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  1. Ok so I can't figure out how to quote- but any right thinking Minnesotan knows those are Northstars colors!
  2. I certainly love playing the classics too- I have some great thrift store funds: Walter Hagen "Forged in USA" blades 5-p + Hogan Radial 4i, ~'71 Hogan Bounce Sole 2-p and a set of beautiful Mac Muirfield blades 3-p that I got off the classifieds here. I'll combo one of these sets up with my Dad's old custom persimmons 1, 3, 5, and sometimes 7, with an old Ram sand wedge my Dad gave me as a kid and one of the various brass putters I've got. It's great fun, and nothing beats the feel of puring one. Funny thing is I can still whoop my buddy and be neck and neck with my lady- with them using their frontline stuff. When they use one of my classic sets, it can get pretty... colorful. I think everyone should give it a try- you can find a couple clubs cheap (they don't have to be wallhangers)- if for no other reason than to get a little perspective, and again, that feeling...
  3. AH1980MN

    Callaway SR3* (?)

    I've recently found one of these balls in a box marked SR3- balls I actually liked. Are these just another year's version? Forgive me off can't post pictures, but the alignment aid/model stamp is identical except for the *. <SR3*>
  4. I really wish cart manufacturers would include pictures of the carts folded- folded size is pretty important to me.
  5. I still don't understand why they couldn't keep making balls.
  6. I hit a few balls on a break from Christmas shopping (10hrs- can you believe that?!) with the '85 drivers (thanks for my sanity, 2nd Swing!), anyways, I concur with JLukes- and add that the 585 was giving me real good numbers too- a little bit high launching, but that's probably shaft, and real good ball speed, although the 785 nicked it by a couple mph on good strikes and had a better flight for me (again, shaft). Both felt/sounded great, although I'm one who never had a specific type of feel/sound- these were great, very satisfying. Of course, this was inside, on GC Quad, so YMMV...
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