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  1. If they're as good as the CBX Full Face wedges I can see why they're gone. I've got a 56° and a 60° and I love them.
  2. If you've got a smooth swing with a smooth changeover at the top put them both on the shelf with an XXIO. I changed to an XXIO Prime 9 last year and gained 15-20 yards and more consistency than I had been getting. Try to find someplace that will let you hit them outside so you can actually see the ball fly through the air. I think Global Golf will let you hit one and return it. There are likely other companies that will do that as well. It was such a great feeling to see the ball fly past where I normally hit it and still be in the fairway. XXIO costs more but for me, it was worth it. I'm now contemplating getting a 3 wood and irons if I can get the shoulder that I messed up the rotator cuff repaired.
  3. I was in the same boat 3-4 years ago. I could no longer get the ball decently off the ground with a 3 wood. I ended up buying a 2016 Taylor Made HL M2 3 wood. The HL designation stands for High Loft and instead of a 15° loft it has a 16.5 ° loft and it's much easier to get up in the air. I could finally get the ball in the air again. 16.5° is actually the loft of a 4 wood but TM knows that we don't like saying that we resorted to buying a 4 wood because we are getting older. Mine has a Sr. shaft. I also will agree with the poster recommending a XXIO 3 wood. I haven't actually hit one but last year I did buy a XXIO Prime 9 driver and WOW, it was the easiest driver to hit that I've ever had the pleasure of hitting. I've regained between 10-20 yards of lost distance and hit it much higher than My 2016 Taylor Made M2 12° driver. If the 3 wood is anything like that driver, you'll love it. Just one caution though, the XXIO stuff seems to work best for golfers with a swing like mine. It's best with a smooth swing. Those who have a more violent transition from backswing to downward don't seem to have as much luck.
  4. I'm almost 71 years old and have tried Vista Pro shafts several times since I was 45-50 years old. The last one came with a High Heat driver that I bought. I just can't hit them. I've never gotten good results. On the other hand, your Pro line has been great for me. I first ran into them when one came in a Taylor Made M2 (2016) driver. It was regular flex and worked great. I have since switched that out for the same shaft in M flex and absolutely love it. My 3 wood (also TM M2) has a Pro 55 shaft in A flex. I love that one too. I have a High Heat 3 wood that has a Pro 53 shaft that I love and I have recently changed the shaft in my High Heat driver to a Pro 53 R2 that I have high hopes for (haven't been able to try it yet). I love your Pro line but hope never to see another Vista Pro in any clubs that I buy. My swing is smooth so I assume the Vista Pro maybe needs a more aggressive swing?
  5. I just bought a XXIO Prime 9. I haven't been able to use it yet as all of the courses in Minnesota have been closed due to Covid 19. I usually use a senior shaft and was worried when the club came in RS or Regular flex but not senior flex. When it arrived, all worries along those lines went away. Their regular flex shaft whips way more than any senior shaft that I have. I can't wait to try it. I may have to venture across the border to Iowa or South Dakota to try it as their courses are open (and there are no restrictions as yet for traveling between our states as far as I know).
  6. I still use a belly putter. No, I don't anchor. I actually use a stroke which is kind of a cross between a regular putting stroke (with the top hand) and a hockey shot (with the bottom hand) with sort of a claw grip. The closest pro I've seen using something similar was Natalie Gulbis. I saw her using something similar about three years ago on TV.
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