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  1. Thanks, OG! I always enjoy your posts brother!
  2. AH1980MN


    I apologize for being so late to this, but thank you for sharing, Rev. A wonderful eulogy for a wonderful friend. I couldn't possibly understand your pain, but you brought it closer- you truly have a way with words. I hope you've found some solace since then and maybe the memories have grown easier. Most of all, thank you for being a friend- to Don, and to all of us here.
  3. I remember years ago I had one in my basement living area. I coaxed him, and he got brave enought so that eventually he came out to get his crackers, and one night I decided to put a glass over him and put him in an old aquarium (dry). I named him Tiger and made him a nice little home in there with a wheel, and wood chips, and food & water. Then one day somebody decided he needed a friend, so we went and bought a little mouse from the petshop. Poor Tiger was so scared of his new friend that he buried himself in the chips and would only eat when he could sneak past the other, until "one grey night it happened", poor Tiger came no more. I suppose it could've served as a metaphor for my life as it was (I will not mention the other party- save for this), but I'll be damned if I didn't shed a tear or two when we buried him. Lesson learned here- the more you mess with things, trying to tame nature and such, the more can go wrong with your well intentioned plans, so best to save your intentions for things you know a little more about.
  4. I just noticed that I've hit and passed the 1,000 mark! (This is 1,002) While I've been mostly sidelined the last few years due to various physical issues and a few others you can read about in here, and my handicap has gone from around a 10 to I wouldn't even want to know, this site and the fine ladies and gentlemen on it have kept my love for the game- and really my outlook on life- going strong. Thank you to my Sweet Lady for putting up with my ridiculous hobby and all its/my frustrations, and I've got to give a special shout out to the Rev, Nifty, Chisag, Jmike, BigStu, Djaid, KennyB, Peaksy, Camcart, Dadivots, Ole Gray, and of course the big boys upstairs and all the official GolfSpys- I'm sorry if I'm missing anyone- you all are the best!
  5. You could look into purchasing a weight kit to get the swing weight closer, or there's always lead tape...
  6. Great job! Love your channel!
  7. I don't have experience with this specific issue but I can tell you that sitting in a hot car- trunk or cabin- is murder on clubs, from grip to glue. Avoid leaving them in there or risk the consequences!
  8. Gotcha on the shaft and I noticed it for sale after I typed that, natch. Too bad it didn't work out for you- I really want to like it...
  9. I feel like our games are sort of similar ( I'm maybe 10-15 yards behind you on good driving days) so I'm really curious to see what you come up with here- mostly because of price, but TEE has made some great drivers, so maybe this one is a good one too... Keep us posted! Also- I thought I read that TEE was using real deal shafts in this one- am I wrong? That was part of the appeal to me...
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