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  1. @550025KV Excellent! Without a local yeah Black Mesa's layout can throw you off with quite a few blind shots. And the fact that you are playing a mile high over sea level. Now that you played both Sandia and Paa-Ko how dumb is my statement that they are a coin flip in what to chose? Paa-Ko used to be $60 in the winter and I can't bring myself to pay $200.
  2. @Kenny B I've heard good things about Pinon Hills, will have to play it soon. Along with Paa-Ko. Cochiti is still a great place. Covid hit the rez hard and the supers let it go a bit.
  3. Have you made the trip yet? Please tell us what courses you chose if so. Most places only accept tee times one week in advance so I'd call a week before the tee date the hour that the pro shop opens. Kenny is right about his choices. I'd add to definitely play the Championship course at UNM and Twin Warriors. There were college and pro events there this fall so these courses will be in the best shape this Fall. Some people hate the greens at Black Mesa but its in good shape as well. The hate comes from them being unreasonable and not the conditions. A local pro claims the senior event chose Twin instead of Black Mesa because of the greens. But I like it and I'd say that's the 3rd course you should play. The fourth is a coin flip between Paa-Ko and Sandia for me but I haven't played Paa-Ko. I bet Paa-Ko would be the better experience. The tee boxes at Cochiti are boderline a joke right now. Some are like teeing off in the rough. nice lay out but not worth your time if well manicured courses are what you want to play.
  4. Slap

