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  1. I'm not a chemist, but bleach is pretty wicked stuff- could it degrade the covers?
  2. Just gonna leave this here...
  3. How about Wilson? Southside and Bucktown might interest you...
  4. Thanks guys- keep me posted, I've had those wedges on my mind since I read the article. The putter would be sweet too, but I'm a SBST guy, so...
  5. Did you know something we didn't know?
  6. Ok forgive me if I missed any relevant posts- I did a forum search but came up empty- an article on the blog mentioned the possibility (probability?) of Ksig wedges and putters. Has anyone heard anything about them coming to retail, or is this dead in the water? https://mygolfspy.com/costco-4-piece-kirkland-signature-golf-ball/
  7. If it's a lower spin head, and cranking the loft up closes the face, you might still be close to the same spin window- I noticed on TXG Matt was hitting a 10.5 head even at his swing speed. They also seem to think that this driver does a good job of separating or decoupling launch angle and spin rate.
  8. They look really nice except for that gaudy logo on the back.
  9. I have several- my mainline set of Wilson V2s, a guest set of Wilson Ci7s, and a few sets of vintage blades and persimmon woods for kicks...
  10. I'm curious to hear what you think of these- hope you've gotten a chance to play them!
  11. I've been thinking, and I wonder what the coming generations will consider to be "good" feel. I'm assuming most of us older guys grew up playing cut down 5 irons, dad's old set of blades, etc. With the proliferation of designed-for-kids sets and GI/SGI/player's distance irons I think a lot of kids will not ever play old wilson blades or whatever- their perception of "good feel" may be entirely different, preferring a more lively face and more explosive sound to the soft/solid (deader?) Feel of a good forged MB. Hmm...
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