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  1. Bryan / TX TaylorMade M1 / 9.5 / hzrds black 6.0 / stiff 6 hdcp / 105 SS driver , LM data semi-regular through PGA SS, Also just purchased ShotScope V2 I have NOT played a Tour Edge before but do currently use an Exotics hybrid
  2. Bridgestone B330-S refurbished - $13/dozen on amazon. Tested two seasons ago in a fitting via monitors and these outperformed anything else by far too much. I probably need to test again, but fear none of the more recent balls would be so readily available in refurbished.
  3. Bender is very good. I personally also enjoy following these guys on youtube among others: Mike Malaska (so interesting whether or not I would use it all or not) Maria Palozola (beyond underrated for simple stuff that works) Van Phillips Tony Luczak Golf with Aimee - I think she is teaching golf - I might watch if she was just describing paper towels also! MeandMyGolf - these guys put up so much content and it keeps getting better and most recently...... Tyler Ferrell of golfsmartacademy.com - so thorough with concise vids for drills, concepts and feels. A few I personally have viewed but now avoid for various reasons although I'm sure they have good stuff that can benefit some, I personally just do not either agree it is for mass consumption or enjoy the way they deliver their message: Clay Ballard (I think he was initially asking you to subscribe to his pay service to get the point of any video, though that may have changed), Shawn Clement (just don't think most golfers would be able to parse out the good from the bad in his overall lineup of advice), Peter Finch - just not interesting to me. Gravity Golf, those guys may have a method, but just too far from the standard range of accepted fundamentals for my taste. Monte Scheinblum GGswingtips
  4. I've posted previously for feedback on this.... I think par is the most irrelevant but constant concept in golf. What on earth does it matter??? I feel it is irrelevant for good players who go low and even more so for those who shoot well above it. Seems too often to take and keep peoples mind off of making the best total score on each hole and each round.
  5. Bryan in Tx, 25-30 rounds/year Twitter and YouTube, IG 6 hdcp driver SS 103+ M1 and XR16 drivers, TE Exotics hybrid, Ping i210 irons, Stealth 2.0 56*, Ping Zing putter F9driver, one FW, one hybrid, single length irons, king wedges, stand bag.
  6. I think it is more an issue for public play than on PGA TOUR (other tours). Personally I couldn't care less if the last group or others take a bit longer, but I also love watching golf. As long as they are working towards the goal, I haven't often seen anything I couldn't live with. In real life ..... mostly just an issue when one group is causing a logjam, but they pay like everyone else ...... do you just remove them from the course or tell them to enact a stroke limit on themselves? Usually it isn't a case of they are intentionally playing slower than their skill allows.
  7. 1. Bryan, TX 2. hdcp: 6, SS: 107 3. current driver - M1, Aldila Rogue Silver 70S 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  8. Coach high school golf. It has been quite interesting to watch practice and tourneys so far. Just this week at a tourney, we (coaches) sat and watched group after group come through a few different holes and all the while the pin never came out of the cup even once - that was definitely quite odd to see. Cannot say it helped but we did notice, and we were watching for it, that no putt was denied entry by the pin. As with all aspects of putting there is a huge psychological component, and thus it seems that the confidence one has with it in or out is as important as any other benefit or detriment it may have otherwise. *We thought the MSG data that was posted in a recent article was shockingly in favor of keeping pin in until we looked past initial glance and realized they were talking about putts that would go 3, 6, and 9 feet past (may have been different exact distances) rather than putts of that length. We really didn't want to base a putting plan partly around data on putts going essentially 10ft past the hole Personally I'll leave it in on longer putts and putt when it is my turn regardless of in or out on all others.
  9. Appreciate the HZRDS YELLOW AND ATTAS COOL recommendations. Will investigate.
  10. Thanks ....Makes perfect sense minus buying multiple adapters which is bump in road. I've looked on ebay and at several others (RB, 3balls, global) and have figured I could do what you mentioned, in some cases they do exist but overall I've been shocked at how much is being asked in many cases. If anyone knows a great source that would maybe be nice for me and others checking in.
  11. Your two cents, please and thank you! My swing: later release than not. Quick transition. 102-110ss but think fitting to 105ss is ideal. YS-6 worked great in 983K. Aldila Rogue Silver 110M.S.I. 70 just doesn't work for me as well as I'd like unless I'm truly warmed up (which takes too stinking long any more). So, hoping to find a viable better fit for me at $100 or less installed in adapter. Shafts I'm thinking may work based on personal success in prior drivers and positive opinions from so many online over time..... with one non mainstream candidate..... All STIFF FLEX UST Proforce Gold 65 -new release of this with XX added to name Aldila NV 65 Green UST V2 66g XCALIBER PRO T6 - this shaft intrigues due to its' glowing reviews on this and that other forum (you know the one where everyone swings it at 125mph and uses xx-stiff)
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