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  1. Paul, Thanks for the great photos. While I am sure it was your pleasure, it also brought me back to 2005 when I was able to visit. Of all the people around here who are members, I can think of few better than you who are brand agnostic and open-minded in their gear pursuit. I hope you had fun, good on you.
  2. It’s where the super hybrid was priced and quite honestly, I get it. I’d be a lot more eager if it were in the 3’s.
  3. The OG will always be the Great Big Bertha with a Grafalloy ProLite 35.
  4. I'd give the hybrid a look...$459 is a little scary for a hybrid but if it's good then the price doesn't matter.
  5. I wish they'd selected something besides the Hawk Eye...That driver was a massive disappointment compared to the GBB.
  6. I love the color scheme. It's not for me but it looks quite nice. Also, as a friendly reminder to those of you who are shook by the retail price of $699... Using an ordinary CPI calculator, you can compare the Biggest Big Bertha (released in 1997 for $399) to today's money where that same driver would cost $745. Golf clubs are not a unicorn and are not immune from the supply-chain effects of commerce. To those who end up purchasing one, I am excited to hear what you think.
  7. 1st Gen I owned and 2nd Gen I tried, each felt awful...metal on metal awful.
  8. I wanted to love these when they were first released. I ended up selling it after one month. The looks are fantastic, the feel and performance are not. This one did not work for me at all which is a bummer.
  9. Z Star XV was the best golf ball I have played in the last five years. That includes Vice Pro Plus, OnCore Elixr, ProV1 and TP5. Some have mentioned the feel is a little firm yet I haven’t had that experience. Low spin off the driver, high spin off the wedges. Durable, just hits all the marks for me.
  10. PING HQ is awesome…I hope you have the best time Paul!
  11. Smart move. Hopefully we'll see a happy ending.
  12. hundreds of thousands of BIlls fans share that sentiment as well
  13. If you were striking the ball on the face in the same exact spot every time I would say yes. For most of us, 1* would be difficult to find a significant difference...I would pulll the trigger.
  14. These putters are so good yet handicapped by the lack of availability for demo. MGS testing revealed the harsh truth that it’s incredibly difficult to sell a very unique $500-$1000 putter sight unseen. Im not sure what their business plan looks like as they approach the next season however I do hope it includes a demo period where the demo cost could be included with the final sale price.
  15. Sam I’ll be honest and say that I couldn’t be happier with the TSI3. The way it’s been dialed in has given me so much confidence that I am truly satisfied. Chasing additional yards sounds appealing however…and a big however…I’m not playing competitive golf any longer. Most of my rounds are from tees between 6600 and 7000 yards and that’s manageable with what I have. I’ll still look but this time it’ll just be a look. That I can say with confidence.
  16. Mikey played the role of third wheel to a tee… The results of the TSI3 v TSR3 were quite eye opening and a little sad to see but I still love my TSI3. At the end of the day, who better to offer this coveted comparison than Matt himself…even if he has lost some speed.
  17. …especially on the road in Arrowhead while your team is on the tipping point of either basement dweller or contender… I don’t want to hear the excuse that this is just a mistake. You’re earning big money, you’re hooked up to an entire coaching staff at field level and above yet you’re handicapped by poor decision making. McDaniels will soon be another fired guy earning $$ while sitting at home watching everyone else on Sunday.
  18. Especially for folks who aren’t in tune with what’s new and what’s best for their game. In retrospect, I still believe my fitter was disappointed I chose the DJ over the TR Blue but I felt better with it despite objective data for that specific moment saying I was in a tighter cone of dispersion. This is where the human element can takeover and / or complement the process. The TR was dope but the DJ felt so good, the numbers were in the margins and dispersion was pretty darn good. So good that 3 months in, I have zero to complain about. One thing I will say about John K which @Berg Ryman will agree to is how well-versed he is with shafts and matches. He locked into my profile quickly and without relying upon a chart or papers, he could steer me appropriately. For better fitters, AI will likely help them refine their skills…in general, having a narrowed down profile based upon your existing driver and swings will be a huge advantage and further validate their business model.
  19. Add Josh McDaniels to the distinguished list of coordinators turned (failed) coaches who worked under Belichick Patricia Weis McDaniels Judge Mangini Crennel O’Brien
  20. Another vote for this question right here…
  21. nice work @Berg Ryman Matt…if you’re in the market it’s worth the trip. It wasn’t a greasy sales experience that some have described. If you’re going there to spend money and get fit properly, it’s quite honestly the most comprehensive fitting you’ll experience. Dialing in the swingweights and head weights to prescribe the exact setting for optimal launch, spin, distance etc…this is it.
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