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  1. Wow! It would be nice to try this one out. Thanks.
  2. Just recently started using the 10 finger grip due to arthritis in my fingers and hands. I was using an overlap with some success but with too thin of a grip, it resulted in waking up in the morning being unable to close my left middle finger and increased pain.Had issues with the right hand in the past. I have to say, it has been very helpful in alleviating discomfort but the bonus is more solid contact and increased distance. What I also did was go to at least midsize and jumbo grips. Hands relax more. I am not squeezing the crap out of the club, which is my tendency. I don’t have really large hands. Oh by the way, two very good golfers I know, use it and feel it’s natural to them and have never considered changing. So as others have said, use it if it works no matter what others say and do.
  3. What a wonderful opportunity you have provided for everyone here.
  4. I write the number 72. What I wore playing high school football.
  5. I prefer walking. With the mild winter we just had, I had the opportunity to do it much more. Played, walking 18 yesterday and today. I play better and enjoy the exercise. I also walk very fast and don’t like all the running around in a cart.
  6. Connecticut is open for play. I have played more this past winter than any other. My home course is packed on weekends. They are also doing a great job with the social distancing guidelines.
  7. The Greatest Game Ever Played. It is like the Rocky of golf movies. Love it.
  8. Been walking a lot this year due to the mild winter. I wear Sketchers trail sneakers. I find them more comfortable than golf shoes. So spikeless is preferable.
  9. This past winter in CT was very mild. It’s been at least 10 years since I played as much as I did this year. Most of the time, I played alone. Most of these rounds, I played mostly on days off during the week, very early in the morning. Felt like I had the course to myself some days, thus I could experiment with equipment and hit two to three balls each shot. I also walk, saving money and getting a workout. I have a close friend who makes an effort to join me as often as he can. It is my preference to have him there. With the recent pandemic, the course has been open and busy. I still try to play early and alone most of the time. I am used to it and make the most of it as I said above. I have a golf league starting soon. It will be different with the social distancing that is present now. Don’t know if it will be as enjoyable as other years.
  10. Golf Pride Cp2 wrap. Smooth with added thickness. Really helps with arthritic fingers.
  11. In my experience as a 12 handicap, self admitted inconsistent driver. 1) Shaft has more of an influence on my consistency in launch, carry and spin thus affecting my distance and dispersion either good or bad. Lighter and longer with soft tip , I get high spin and more dispersion. Heavier and shorter in length less dispersion but lower launch no matter how much I change the loft. 2) Hosel and loft settings. I see subtle changes due to this variable. 3) Moving weights. I have not seen any noticeable change in direction. I feel this variable is way overrated to make a draw or slice. I will say that the sub variable of length of shaft has a substantial influence on consistency in direction and distance for me. I think attack angle plays a considerable role in the way any of these variables can affect your shot.
  12. Looks nice and peaked my interest as I used to crush a Titleist 975D once. Could hit the sweet spot more often then. If this one offers more forgiveness than it might be something I would like to try.
  13. Yes. On my home course it is very helpful on three to four par five holes. In use a TEE xcg that gets me 210-220 yds off the deck. Although, I now have a Callaway XS OR 19 degree that is breathing down its neck. It can get 200-210 yards with more ease some days.
  14. I am doing the same thing and getting better results. Makes me think to cut off 1/2”, but I hesitate due to it possibly having less trade in or sale value. Also, maybe choking up is the way to go and just leave it alone. I know I’ve hit 45” better and did not like 44.5”.
  15. The Callaway Epic Flash is a demo model that I was semi fitted for. It Is forgiving and long but I cannot consistently hit the sweet spot with it. Maybe shortening the shaft or just being better might make that happen. The Ping GMAX. I hit it in a store and hit my friends. Love the sound, feel and ultra forgiveness it has .Ive had good success with Ping drivers in the past. So I acquired one in a trade Not caring too much about distance this time. Want to see consistency in strikes with tighter dispersion.
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