    Maxfli Tour

    Haha! He must not gamble on the course either.
  5. Slap

    Maxfli Tour

    You'd probably be a scratch player if you stuck with one good golf ball. Buy a dozen and see what happens.
  6. I would first let any course that you want to feature know that you are creating an instagram account for it. Then search by hash tag any pictures of the course that people are already posting. Give the poster credit if you ever use their work. It might be easier to manage just one account and then feature courses on it.
  7. You have to update your app in order to have V3 connect. Its an absolute must.
  8. I would use manual mode for marking putts. And as with all GPS systems, I think its best to hover around your ball for 5 seconds or so then mark the putt. Definitely go to manual mode though, this virtually eliminates any post round greens play editing.
  9. @03trdblack Yes! Great point about the charger. I too was a bit bummed out about that one. @Larryw I only played in auto mode while putting with the V2 and today I went manual. I like using the manual mode more. Your issues are probably the same as most people. I don't take practice swings on the green from the putting position. I usually look at the hole from behind the ball and take some practice strokes to feel the distance. After a few rounds with V2 in auto putting and noticing the putting points were usually off, I had the feeling at the back of my mind in later rounds that I'm going to have to edit the greens play. It was liberating having the option to mark your shot. I found a groove in marking both my ball and watch close to the same time. And only forgot to mark the position twice. It was no problem just walking back and marking before the next putt. After a four hour and twelve minute round I had 61% of battery life from a full charge. I turned the watch on at the five minute tee call. So two rounds is doable. The improved accuracy is not a lie. V3 seems way more accurate. You just got to have a little patience around your ball and take practice swings. This made the editing easier to do. The reality is that you should review your round and edit a bit. I didn't use the positional shot feature before. I just didn't know it was there to use. One time or another we all have to use it so looking over your round is a must. I mean why else are you interested in tracking your shots? This shot tracking system is awesome and I don't have to pay a yearly sub fee for it. Enough said.
  10. Hi all, I just want to throw my two cents into the new V3 discussion. I ordered mine back in January and received it yesterday. I use an iPhone and the watch charged no problem to 100% and then linked to my phone without a hitch. The firmware update loaded just fine and for this you need a mobile phone. I did replace the V2 sensors with the new V3 ones shipped. The fingerprint of the watch is very close to the 44mm iWatch that I use. As someone mentioned the tapered band on the iWatch does make it appear a tad smaller. But this is just what apple does with their products, they appear very modern and sleek. The iWatch has rounded edges all around it and this is another factor that makes it appear slimmer. I liken this effect to the way golf manufacturers round off the topline of game improvement irons to make them appear less chunky. The new V3 is waaay smaller then the V2. Looks better too. The V2 didn't bother me too much but occasionally I would look down at it and think 'Wow this thing is huge'. As far as the putting and tracking goes, I think the tracking is more accurate then gets noticed. Check out the leader board sometime and see that the watch is capable of tracking down to the inch. Drives and longest putts boards have the decimal going out two sigfigs. 12 multiplied by the two digits after the decimal gives you inches. say your longest put was 50.25ft. 12*0.25=3. your putt traveled 50ft 3inches. If you are that anal about your distance you should probably manually track your puts anyhow. I don't know how I feel about manually tracking putts but I'll give it a try when I play in a few hours.
  11. I messaged you a couple of days ago, but $60 PayPal’d to dj.tahnee@gmail.com and the Hybird is all yours. Please send as friend or family option. Rene
  12. I have a bunch of stuff for sale. These are great prices and please add $10 for shipping. Please follow the links for pictures. $220 Ping G400 LST 8.5* Project X HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 76g 45" $80 Cobra King F6 Baffler 4-5 FWY Matrix Red Tie 65Q4 Stiff 68g 41.75" $60 Cobra King F7 Hybird 3-4 HYB Fujikura Pro 75H Stiff 77g 40.5" $50 Ping Anser 17* Hybrid Aldila Tour Blue ATX85H-2.5-S $40 each Ping i200 9 & 8 iron $60 each Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth Wedges, 46*(KBS 120Tour), 52*, 56*(AWT2.0 Wedge) all SS grind $40 Ping Tour Gorge 56/SS Cobra Black Ultralite Stand Bag $120 + $20 for shipping Only used a few rounds and to take to a range Glide wedges and irons G400 Driver All the Cobra stuff
  13. I was just fit for Wishon clubs and so far I love them. I think getting into the correct shaft for my swing is the main difference maker. Here's a spec sheet of my clubs, the swing weight varies and the weights are without a grip. The e's changed to D's after the grips were installed. My fitter put some 4 grams weights into each of the club heads. The heads are 575 MMC all cavity backs. The shafts are N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour120X. These are pretty damn accurate. They hold greens really well. The most I've seen approach shots roll on the green after descent is a foot. Here's how the sheet reads left to right: club, spec weight of clubhead, actual weight plus the plug weight, swing weight without grips, length, MOI. Right now I'd say avoid OEM clubs from big box stores and go with a club builder. If the club builder has OEM products, then you can trust that you are getting a quality fitting. Hope this helps.
  14. Rene Albuquerque 95 Kirkland Tour Performance I have tried the MTB Black and thought they were good. The Costco ball works for me though and its a lot cheaper. @M. Parsons gave me a sleeve of the MTB-X and I think its the best performing ball I have tried. I chipped in from the sand for the first time ever with it and also had a very long and straight drive with it that's been my best of the season.
  15. I bet this is true for any golfer who plays a consistent game and finds the center of the club head. I bet you are a good golfer with realistic expectations of your game. Take their recommendations and buy used in two seasons.
  16. Rene Albuquerque, NM 95-100MPH driver speed and a 24 handicap 16* 5 wood, 17* 2 hybrid, 22* 4 hybrid Right Hand Thanks for the opportunity MGS and Ping! I am in need of a decent fitting for this area of my bag. I recently joined a golf club in order to play in the skins games once a month and these clubs need to be effective for me on this particular course. I'd like a chance to voice my opinion on these metal woods and try to lower my scores with them. I recently completed some group lessons with a PGA pro and my swing is improving and I feel confident in my playing at the moment. Thanks again
  17. I’m willing to bet it was laced with Adderall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I just want to throw in another cheap Laser option that most people don't know about. The Dallas Golf DG1 is pretty solid and costs $130 at the moment. There's an LCD screen on the side of the finder that shows the yardage that you just shot. There is a slope and fog setting as well. I haven't been disappointed using it so far as it was comparable to the NX7. https://www.dallasgolf.com/dg1-laser-rangefinder-from-dallas-golf/
  19. Rene Aguilera, Albuquerque, NM, 50 Rounds per year Facebook, Instagram 24 Handicap and 95-100 MPH driver 75-80 MPH 7 iron Swing Speed Mostly Ping combo set. Piper 3 sigma G, glide 2.0 stealths SS, i200 9,8; G 7,6,5; F7 Cobra 3-4 HYB, Anser 17* HYB, F6 Cobra 4-5 FWY, G400LST Desired Cobra Set: One length
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