so much on the NX9 though, to be honest. I let a number of other golfers try it but there wasn’t anywhere near the same level of interest. Maybe the sexy factor isn’t quite there vs shiny new clubs? Anyways when I’ve been lucky enough to test I’ve shared on the course, and posted on FB and Twitter. Just tried to do my part to bring awareness to the reviews and MGS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. You said Titleist was like a DTC and you could get the ball from them for $22. I pointed out that you couldn’t. Please don’t move the goalposts. We’re all here and not at other forums because we don’t buy into hype. We buy into proven performance and facts. That’s why this thread is as long as it is. Simple construction and makeup show why the Snell is better than the new TruFeel FOR MANY GOLFERS. You don’t agree? Fine. Play what you like. I have no problem with that. None of us do. Enjoy your evening. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. So here's what it'll cost to get TruFeel shipped to my house. 2 piece, surlyn ball. Here's what it'll cost to get the MTB-X shipped to my house: So $4 more for a tour quality, urethane ball from a DTC company. One that will almost definitely perform noticeably differently around the greens than the above Titleist ball. Oh, and one that actually would be *cheaper* shipped to me if I ordered a larger quantity... but no discount from Titleist for a larger order. That's not marketing. That's simple economics combined with solid factual knowledge thanks to MGS.
  10. No, not really. Titleist can't sell a tour level urethane ball at the same price as Snell due to their overhead and distribution. That's not exactly a true comparison in your example above. DTC is far more than a "marketing term".
  11. I think there will always be a DTC market for those who like having quality goods shipped to their door. I do think that the DTC ball companies that are simply rebadging will fade away, while others like Snell will always have a solid sales base.
  12. Like I said above, if someone pays good money for a fitting and that's their mindset, it's a waste of money IMHO.
  13. I know this EP is two years old at this point, but it's probably my most listened to album this year. It's just so good.
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