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  1. Thank you - a lot to consider. I have decided on TT Lite XL as it seems the most cost effective playable shaft - I'm leery of pulls especially since I haven't done this previously. I bought a 2nd SW so may do that one a couple of times to get the hang of it all first.
  2. Your input is appreciated - PLEASE and THANK YOU! I'm setting out to revamp two old sets of irons: Tommy Armour 845s and Ping Eye2 What is the best resource to (bible so to speak): 1. Know what the hell I'm doing in reshafting and picking right shaft for these models. 2. Reviving the grooves 3. Going through the process correctly (re-shafting and proper tooling) 4. Purchasing reliable pulled shaft models. I imagine having to repeat lan to until I get a shaft model I love (like the old days when I was so great - or so I seem to recall).
  3. Turns out it was a legit club. Just that it was a Women's driver. The seller doesn't play golf so he was clueless.
  4. I have one if u are still looking. Seems u may have gotten one but title says carts plural.
  5. thanks fellas. I was looking to buy it last night and feared it was such a good deal it would never make it to Monday so that I could contact PING. I passed. It just was too shady a deal.
  6. Can someone please share with me if they see anything that indicates NOT GENUINE ARTICLE PING G410 The sheets in the pic are a whole other situation I assume. THANKS!!!
  7. guy selling g410 driver for 200$ is this a legit ping serial #? 325401dp THANKS!!!
  8. Well the crickets on this post sure matches what I've found LOL
  9. Take a roll with the TrueFit online mygolfspy fitting machine gizmo. You never know. Didn't work for me, but I read where some have had success with it. I went from an M1 that I liked a lot and slid into a Cobra F9 and was disappointed up until I tinkered with the settings a bit - then Ka-pow ! It is the best driver I have ever owned and I worship at the alter of my old 983K (which did tell me to let go and move on when I started missing the middle too often) F9, Epic Flash, Ping, M5, TE Exotics EXS 2nd version - should be good options.
  10. Find you a used driver for now. I'd avoid dropping anything over $150 You can find great drivers for $50-$150 all over the place. Just get some idea what shaft you may need. I'd bet a ProjectX 5.5 Red in an M2 would do you quite nicely.
  11. First professional paid fitting ...... not until after I had played golf for over 35 years. Those irons were horrible. So I did it again twice and have hated both those sets also! LOL Prior to that I had four sets and loved all but one of those. Maybe because I played more often and far better then. But the "fit to me" sets haven't worked out all that well for me.
  12. Late to the thread and hope I don't repeat prior responses. If it is a club I plan to "chip" with or rely on for full shots ....... I prefer it be in the mold of my iron set. If it is more pitching or feel shots then I'd prefer it be in the mold of a Wedge i.e. Vokey or Ping Glide But - I generally use a 56* for everything that isn't full, and I don't ever hit it full. So maybe I'm not a great gauge on this one. Ideal set up for me.......PW & GW = iron set shape with max loft at 51 or 52* followed by 2 of the following ......... 54, 56, 58 or 60 which will be in the mold of a true wedge with variations of bounce blended in.
  13. My game is falling apart. Hope someone here has some real time experience with a good instructor in the DFW area and would share name and what you liked about them. I've gone to two already - love one of those but sense a new voice might be helpful. Closer to Fort Worth the better. Thanks
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