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  1. I wonder if the haters have ever tried Kirkland Signature products...
  2. Check YouTube- there are some reviews out there.
  3. Very nice! I don't know why I'm in such a twitch over these- I guess I've built up my own anticipation but I love the fact that Costco is stepping into the ring with golf clubs.
  4. Go ahead and tag me! @schnaubenx
  5. I love it! I've got several sets of classics- Macgregor Nicklaus Muirfield Anniversarys, Hogan Bounce Soles, Hagen "Forged in USA"s and I occasionally sneak my girlfriend's Wilson Progressives out. It's really a lot of fun. FG17s are probably next on my classics list.
  6. Speaking of doing your wallet a favor- check out Wilson D7 and Tour Edge EXS/220. Both are really solid and priced under the bigger names- not the most options available but definitely try them if your fitter stocks them.
  7. What was the price? Any idea when they'll be on the website? Will you ship? but seriously will you?
  8. I've been checking the website multiple times daily- nothing yet, but that's my only source- no inside info. I wish I could just preorder and get it over with!
  9. Oh for sure- the product cycles and markdowns are steady- I was thinking used market. It does seem like ages since the V6 came out though.
  10. Great- so now that I've set my sights on D7 forged and am waiting "patiently" for prices to come down, there's a V6 replacement coming?! Different categories, I know, but it seems I'm on the fence in many categories...
  11. 2nd swing posts videos exactly like you are describing. Small caveat- their tester is a scratch handicap. Very informative- highly recommend.
  12. Looking for more 'white' type - or silver, or black tie type shafts... But quote me a price on the 190- I might be interested...
  13. If it's not too late and if they're available- try the D7 forged. Really nice.
  14. Too rich for me. Especially when 190's are going for $187 new on Global Golf.
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