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  1. You have to update your app in order to have V3 connect. Its an absolute must.
  2. I would use manual mode for marking putts. And as with all GPS systems, I think its best to hover around your ball for 5 seconds or so then mark the putt. Definitely go to manual mode though, this virtually eliminates any post round greens play editing.
  3. @03trdblack Yes! Great point about the charger. I too was a bit bummed out about that one. @Larryw I only played in auto mode while putting with the V2 and today I went manual. I like using the manual mode more. Your issues are probably the same as most people. I don't take practice swings on the green from the putting position. I usually look at the hole from behind the ball and take some practice strokes to feel the distance. After a few rounds with V2 in auto putting and noticing the putting points were usually off, I had the feeling at the back of my mind in later rounds that I'm go
  4. Hi all, I just want to throw my two cents into the new V3 discussion. I ordered mine back in January and received it yesterday. I use an iPhone and the watch charged no problem to 100% and then linked to my phone without a hitch. The firmware update loaded just fine and for this you need a mobile phone. I did replace the V2 sensors with the new V3 ones shipped. The fingerprint of the watch is very close to the 44mm iWatch that I use. As someone mentioned the tapered band on the iWatch does make it appear a tad smaller. But this is just what apple does with their products, they appear ver
  5. I messaged you a couple of days ago, but $60 PayPal’d to dj.tahnee@gmail.com and the Hybird is all yours. Please send as friend or family option. Rene
  6. I have a bunch of stuff for sale. These are great prices and please add $10 for shipping. Please follow the links for pictures. $220 Ping G400 LST 8.5* Project X HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 76g 45" $80 Cobra King F6 Baffler 4-5 FWY Matrix Red Tie 65Q4 Stiff 68g 41.75" $60 Cobra King F7 Hybird 3-4 HYB Fujikura Pro 75H Stiff 77g 40.5" $50 Ping Anser 17* Hybrid Aldila Tour Blue ATX85H-2.5-S $40 each Ping i200 9 & 8 iron $60 each Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth Wedges, 46*(KBS 120Tour), 52*, 56*(AWT2.0 Wedge) all SS grind $40 Ping Tour Gorge 56/SS Cobra Black Ultralite St
  7. I was just fit for Wishon clubs and so far I love them. I think getting into the correct shaft for my swing is the main difference maker. Here's a spec sheet of my clubs, the swing weight varies and the weights are without a grip. The e's changed to D's after the grips were installed. My fitter put some 4 grams weights into each of the club heads. The heads are 575 MMC all cavity backs. The shafts are N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour120X. These are pretty damn accurate. They hold greens really well. The most I've seen approach shots roll on the green after descent is a foot. Here's how the sheet re
  8. Rene Albuquerque 95 Kirkland Tour Performance I have tried the MTB Black and thought they were good. The Costco ball works for me though and its a lot cheaper. @M. Parsons gave me a sleeve of the MTB-X and I think its the best performing ball I have tried. I chipped in from the sand for the first time ever with it and also had a very long and straight drive with it that's been my best of the season.
  9. I bet this is true for any golfer who plays a consistent game and finds the center of the club head. I bet you are a good golfer with realistic expectations of your game. Take their recommendations and buy used in two seasons.
  10. Rene Albuquerque, NM 95-100MPH driver speed and a 24 handicap 16* 5 wood, 17* 2 hybrid, 22* 4 hybrid Right Hand Thanks for the opportunity MGS and Ping! I am in need of a decent fitting for this area of my bag. I recently joined a golf club in order to play in the skins games once a month and these clubs need to be effective for me on this particular course. I'd like a chance to voice my opinion on these metal woods and try to lower my scores with them. I recently completed some group lessons with a PGA pro and my swing is improving and I feel confident in my playing at the mom
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