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  1. Top priority was to finish YOU on Netflix. We did that in a hot minute. If I am at home and bored I'll put Tony Bourdain on in the background with Hulu since they have No Reservations streaming for the time being.
  2. Hang in there dude. Time to focus on other things...school, your home.
  3. By pics you mean pictures…yeah, my wife loves him too
  4. @Lacassem on the bright side of things, it should make for some nice family time this coming Monday night around oh I don't know, 8:20
  5. Explore those thoughts...embrace it. I cannot say enough good things about this club as well as the shaft / head combo.
  6. They really are Sam. It'll be interesting to see how well it works with the TP5X next season instead of the 5.
  7. Every putter that just doesn't look good is junk and is the only reason why I missed those putts...:)
  8. Easily the best purchase was made last season, a SIM2 3 wood with a Ventus Blue with velocore. In 34 years of playing, I have never had a fairway wood I've been this confident with. I love hitting bombs with my driver but I could easily shelf that club and play every round with this 3 wood. Life changing.
  9. Played a PING anser 2 from 1999 to 2019. It became clear to me that I needed to try something different as my good putting rounds were less frequent than the poor rounds. I tried several and since that time have found a mallet, Phantom X 11.5. What I'd suggest is try as many as you can. While putting is technical in a sense, it's ridiculously personal. Weight, feel but above all, looks. If you love what you're looking at, you're going to roll it better...I truly believe that.
  10. Lots of good points here. One thing to remember is golf courses thrive on people spending money on everything besides golf. Carts, Food, Drinks and gear. Having worked on golf courses for 12 years one thing I can say is certain, people are always looking for a way to get something for free and they come in all shapes, sizes and tax brackets...
  11. Currently playing TP5 with the number 34. 43 was my number in Hockey and in golf, 34 is better than 43. I'll take a yellow sharpie and put a single dot between the number and the script. That's it, if you see one of these, I hit it there...
  12. Dinner was delicious, the Bills won…great day…
  13. Made chicken parmigiana for the lads last night at the hall.
  14. You're one of the better ones here but I still wouldn't touch that with your fork and @tommc23chewing it...sorry buddy
  15. Everything you're saying is hitting just right. After a short time during some range work I just looked up and said wow, this thing is legit. I can confidently say that this driver / shaft combo (for me) is insanely long. The accuracy has been documented but my final rounds of the season were incredibly fun to play. I can only give yardages from the course rather than a trackman...I was averaging my final two rounds of the year, averaging, 316 off the tee. This was fall golf...ground was not super hard and not rolling far. For comparison, my G400LST with an EvenFlow Black 60X was in the high 290's. While it was expensive, I won't even think about second guessing this purchase. Feel, dispersion and distance...All said this was the best I have found...it's worth it.
  16. If history is any indicator, it could be a MGS testing opportunity .
  17. @chisagthe store is a masterpiece. As far as the Cleveland goes…I think there’s a good reason why Odyssey just released the new trihot line which is similar weight tech to the Cleveland.
  18. I know the feeling. I’m super happy with my Phantom. Good news is the Dicks sports near me has a really strong inventory of Betty’s.
  19. Bettinardi’s 2022 line looks nice. The Inovai 8.0 has my
  20. I don’t see a reason to not like this. I may be impulsive, we’ll see what the spring looks like
  21. In Clearwater for the week on a work conference. I haven’t been to Florida since 2015 and it’s nice to get back down here. 60* on the beach feels much different than 60* at home in the NE suburbs.
  22. When looking for spikeless, my concern is more with waterproof / resistant than slip. Playing early in the AM means dew and the greater nuisance is a squishy foot more than the rare slip.
  23. In my preferred AM rounds, it'll be an XL hot coffee and some sort of breakfast sandwich and then a cheeseburger with some waters at the turn.
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