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  1. I am so happy to have found this wonderful thread. The information and feedback are going to help me in my transition from steel to graphite in my irons. Thanks guys.
  2. 1. Rory Mcilroy 2. Phil Mickelson 3. Lucas Glover 4. Charlie Hoffman Cameron Champ -8
  3. Mike Hamden, CT 13 Titleist AP1 712, dynalite gold s300 i500
  4. Mike from CT 61 years old 13 handicap Titleist AP1 712 4-G, True Temper Dynalite gold xp s300 shafts. Thanks for the opportunity.
  5. Being an old time weightlifter and a physical therapy assistant, I can personally attest that overdoing presses overhead and bench pressing to access will more than likely give you shoulder issues someday. Avoid at all costs, behind the neck presses and pulldowns. I used to do heavy deadlifts, power cleans, bench pressing and squats when was younger (I am 60) and they helped me attain a good foundation of strength and power. I was immortal once and in your 20's you can get away with a lot but it may set you up for troubles later. So if embarking on a weight training routine, be wise and know that are ways to do it that will not make it a hindrance to your golf game or life. Don't make how much is on the bar important. Do less barbell work and focus more on circuit training, dumbbells, and band use.
  6. I'll echo the thoughts on sketchers. Their trail sneakers are very good. I would avoid running sneakers with mesh only across the toes. Easy to wear through. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. When I play alone or with my regular partner and we are paired up with another twosome we play music. We are always aware of others on the course that may not like it. So we never play it loud and sometimes off if too close to others. I think used with common sense and respect for others it adds to the fun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Mike CT 14 handicap Cobra F6, stock stiff flex 98-100 mph 240 yard carry Phil Mickelson
  9. Mike Hamden, CT 14 handicap Titleist AP1 712 Strength- distance Weakness- Lack accuracy from 150 yards in.
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